Tyranny of Dragons

New Lands Part 5

Tarterus and beyond

In the big grey. The party rests. Machine tells us the story about the titans, imprisoned by the Olympians. They continually are trying to escape and two titans have built a black necropolis. It is powered by an artifact and wants to know how it works, so wants a sample of black stone.

He also tells us information…. 57, L-3, D-6, B-delta.

He has not heard of Rath Modar. The leaver is pulled and the party appear in a swamp lit by a sullen glow. Two mountains are visible, one bigger than the other, a line of planets are seen and everything smells of rot. Errich has to climb on Sir Axialrod’s back.

The decision is made that the party heads to the mountains. As we wander a mist rolls in, a black mist that almost sees us, and tendrils reach out to latch on. Que battle music. Jareath casts Elemental Weapon, setting his Rapier on fire, black but just not red. He then strikes the mist causing it to shrink away a little. Sir Axialrod then starts swinging away. Errich tries to cast Green Flame Blade but the spell fails and Errich grows to medium size. The mist attacks the minds of the party, Sir Axialrods fighter ability fight off the attack. The party felt their memories being drained. Seakul swings twice, hoping his radiant damage did a little damage. Azim swings but does not effect it (like Errich).

Sir Axialrod holds off attackings until a he is affected by a spell. Errich gets his Green Flame Blade which hurts the mist. The mist then attacks the parties mind again, but with little effect. Seakul casts Crusaders Mantle, causing his holy power radiate through the party. Sir Axialrod starts swinging away, hitting three times, Azim follwos suit hit four times….. each watch the paladins magic hurt it.

Jareath hits it again. Sir Axialrod hits six times as he action surges. Errich hits twice. the party resist the memory sucking agian. Seakul hits twice. Azim hits three times. Jareath starts off again, killing the mist In a time Errich shrinks back to normal, small size. The Paladins magic also stops.

A couple of hour wandering in the swamp, Jareaths bow sends out a warning. Four Shambling Mounds leap out of the putrid swamp. Sir Axialrod attacks first, damaging the Shambling Mound in front of him. Seakul attacks the one on the other side. Jareath shoots twice with mighty shots. Errich moves to attack the Shambling Mound on the flank with Seakul, leaving a whole in the front.. The Shambling Mound attacking, hitting Azim, Seakul and Jareath (it is hit by Sir Axialrod). Azim attacks the Shambling Mound at the back.

Sir Axialrod attacks, trying to take its head off. Seakul finishes off the shambling mound in front of him and Errich. Jareath swaps his bow out and tries to cast Destructive Wave but all that happens is that he grows an inch…. permanently. Errich moves behind the one attacking Jareath, hitting with both daggers. The Shambling Mound then hits Jareath. Azim attacks the Shambling Mound at the rear.

Sir Axialrod starts chopping away again, killing the Shambling Mound at the side. He then knocks over the Shambling Mound attacking jareath. Puts away his lute and attacks with his sword, Errich hits twice from behind. The Shambling Mound hits Jareath once again. Azim hits again.

Sir Axialrod kills the Shambling Mound on Jareath. Seakul kills the final Shambling Mound. The swamp goes quite. Errich keeps leading the party…. who are now getting quite. In the distance the party see a house on stilts with a couple of humanoids digging in the muck. As the party approach the inquire in Ancient Greek, only Azim can talk to them. Azim asks about the necropolis, they point to the mountains. The party heads off the toward the smaller hill as the big hill might be owned by Kronos. After a little bit of travelling the swamp gives way to a river, with our destination on the other side.

Jareath thinks this could be the river Styx, a poison river connecting the lower planes. Errich summons his magical row boat. The party makes it across the river to a plateau. It has a mountain on the far side, a black necropolis sits in the middle. Huge figures are visible carrying stones between the mine, a pile of stones and a large black stones and the necropolis. Azim tries to summon his Monk abilities to Pass Without Trace, but fails as Tarterus affects the spell. The spell Confuses Errich, Errich leaps to attack Seakul.

Jareath notices Errich going made first and is warned by his bow. SIr Axialrod looks for danger. Errich sees the danger as Seakul a stabs him…. just a bit. Seakul open hands Errich in the head. Azim says stop it and Jareath plays a power cord for inspiration. Sir Axialrod tries to disarm Errich, removing both of his daggers…. With the Help of Jareath he is able to break the spell. Azim tries again, but fails to make it work again…. gaining the ability to teleport for the next minute. With this failure the party sets of to investigate the pile of stones The party move along the plateau nearer the pile of rocks. The party decide splits, the fighters stay near the plateau, the sneaky members stealth up. As they get nearer they see Cyclops chipping away at the large rocks. Jareath, Azima and Errich see that the chips reform into bigger rocks…. it also seems to have stars in them. The rocks almost seem alive. Errich tries to sneak up and collect a rock chip as it falls into his Bag of Holding. He does a fantastic job, but is the sample enough. With this, they all collect multiple samples, then sneak away.

Pull the leaver on the box. The party appear in a field in filled with decayed corpses, the smell is awful. A city in the distance smoke rises, only a forest behind is safe. Spectral fighters appear, and surround the party pointing fingers at them blaming us for for every sin they made. Examples such as “you killed us with your greed.” Things we have not done. They get closer and closer. The party tries to gets past them but can’t, Not recognizing them Sir Axialrod tries to hack there way through, every touch and a specter disappears. The party make it to the forest. The forest is a corpse of trees. The specters surround the trees, Azim calls out. Seakul tries to communicate with them, no avail.

With nothing going on the party take a short rest.. The only thing we know is that they disappear when they are touched. Jareath keeps poking them until their numbers disappear. Heading to the burning city. The graveyard outside city is open. In the middle of the graveyard is a coffin standing upright. Seakul knocks on the lid. Inside the coffin is a gray mist. The same mist that we have seen before. Stepping into the mist.

Nothing but mist. “What is the meaning of this?” you can’t argue with imbeciles. “Is Conquest worth the cost?” Yes “Does a righteous cause worth spilling blood?” Yes Back to the MMAchine talking to us. He has something of interest to us, something in the Astral Plane, Githyanki, fighting other Githyanki and are willing to work with others. Machine wants the essence of a dead god. A being called “Zethic” a Githyanki has such knowledge. He is the Githyanki citadel librarian, has knowledge of Goddesses. The librarian believes that this person is working to get the Githyanki free of the witch Queen of the Githyanki. So they are at war and we might be able to get in while they are having civil war. Basically Seakul knows how this works….. “info + quest + info + quest”

Day ends.



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