Tyranny of Dragons

Council of Waterdeep Part 3

Closing in on the White Wym Speaker

The day starts with heroes in a dark corridor with three dead Yuan-Ti. Six Axialrod looks up and to the left.

The decision to look in the chamber. The diamond shaped chamber has two walls has statues to snake deities the other have of Yuan-Ti statues with suits of plate armour. As the party enter small snakes slither from the walls and fill the armour, which then get up. Que battle music.


Errich acts first and shoots one rather poorly. Azim swings his magical mace, twice hitting once, then kicks it in armored codpiece. The Helmed Horrors then acts, hit Azim with his sword and poisoning him as well. Also hitting Janthyra once. Jareath casts Bane afflicting one suit of Armour. Janthyra casts Eldrich Blast hitting once. Ulfgrim swinging his axe, Hue, smashing well. Sir Axialrod assists Azim hitting twice. Errich moves to help Ulfgrim and Janthyra hitting once. Azim hits once. The combined effort of Sir Axialrod and Bane saves Azim from being hit. Janthyra hit once and Ulfgrim saved her from the second hit. Janthyra cast Vicious Mockery. Janthyra misses. Ulfgrim hits as does Sir Axialrod. Errich slips in and misses. Azim arrives and kills the last Helmed Horror.

The door at the back of the room leads to a short corridor and another doorway, which has another non-symmetrical room on the other side. On the floor are a dozen 3’ wide holes. There two totems of Asp’s. Rather than venturing further into the room the door beside the doorway is opened, a short corridor with a bricked up doorway half way down the length, which is secret door as well. Azim spots a pressure plate which the party avoids, and follows Janthyra’s direction through the secret door.

The secret door leads to empty prison cells. Passing through the empty prison through another set of doors the Stag Party find themselves in another corridor and a large room visible to the left.


This is massive temple with a number of Yuan-Ti and the body of a dwarf on the alter. Lining either side are statues of snakes with green flame out of their mouths. Three human with scales, one Yuan-Ti Abomination, three with human heads bodies and snakes for arms. The Yuan-Ti Abomination makes a deal we can have the dwarf as long as we leave. She points out he doesn’t have a soul. Errich asks for Varram’s dagger as well. He doesn’t have the the White Dragon Mask. Errich notices that the Dwarf is badly beaten up. In the end the party accepts. Sir Axialrod picks up the dwarf. The Stag Party slowly back out. Neither party have any trust of the other party.

The main corridor undulates much like the movement of a giant snake. Up the stairway to the moss bridge. Janthyra crosses first. Errich crosses nimbly next, bangs a spike and attaches rope. Azim next. Ulfgrim, with help from Jareath climbs slowly up . Lastly jareath. Janthyra doesn’t get to clap as someone fall to their doom. Back into the tomb area.

Basically Varram spills his guts. Varram has been on the out and another Dragon Cult member stole his White Dragon Mask. See Sir Axialrod asking questions gets results. This was why he here using the divining pool. Basically Jareath continues to threaten to kill him while the more sane members want to get him back to the Council of Waterdeep. Varram sees which way the wind is blowing as “offers” to come along. Varram agrees to dispel the devils, He has a deal with Zariel the Arch-duchess of Averness. (first layer of hell, where Tiamat resides). He banishes them back to Hell. The heroes head down the stairs.


The chamber below is a 30′×30′ bed chamber. Three corpses lie on the ground above them float a six Wraiths and two Specters. Jareath releases a Thunder Wave, watches as the magic does a little then retreats. Sir Axialrod then strides in swings away, killing two Wraiths then steps back. Ulfgrim casts Spirit Guardians. The Wraiths attack and get affected by the naked dwarven cherubs, one is humped to death. Janthyra cast Eldrich Blast destroying a Wraith. Errich shoots a Spectre as does Jareath (twice). Sir Axialrod then kills the two more Wraiths, walks forward next to a Spectre. Ulfgrim strides forward hitting a Spectre. Errich shoots one. Azim moves in too attack with his magical mace, killing the other Spectre. Sir Axialrod swings twice causing fear to flash across its incorporeal face. Ulfgrim hits with his Axe. Janthyra blasts it twice Eldrich Blast destroying the last one.

Searching the room, the chest has some robes, a ring and two scrolls. Janthyra uses her wand to work out there is a magic ring, scrolls and magic decanter and goblets. After determining that the books here did not belong to the ghost the party leaves the complex. Only to find that the horses have been eaten by Trolls. The party trudge in the direction of Boreskyr bridge.

Day ends.



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