Tyranny of Dragons

The Doom Vault Part 3
Continuing the search

The battle continues with the battle against the Lich, Death Knight and _Dread Warriors of Sass Tam.

Sir Axialrod starts off by moving next to the Lich and hitting him three times. Azim moves to the other side of the Death Knight and smashes him in the nose, stunning him. The attacks another three times. Errich casts Green Flame Blade then stabs the Death Knight and again with his off hand. Ulfgrim pauses casts Spiritual Guardians but the Lich casts Counter Spell, Sir Axialrod hits him. The Death Knight acts stunned. The Lich puts his arms up to surrender. Seakul moves behind the Lich and puts his sword to its throat. Jareath just shoots the Lich killing it. Doing and Obi-wan Kanobi. The second shot hits the Death Knight.

Sir Axialrod stomps on the Lich’s robe, then kills the Death Knight by lopping off its head. Azim moves to attack a Warriors of Sass Tam near Ulfgrim and hits him three times. Errich moves behind that Warriors of Sass Tam and kills it with Green Flame Blade. Ulfgrim moves behind a Warriors of Sass Tam to attack it also hitting with Green Flame Blade which arcs hitting the Warriors of Sass Tam next to his target. Both swing ineffectively at Ulfgrim in return. Seakul moves to assist Ulfgrim, hitting twice. Jareath shoots twice more, both hitting. Sir Axialrod removes yet another head. Axim searches the corpse and finds a set of keys and a Glyph key (Abysal gate and Temple of Anguish), and some robes. Errich searches the headless corpse of the Death Knight, a smoking sword, a set of armour without a helmet. Ulfgrim swings again, with more Green Flame Blade killing another Warriors of Sass Tam, the last Warriors of Sass Tam is killed.

The room is then searched, a magical long sword, and a drawer (abjuration magic) of a desk and something in the drawer (evocation magic). Thanks Jareath. As Errich cannot open it. Sir Axialrod cannot break open the lock. Jareath sings a little ditty allowing Sir Axialrod to open the drawer. Inside is a Golden Coffer (looking like a sleeping dragon) and a black box. The magic is emanating from both containers. Errich opens the box seeing some paper, which he reads then explodes. Destroying the box and the runes. Inside the golden box is 200pp and magical river rock. The room is searched, nothing except a note begging for forgiveness from Sass Tam.

The continuing searching the Abysal Zones, a large 80’ hex shaped room with six magical circles light this once grand eating chamber, as the doors open screaming can be heard, thee circles filled with demons (Quazits, a Vrock, a Hezrou and some little Manes demons). Six Wight with a Warriors of Sass Tam standing guard. More combat. Sir Axialrod moves into the room and prepares to attack. The Wight then attack (one is killed by Sir Axialrod) the others move up. Seakul charges at the Warriors of Sass Tam., Errich moves behind and casts Green Flame Blade. Jareath moves behind a Skeleton hitting with Shocking Grasp. Azim moves up killing a Wight. Ulfgrim moves up using Green Flame Blade killing a Wight and Warrior of Sass Tam. Sir Axialrod cuts another head off. Then hitting another. The last Wights attack Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim, but miss. Seakul kills one Wight, Errich kills the last Wight.

The party to search the Blood Pens (through the White gate), a set of double doors with sound of squealing (pigs). The large room used to be a great hall, pigs fill the room. There are walkways suspended from pillars (which are marked with red x’s). Errich climbs onto the pigs backs runs across their backs to a pillar and tries to climb a pillar. Resists the magic and climbs the pillar. Sir Axialrod pushes his way through, Seakul, Jareath, Ulfgrim and Azim following to the doors opposite. As the doors open the pig rush through the doors. Cries from the other side can be herd. This room (50′×80′) is a converted abattoir, a group of humans (eight, Thayvian Warriors) can be seen dealing with loose pigs and slaughtering pigs. A Wight stands in the middle and a large beast, Otyugh, can be seen eating a pig in the corner. A lack gate is also located here.

Jareath maneuver into the room (past pigs), casts Thunder wave on three humans in the corner. The shoots the Wight Errich sneaks into the space and stabs a Thayvian Warrior in the corner (killing him), then moves out of the way. Sir Axialrod charges the Wight in the middle. The Thayvian Warriors open the doors to let the pigs out. The two jareath knocked over, get up and attack him. Azim runs into the room attacking one of the Thayvian Warriors on Jareath. The Wight hits Sir Axialrod. Ulfgrim struggles into the room, past the pigs, Fire Bolts a Thayvian Warrior killing him. Seakul runs slowly into the room. The Otyugh is busy eating a pig.

Jareath casts Heat Metal on a Thayvian Warrior on the other side of the room, then shoots at another but misses. Errich runs like a ranger killing another Thayvian Warrior. Sir Axialrod kills the Wight, then moves back to protect the Bard. The Thayvian Warriors struggle through the pig toward the party. Azim moves through the pigs to attack the Thayvian Warriors who are now in the middle of the room (hitting three times). Ulfgrim moves up and casts Fire Bolt killing another Thayvian Warrior. Seakul struggle through more pigs toward the Otyugh and prepares to attack. The Otyugh sends a tentacle to attack Seakul, and in his mind is a voice saying “Food”.

