Tyranny of Dragons

New Lands Part 2

The Tower of Rath Modar

Climbing the spiral staircase after finishing searching Rath Modars lab.

The stairway ends in a double doors, Errich slips through the parties legs looks for traps and then opens the door. The room beyond is 40′×40′. Two doors lead off the the east. Book shelves stand between the doors and on the west wall, a large bed dominates the south, a chest sits beside the double doors, beautiful rugs line the floors. A red robed body lies in the middle of the rugs. Someone has painted “Long live the resurrection, death to the undeath” on the walls.

Ulfgrim recognizes that the writing is in fact magical phrase written behind the writing, a command phrase. As Errich looks at the chest and Sir Axialrod uses his wand and then the furniture moves to attack. Que battle music. Seakul sees the chest about to move, then smashes it twice. Jareath attacks the bookcase in front of him. Errich takes the opportunity to also smash the chest to pieces then uses his bonus action to slip out of the room. Sir Axialrod hacks at his mortal enemy a bookcase. Ulfgrim casts Greenflame Blade also hitting a bookcase. Bast watches the activity from outside the room. Azim attacks the bookcase next to Sir Axialrod, destroying it. A table and chair attack Seakul, a bookcase attacks Sir Axialrod, a wardrobe attacks Azim, a bed and a bookcase attack Jareath, and finally a bookshelf attacks Ulfgrim. Finally pictures fly off the walls.

Seakul destroys the chair that hurt him. Jareath also destroys the bookcase on him. Errich moves into the room attacking the table on Seakul then runs off again. Sir Axialrod hits three more times. Ulfgrim tries the magical phrase on the wall, nothing happens then attacks the bed, the Greenflame arcs to the bookshelf beside him. Azim moves next hitting the wardrobe three times. Then the furniture hits Jareath, Seakul and Sir Axialrod. Sir Axialrod is also hit by a flying picture.

Seakul destroys the table and wardrobe. Jareath casts Thunder Wave on the bed and a bookshelf pushing them back 10’. Errich runs around the stairway to get a running jump at the picture on Seakul but misses. Sir Axialrod destroys the bookshelf, then hits a picture. Ulfgrim moves forward standing on the big rug which then attacks him, but can’t get through his armor. His Greenflame Blade destroys the bed and bookcase. Azim attacks a picture twice but misses once. The last table misses, the picture hits Sir Axialrod, Azim takes a very opportune moment to destroy the picture in return.

Seakul destroys a picture and table. Jareath hits one picture. Finally gets a decent running jump in and destroys the picture attacking Jareath. Sir Axialrod also destroys a picture and then the rug. Ulfgrim attacks the last picture, again his Greenflame Blade finishes it off. With no furniture attacking everything goes very quiet.

Errich looks at the body but reveals nothing, bludgeoned to death. Searching the room, nothing. The door beside the first door reveals a 15′ × 15′bathroom. The second door reveals a 15′ × 25′ room with another door on the eastern side, a pedestal stands in the middle here. Jareath investigates the pedestal further. Seakul opens the far door, he stops suddenly, behind is nothingness, the vastness of space and earth. Bits of earth, fire and water float around As Errich and Azim follow in they see a paladin hanging off a door and runes around the edge of the doorway. No-one recognizes the magical writing.

Errich takes note of the signals and pushes for returning to the closest city to get a fork tuned to the prime material plane. Heading back down the stairs to the lab to find more clues, a couple of hours pass, the books seem to point to the plane of Limbo, a plane of chaos. Moving in Limbo about you need to enforce your will to move around. A portal or safe path or portal is needed.

Seakul seems to want to stay in the keep. The other party members are prepared to return to Amruthar for more magical assistance and some magical equipment. Following the Larpendar river back to the city. Looking for mages to translate the signals found, only 500gp. The arcane signals tell us that it is a gate, powerful because it is permanent. Then looking for clues about Limbo, nothing new. Only thing they do tell that casting spells in Limbo it is rather interesting. Ulfgrim is able acquire a tuning fork back to the prime material plane. The party is uninterrupted returning to the keep. Errich asks Bast to look after the Unicorn and try not to eat it.

Entering into the Plane of Limbo, a chaotic soup of Chaos. As they enter Errich is affected by the Chaos, but not greatly. Everyone has issues breathing, Errich does better (necklace of adaption). Then everyone starts to try and overcome the plane to move and breath. Firstly Ulfgrim feels weekend, casting spells as six levels less. But he is able to make a haven 1 mile radius, basically he needs to remain in complete concentration. Ulfgrim creates a likeness of underground Dwarven fortress, realizing this doesn’t help changes it to a clear field with natural heather plants. The party then move off down the path.

Working there way down the path. Jareath tries to follow work where to go, with clues to where to go. A lot of walking. Nothing. A few hours pass without nothing happening. Ulfgrims imagination leading us. With the help of Jareath singing “We got to get out of this place”, Ulfgrim gets a direction to go. After a long period of time we see a number of Slaads swimming through the goop. We hear in our heads, “We fight, pick your best”, Sir Axialrod accepts, and all the Slaads line up, very strange.

Que combat music. Sri Axialrod starts swinging away. After two rounds of combat, Sir Axialrod has taken a couple of hits, and the wounds of the Slaad have closed a bit. After three rounds of combat the first Slaad dies, then the next Slaad steps up. Another three rounds the next Slaad is killed. Then the next Slaad is killed. The next Slaad steps up and has his head cut off. Then the next Slaad steps up, hits Sir Axialrod takes a few more hits, then is killed. Then the next Slaad is killed. Six down. 34 left. Seven down, Seakul casts Hold Person and Sir Axialrod falls over. The best Slaad has killed our champion. This confuses the Slaads then the leave and fly off.

Day ends, heading down the path Ulfgrim had picked.


Sir Axialrod only took 69 HP damage from the seven Slaad. Yes that is right 69.

However, it was only a flesh wound, and would have carried on fighting as the Unicorn Knight never surrenders!

New Lands Part 2

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