Tyranny of Dragons

Council of Waterdeep Part 4

Travelling North

The hills are quite as the Stag Party head back to Boarskyr Bridge. Back at the tent “city”, Bolo’s Tentside Inn, Errich convinces Bolo that Varram has been corrupted by the Snake People and needs to be taken to a powerful healer to cure his mind. Bolo noded sagely and agrees to keep him safe at night. Looking at the booty, Ring of Poison Resistance, two scrolls of protection from energy, a silver Euer and Gobblets of poison resistance (resistance and advantage against poison for three hours).

Leaving Boarskyr bridge toward Elturel, we here screams from behind them, the scream of dying peasants. The party turn back, leaving Jareath guarding Varram. As the party discover Cultists attacking the town, obviously looking for something.

Near Bolo’s tent there are Kobolds, Cultists, a Half Dragon and Guard Drake. Sir Axialrod moves forward into the centre and kills a Kobold , Errich moves beside him and Readys to attack anything near Sir Axialrod. Azim moves forward into defensive mode and looks in “Bolo’s Inn” tent, seeing a half dragon. The Kobold surge forward, one is killed by Errich. Sir Axialrod counters an attack on him killing another one. Janthyra Eldrich Blasts one Kobold to death. The Half Dragon sees the monk in the doorway and rips through the tent to get at the monk. With the tent ripped apart the other Cultists move into the street. Ulfgrim runs up the street, surges, then activates Spirit Guardians, cherub bomb.

Sir Axialrod, moves away from the Kobolds kills two Cultists. Errich uses his off hand to kill a kobold, moves through Ulfgrims legs and kills another Kobold. Azim critically hits the Guard Drake. The naked dwarven cherubs kill two Kobolds, hurt the Guard Drake and Half Dragon. One Kobold runs away. Meanwhile Janthyra hears the flap of wings as a red Dragon become visible, grabs her and flaps into the air.

The Guard Drake misses . Janthyra uses Misty Step to escape the clutches of the Red Dragon appearing above a tent. Falling through but doing really well. She then uses Eldrich Blast up its ass. Then chirps it. The Half Dragon then breaths on Errich, Azim and Ulfgrim. Azim side steps it, Errich takes a little fire damage but Ulfgrim takes alot. Cultists then move to attack Azim, one is killed by cherubs, the other one misses. Ulfgrim brings a Spritual Weapon into existence which then strikes the Half Dragon, moves forward and uses Green Flame Blade on his axe but misses. Sir Axialrod pulls out his longbow to attack but fails to string it, misses four times….. he is a terrible shot.

Errich uses Hunters Mark on the Red Dragon moves behind the Half Dragon hitting with the Dragontooth dagger. Azim hits the Half Dragon two times. The Red Dragon has a thing for Janthyra and breaths on her, and flies on. Jareath use Hex on the Red Dragon then Eldrich Blast it twice, doing massive damage. The Half Dragon and Cultist die due to the naked dwarven cherubs. Ulfgrim uses Guiding Bolt on the Red Dragon, hitting and lighting it up like a tree. Sir Axialrod waits as Errich misses with a shot, the Sir Axialrod hits once. Causing it to fear him. Azim uses his wand of Magic Missile to blast the beast. The Red Dragon keeps flying away.

The Stag Party then move help the people of Boarskyr Bridge. Janthyra has a battle of wills with the sword again, and losses again. A couple of hours later the party restart the trip south to Elturel. Two days later the party (two more days of failure from Janthyra). Back at the fortress to Order of the Gauntlet the stag party is Teleported back to Waterdeep.

Back in Waterdeep Leosin Erlanthar meets us and can take Varram into the Council of Waterdeeps keeping. The party is immediately able to travel north on the Longship “Frost Skimmer” looking for Mccath the Crimson. With the information the Party should start looking at a large iceburg near a village of Ice Hunters. The party set sail for the sea of moving ice, two days of Janthyra’s futile efforts to know about the large two handed sword. Finally she succeeds its name is “Hazirawn”, and could be useful. Basically evil. Arriving at the sea of moving ice, cold and moving. The Longship continues but slower.

Day ends.



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