Tyranny of Dragons

New Lands Part 1

Sailing into Impiltur and into Thay

In the badly damaged boat, Ulfgrim spends much of the night casting Mending, fixing many damaged boards and parts. Jareath looks up to the left. After a cold night, sailing on, a boat is spotted on the horizon with more dark clouds rolling in. The clouds roll in, the wind grows and the sea gets choppy. Umblee the bitch queen. The sail we see on the horizon has red and white stripes on the sail. Errich describes the flag to his companions.

Sir Axialrod recognizes it as the flag of Impiltur. Impiltur is a nation in the North Eastern side of the Sea of Stars. Making toward the sail ship, a large merchant ship. Approapriate flags are run up (sea greeting). Errich asks where they are heading, Velprintalar. Errich inquirers if we could catch a lift. The captain, the Fabulous Renaldo, accepts and lowers a ladder.

Seakul offers to tell the tale. After a bit of effort the Unicorn is winched on board. The Fabulous Renaldo tells the party that he is heading to the fair capital of Impiltur, Velprintalar. He trades the Sea of Fallen stars, even into Thay. Seakul regales a great story of the adventures. A couple of days later the ship, the Duke of Dilpur, arrives into the fabled city of Velprintalar, one of the most beautiful cities of the known world, ruled by the powerful mage “The Symbol”. Finally making landfall most of the party give thanks for getting to dry land.

After weeks of eating Errich’s Goodberry’s the party first port of call is a tavern for a decent meal. As the party makes their way through the streets lots of Griffin Riders are spotted in the sky above. By the time the party arrive at the tavern even Azim would not mind eating some food. Errich challenges Sir Axialrod to a drinking competition. 10gp the wager. Errich is under the table after eight rounds. The next day Errich starts investigation.

Thay is now mostly ruled by undead Wizards. They don’t like visitors and those who don’t have a charter. Slavery is a big part of their culture. They used to be interested in conquering everyone, but now they are more interested in trading. They don’t like adventures wandering around. Basically the Stag party need a good reason to visit. The only Red Wizard we know is the Tharchion of Lapendrar, who base was at Nethwatch Keep. Sir Axialrod earns the favor of the GM for remembering this.


With a plan in place, Nethjet is the first stop in Thay. Sir Axialrod finally convinces the Unicorn to be his mount. Tears can be seen in his eye’s. Once again the party sail up the river Umber, much to the distress of most party members (not Errich). Next stop Lake Umber. Imagine walking into Mordor except with more undead. The port town of Nethjet is the main trading port of Thay. Seakul looks strange as he kisses the docks when the stag party arrive. Upon arrive the party is immediately ushered into a customs office, where a Thay bureaucrat wants to know what are the parties intentions. Sir Axialrod immediately blabs insuring all party names are attached to the inquiry to be sent to Tharchion Eseldra (of Lapendar). The party is then told to stay at the “Shaved Dwarf” until summoned. The next day the the very surprised bureaucrat informs the party’s request has been granted that we are expected at Nethjet keep. He then hands over the proper papers with all the parties names on it.

Various Thay military patrols (consisting of soldiers and Red Wizards) are passed as the stag party stick to the main road. Each patrols checks the papers before ushering the party on. A day later the party arrive at the edge of the main plateau. They follow the winding path up the cliff face to the next level. Towards the evening the party arrive at Nethjet Keep and are greeted by very quite servants. In the audience chamber we are greeted by Eseldra Yeth (and her court). Seakul speaks for the party. Stopping the dragon Queen and also that Rath Modar was killed by a Castle. Seakul wants Rath Modar to suffer and needs his soul for eternal torment. The Tharchion likes the idea. She suggests that we should find out where he went, go there and capture his soul. She also suggests that we should go to his keep, search. She also gives Seakul a soul container (with command word) to capture the soul, since she would like to see the vial mage suffer more. She also offers to increase the pass to travel in Thay. Sir Axialrod watches the Tharchion to determine her power (15 levels and 261HP). She also warns us that he was a powerful illusionist, and his keep was probably magically trapped.

