Tyranny of Dragons

An Adventure Begins...

The Chronicles of Jareath Lockwind Esq, Bard

Having taken a fast ship to Baldur’s Gate, and met with a small, but varied group in the Dragon’s Breath Tavern.
Jareath the Half-Elf Bard was intrigued by the Calishite Monk Azim, who may have information on the last known whereabouts of Murwood his mentor. The rest of the group consisted of Janthyra the Sorcerer who needed to leave Baldurs gate in a hurry. A Halfling Pirate named Errich looking into the Cult of the Dragon for his dying father. A Noble Fighter called Sir Axialrod Moonbeam. Finally Ulfgrim the Dwarven cleric looking to set order to the world.

Rumors of Cult of the Dragon pointed to a small town called Greenest, which sounds like a quiet backwater. The 6 adventurers left Baldur’s Gate and traveled to the Western edge of the wood of Sharp Teeth, where they travelled south and around the southern edge of the wood. It is on the seventh day out and traveling along a ravine when they encounter 2 dead horses blocking the trail.

The group is wary of an ambush and Janthyra Tarmeikos and Azim notice some small goblinoids hiding in the forest and up on the upper slopes ahead of us. There is a cry of “Get Them” in Goblin and the battle is commenced.

Jareth starts by Visciously Mocking a Goblin before he can react, which wounds the creature terribly, as the Fighter takes up a defensive position, Janthyra Tarmeikos releases a spell, a Fire Bolt which flies wide of it mark and causes the tree behind to smoulder for a bit. The Halfling Pirate Errich moves away from the group into the trees and attempts to hide. The goblins charge the group, there is some weapons clashing as the fighter, Monk and Cleric Ulfgrim Foehammer are stuck at by the foul greenskins, and the Cleric suffers a mighty blow. After several more clashes a single Goblin attempts to flee the area but is called a son of a Xorn, which causes his heart to bust with misery, bringing an end to the goblin menace.

Led by Errich the group quickly search the Goblins and take a small amount of Gold and copper. It was noted by the Monk that Errich had very fast hands….. cough and seemed to like to take trinkets without knowing he did it. Ulfgrim needed to rest and look after his wounds and the Fighter and Monk move the Horse corpses from the trail. For some reason Janthyra seemed to smile and blink shamelessly at the large fighter. During the hour or so that the Dwarf is resting that the group notice a trail leading into the forest.

After the short rest the group followed the trail to see where it leads. After a short walk, some Goblin voices are hear ahead of us and we stealthily approach the edge of the forest and see before us a small clearing with 3 Goblins in it and 2 Human Corpses. It is just as we are listening the goblin conversation that someone stands on a branch causing a loud Crack, which alerts the goblins to our presence. A short battle ensues where goblins are mocked, shot and bludgeoned to death.

A quick search of the area nets more gold and copper, and what appears to be a parcel inside a couriers bag addressed to Eadyan Falconmoon of Chauntea in Greenest. The adventures decided that it would be worth our while to deliver the parcel and complete the poor deceased couriers last delivery for him. At this time the Monk asked if anyone is interested in what is behind the large door set into the hill side beside the campsite. We all look to were he point and see a large door set into the side of the bank, surrounded by runes.

The Fighter and Dwarf push the door open to reveal a stairway down into the darkness. Jareath casts Light onto the Fighters shield and the Party descends into a Large room with 4 Sarcophagi with a chest in front of each. The Monk easily spots a set of pressure plate in front of the first and third and a pit in front of the second and fourth, While we are moving toward the end of the room 4 Skeletal figure shuffle quickly toward us, though one does drop his guard when Jareth calls him a failed Zombie. In a very short time all 4 are reduced to bone piles and Errich disarms or avoids the traps and opens the 4 chests.

Each chest contains a wooden holy symbol of one of the following Deities, Tempus, Tyr, Torm and The Red Knight. There is a small amount of gold silver and even two Platinum coins, plus a few nice looking grave goods recovered. With That done,the Dwarf raising concerns about looting the graves of Goodly Warriors. Errich re-arms the traps, quoting something about not ruining the fun of any other adventuring group visiting the graves. The party travels back to our own horses and begin the rest of the journey to Greenest.

The following ten days pass peacefully (with some moaning about having to hunt for food) only to discover palls of black smoke rising from their destination. Greenest is in flames. Circling the Town is a huge winged beast…..Dragon!


Need names of the final two ….. NAME

An Adventure Begins...

Since we are 1st level that should perhaps read “Circling the Town is a huge winged Beast….. Dragon?”

An Adventure Begins...

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