Tyranny of Dragons

Tracking the Cult Part 3

Clearing the cult from Skyreach Castle

With the mission from Blagothkus to clear the Castle of the Cult. Where would the Stag Party start first? Rezmir, Azbara Jos or the White Dragon guarding the horde. The Stag Party coordinate the assault with Blagothkus.

Descending the spirals into the courtyard below, Azim summons the Ki of Pass without Trace as the party tries to get the jump on Rezmir. Most of the party does well Ulfgrim uses the power of his Goddess to assist his sneaking.

Outside the doors of Rezmir’s room are two guards. Que battle music in a hopefully quiet fashion. The heroes sneak through the enormous ice-door but the guards notice that the shadows have changed and are unnatural. Luckily, the heroes surprise the hapless guards with Jareath moving quickly casting Vicious Mockery. Erich misses due to the armour. Sir Axialrod, Azim and Janthyra use flails, fists and magic to kill one guard and wounding the other. Errich sneaks through the parties legs stabbing the guard in his blind spot as Sir Axialrod steps up to hit the guard who is smashed to pieces.

Sir Axialrod then pushes open Rezmir’s door, revealing a large bedroom with large rugs covering the icy floor. Rezmir is present with two large drakes. Sir Axialrod steps forward and throws his hammer hitting her. The room goes dark, as Rezmir brings forth darkness. Azim moves through the darkness and uses his wand of Magic Missiles on a guard drake. Sir Axialrod ducks under a blast of something nasty. Ulfgrim moves into the darkness next to Sir Axialrod. Janthyra sees into the magical darkness Hex’s Rezmir then blasts her with Eldrich Blast. Jareath moves up beside Errich and hums a little ditty to inspire Azim.

Errich fumbles through his bag of holding pulls out the Boar Hunting Spear hands it to Jareath then slips to the side. Azim hits the Guard Drake with lots of attacks. Rezmir moves past Sir Axialrod to hitting Ulfgrim, causing a large amount of damage from a sword and magical necrotic damage. The Guard Drake bites and tail whips Azim. Ulfgrim hits Rezmir then she smashes Ulfgrim. Sir Axialrod smashes the rug. Janthyra then blasts Rezmir twice with Eldrich Blast. Jareath uses the Daylight spell, dispelling the darkness. Errich slips next to Ulfgrim, drives two daggers into Rezmir, killing her. She immediately turns into a pile of ash. Sir Axialrod kills the rug attacking him. Azim kills the Guard Drake attacking him. Janthyra moves her Hex to the last Guard Drake, but misses it with Eldrich Blast. It ignores Jareaths Vicious Mockery. Errich stabs it twice, Sir Axialrod hits it twice, Azim kills it.

Searching the pile of Ash, a magical evil sword, a broach in the shape of a dragon claw and a Dragon Mask are discovered. Sir Axialrod picks up the Great sword. Searching the room they find nothing. The Stag Party hear the sound of Ogres attacking cult members. The party head across the courtyard to the tower of the Red Wizards. The tower door is shut. Janthyra climbs the ice covered door to open the latch. Sir Axialrod pushes open the door. The large rooms roof is covered in horse skulls, four still Gargoyles and two Red Wizards of Thay.

Sir Axialrod rushes into the room, fails to knock over Rath Modar, hits him once, action surges and hits him again. Errich rushes into room, poisons Azbara Jos, while stabbing him. Jareath misses with bow shot. Azim causes it to go quiet. Ulfgrim casts Sacred Flame and Spiritual Weapon killing Azbah Jos, the mage, in front of Errich. Janthyra uses Eldrich Blast to hit the other mage.

The Gargoyles move to attack the Stag Party. One on Janthyra bites and claws her. One claws Sir Axialrod. One claws Ulfgrim. Rath Modar does something. Sir Axialrod misses as it appears to be a illusion of some kind. He then misses a Gargoyle. Errich misses with his dagger on a Gargoyle then slips out of combat. Jareath shoots one Gargoyle. Azim attacks a Gargoyle hit it with magical fists. Ulfgrim hits with his Spirual Weapon. Janthyra uses Misty Step to escape the Gargoyle and Eldrich Blast to hit a Gargoyle. The Gargoyles then claw and bite party members. Rath Modar casts a vast Fire Ball hurting much of the Party and killing three Gargolyes. Sir Axialrod then smashes Rath Modar and his body melts into a puddle. Errich then kills the last Gargoyle.

The Stag Party search the room, in it is a book. Not destroyed by Fire Balls, it is written in a language no one understands. It deals in summoning things.

Day ends with party taking a short rest.
Three items found:
Hazirawn the Greatsword
Black Dragon mask – Janthyra sees images of a Dwarf, Elf, Calashite human and another human with masks on. They of course see her, making her a target. One with dragon one his shoulder (the Calashite) saw her.


Janthyra feels her shrivelled soul being sucked into the mask so pulls the Mask off before learning anything.
The Mask enhances Draconic abilities.
Insignia of Claws ( flares with purple in melee combat giving +1 to hit and damage with Natural Weapons) – Azim Claims this.



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