Two days travelling up the Eastern Way the party arrive at the city of Amruthar. Ulfgrim grumbles about the cost of spells, but is able to acquire the spell components to cast Trueseeing . Crossing the river Lapendrar the party head west along its banks toward the Keep of Sorrows. Again nothing bothers the party as there are a lot of patrols. A day later the party arrive at a small 40’ high, 20’ round keep. Ulfgrim puts a some panda makeup on and casts Truesight. Errich notices that there are no traps but runes around the door frame, he also thinks it similar to the Teleport Circle. Errich also defeats the Wizard Locked door, then from 30’ away casts Mage Hand to open the door. Inside the party see a brightly lit room (bigger than it appears from the outside). The party make their way inside.


A grand entrance way greets the party, two large Stone Golem’s stand at the top of the stairs. Climbing the stairs, nothing happens until Seakul until he steps on the top landing where the two statues come to life striking at Seakul. Errich looses an arrow and watches it shatter on the skin of the first Stone Golem. Seakul strikes the Stone Golem twice. Azim rushes up the second staircase, punching the other Stone Golem once, then twice more. Sir Axialrod also makes it up second stairs hitting three more times. Ulfgrim climbs the first staircase, backing up Seakul, hitting once and also casts Spiritual Weapon. Both Stone Golem’s attack. As reaction Azim strikes once again. Seakul is hit twice.

Errich performs some acrobatics running up the balustrade to stab at the second Stone Golem from the side, but the attack bounces off the side of the Stone Golem. Seakul hits once (refusing to call in his divine powers). Azim strikes a total of four times. Sir Axialrod vorpal sword strikes a total of three times. Ulfgrim casts Greenflame Blade and strikes true, also hitting with his Spiritual Weapon. Seakul is missed due to his cloak, while Sir Axialrod is smashed twice.

Errich gets behind a Stone Golem stabs twice then leaps off the balcony to avoid being smashed by the annoyted Stone Golem, the landing isn’t as good as Azim, twisting his ankle and falling over, Bast runs down the stairs to attend to the prone Errich. Seakul smashes the other Stone Golem twice. Azim following up Errich’s attack hitting three times. Sir Axialrod vorpal sword finishes the second Stone Golem off then steps of its carcass and embeds his vorpal weapon into the neck of the first Stone Golem. Stealing Seakul’s kill.

Seakul opens up the doors, behind a is a 20’ foot corridor, stairs at the far end with two statues either side of the stairs. The hallway is covered in carpet. As Seakul and Sir Axialrod enter two Unseen Servants try to take their cloaks, of course Ulfgrim just sees the Seen Servants. Both Seakul and Sir Axialod strike at the unseen hands. Errich investigates the first door, Seakul moves up the corridor. Errich gets bored and opens the door, revealing a 25’ by 30’ room, a fireplace dominates the far end of the room with comfortable chairs spread around the room, a bookcase stands by the entrance.. A fire glows brightly in the fireplace. A glass starts to fill and floats toward Errich, who gratefully accepts it. Meanwhile Seakul opens another room, finding a 15′ × 15′ washroom. Sir Axialrod finds a 30′ × 45′ room with a well set out dining table. Opening the middle door reveals a 15′ × 30′ storage room, the door at the entrance reveals a 30’x 35’ kitchen with a passageway to 60′ × 10′ pantry.

With nothing but comfortable living environment the party heads up the stairs at the end after Errich steals a fork from the dining table. Doors at the top of the stairs reveals a 40′ × 40′ wizard laboratory. Book shelves stand on the east wall. Sir Axialrod uses his wand of magic detection. The notes on the bookshelf cover simularicans, planar travel and other magical research. The arch way at the end leads to a spiral staircase going up.

Day ends.



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