Tyranny of Dragons

Castle Naerytar

Clearing the Cult

The day begins with the heroes heading into the castle true, avoiding the main hall, heading up the central tower.

Entering the main tower Errich makes a comment about not having swum in the treasure pile in the main hall. Jareath replies not yet…. you have to love a positive bard. The first level of the tower has a main hall, but unlike the other has no treasure. The party moves on into a bed room / sitting room, a search contains a closet with red robes. Errich also finds a chest, containing a chest with something missing. Errich deduces that it used to contain a book. Since it looks cool (and expensive) Errich adds it to the party treasure.

Heading up the stairs. Jareath quips about a red wizard being on the premise, for two reasons; First, a container for spell book was found, second, they told us. Heading up. Much like below has nothing special except in it except a raven in a cage. Out the window we see a large group of individuals have captured a bunch of Lizardman and Borngray (the leader elf guy) yelling at them. Janthyra pauses looks annoyed as her attempt to sow chaos in the enemies rank was failed by the distance. Climbing the stairs again. In the top is a telescope type thing, the Farseer of Illusk Jareath looks through.


As the party hang around the top of the observatory Gargoyles attack. Jareath acts with the help of the his magical bow, hitting a Gargoyle with a bow shot. Janthyra moves down the stairs and climbs upside down on the roof. Errich moves beside Sir Axialrod who is then attacked by a Gargoyle. Ulfgrim moves beside Azim and battle continues. After a brief but furious fight the Gargoyles are turned to rubble.

The courtyard below is mostly emptied, except for some guards guarding some Lizardmen. Errich takes a part of the device since the party couldn’t take it with us. (Could be used as a monical later). The party shoot from the battlements killing all three Cultist Guards, the Lizardmen look around in surprise then pick the guards scimitars and make off into the night. The heroes sneak back down the stairs. At the first level a group of Cultists can be heard searching for the heroes. The heroes hide inside the wizards bedroom to get the drop on the guards. As the Cultists enter they are surprised to find the Stag Party waiting. A few seconds later and the monk “romper stomping”, three guards are dead.

Bursting (in a quite fashion) down the stairs two more guards are surprised. Azim with his blood up moves first, tripping over his own feet. Well at least he got down to the bottom level. Very quickly they are overpowered. Searching them they had scimitars and a fanatical devotion to the cult. Leaving through a side door the Stag party find themselves in the Great-Hall.


Que battle music. Large battle including leaders of the castle cultists. Errich and Janthyra debate is that Borngray was arming the Lizardmen so might be “not bad”. Errich insisting that he is, but being 3’ tall is ignored as he can’t hold his hand high enough to vote. Jareath casts Thunder Wave killing two Bullywugs injuring others. Sir Axialrod engages Pharblex Splattergoo the leader Bullywug priest. The Dragonwing cultists surround Sir Axialrod and add a lot of dents to Sir Axialrod’s armour (and him in the process). Azim arrives just in time kills a Dragonwing and Pharblex. Ulfgrim heals Sir Axialrod with Cure Wounds. In return the other cult leader, Borngray, casts Thunder Wave at the heroes , thus showing his allegiance. Cultists act attacking Azim, Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim. Janthyra casts Witch Bolt using twin spell and tide of Chaos. Jareath casts Hold Person but Borngray resists. Sir Axialrod kills the last Dragonwing and attacks Borngray as well. Azim hits a Cultist killing him. Ulfgrim hits a Cultist with his hammer and casts Spiritual Weapon on Borngray, glancing off his helm. Borngray sees his options and surrenders. The Cultists infused with their dark devotion carry on trying to kill the heroes. Errich contemplates throwing a dagger at Borngray but just kills a cultist. Jathyra “fails” to stop Witch Bolt, killing Borngray….. she looked guilty for about 2s (at most). There goes any asking questions options. After some more mopping up all the Cultists.


The day ends with Errich doing treasure angles (Jareath was right) as the heroes search for booty and clues.



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