The pigs have cleared out. Jareath concentrates burning a Thayvian Warrior with Heat Metal and shoots at another Thayvian Warrior but misses again. Errich stabs the Thayvian Warrior in the middle and then Sir Axialrod then kills him, then throws a dagger at one. Three Thayvian Warrior surround Errich smashing him. Ulfgrim attacks a Thayvian Warrior on Errich. Seakul finally attacks the Otyugh, hitting once. It then attacks Seakul, biting him once. Jareath’s spell finally kills the Thayvian Warrior with Heat Metal, he then attacks another. Errich attacks and kills one, stabs another and runs away (getting hit in the process). Sir Axialrod knocks over a Thayvian Warrior then hits him three more times. The Thayvian Warrior attack, miss Sir Axialrod which triggers Azim and Sir Axialrod to smash him dead. The other two Thayvian Warriors nick Ulfgrim. Azim kicks the other Thayvian Warrior three times. Ulfgrim casts Green Flame Blade hitting the Thayvian Warrior now fighting him. Seakul finally hits the Otyugh twice. The Otyugh misses.

Jareath moves and casts Shocking Graspon the Thayvian Warrior in front of Ulfgrim killing him. Errich gets revenge for being hurt and kills the last Thayvian Warrior infront of Ulfgrim (new personal best 132 points of dammage). Azim kills the final Thayvian Warrior. Sir Axialrod moves to attack the Otyugh , as does Azim killing the Otyugh. Stealing Seakuls kill. Oh by the way it way chained to the wall.

Day ends.

The Doom Vault Part 2
Looking for the entry to the Phylactery Vault of Szass Tam

After blood being sucked the Vampire has turned to be helpful (well as helpful as an evil creature deserving death).

Heading though the white gate to the temple of Chaos, 60′ × 160′ with three mystic circles in the middle of the room. There is a recess in the roof with an steel orb in it. Jareath looks at the runes around the circles, protection runes, inside these runes are the real runes which discharge lightening. The circle nearest the party starts to glow. The party steps back. From the steel orb lightening envelops the room. Jareath then checks how long the recharging takes. Errich moves across the room and unlocks the door then opens the double door on the far side. Some stairs lead down, the air smells of incense. The room is 30′×70′, the walls are covered with silk tapestries and the floor is covered with cushions. As he party search the room two secret doors are found. One at the end of the room, on between two curtains.

The first corridor, is 5’ wide, a blank wall at the other end, Errich opens this secret door, the room is 100′ × 100′ with a jagged rift in the middle of floor, energy leaps from the floor hitting a similar rift in the roof. Pillars cover the floor, with chaotic energy striking the pillars. Errich closes the doors. Back to the harem room through the other secret door. A 5’ wide corridor leads to a 30′ × 30′ room, heat can be felt coming from the room. A howling creature of flame can be seen in the middle of the room, Jareath again uses arcana skill to recognize bonding runes holding the fire elemental. Azim uses his innate ability to communicate with the chained Fire Elemental. It wants freedom. Jareath also realizes he can suppress the bonds, while holding the wall, he then tries this (for three consecutive rounds). Jareath gets a little burnt but succeeds.

He takes off toward the rift. Errich leads the party through the double door on the other side of the burnt room. A 10’ wide corridor, with a pit trap to the side. The corridor leads to a another white gate (which the party cannot open). The party then retreats back the way we came. Through another white gate to the halls of conditioning. This chamber, 80′ × 30′ is corrupted and decayed. Halfway through the room a ghostly figure materializes. Screaming you must die, you and your red wizard allies. Azim and Sir Axialrod says we are not allied with the Red Wizards and takes a defensive stance. Finally Jareath gives the correct speal. Sorlan it’s good to meet fellow enemies of the Red Wizards (he was an adventure, captured tortured and killed). He gives out some lore, the masters domain, the temples of dispear are used to torture and kill the enemies of the Red Wizards. He also says the temple of extraction are not temples but areas where the Red Wizards perform profane magical researches. He says do not go near where he was captured and killed, it is some type of teleport trap.

Errich locates and avoids a trap on a door. As he steps into the room he falls to the ceiling then a minute later falls to the floor. After falling back Errich make a dash to the far door (avoiding the floor) fails and tries to avoid the transmutation magical trap, falling to the ceiling again. Eventually he climbs across the ceiling, climbs to the floor, falls to the ceiling again, then the floor then, opens the far door then slips around the doorway. The corridor on the other side curves away and a the sounds of fighting and laughing can be herd. Ulfgrim cast Dispel Magic and the party make it across the trap. The room around the corner is a 50′ × 50′ room, cages fill the room, with demons railing against the cages, double doors stand on the far side. A three Red Wizards, one banging his dagger on the bars, one Hezrou , two Vrock and 8 Quazits_. Two skeletons with purple lightening (_Death Lock Wight) stand guard. The demons are all quiet.

Que fight music, the Death Lock Wight, magical purple energy flies out hit Sir Axialrod but miss Errich. Sir Axialrod maneuvers past the Death Lock Wight to attack the Red Wizard behind him. Errich shoots and kills the Red Wizard. The other Red Wizards then blast Sir Axialrod with Magic Missiles. Ulfgrim then moves in and casts Fire Bolt at a Red Wizard. Jareath moves in and casts Destructive Wave, killing two Red Wizards, one Death Lock Wight and eight Quazits. Azim attacks last Death Lock Wight killing it. Searching the bodies has a ring of keys and a Glyph key, attuned to the zone of conditioning. The corridor leads to another white gate.

After the white gate is another set of double doors. Screaming (an inhuman beast) can be herd from the other side of the door. This zone is called the Abyssal Gate. Inside is a L-shaped room, chains and spears hang from the ceiling. In the corner is a black gate. A Wight and seven Skeletons are torturing a Glabrezu hanging from the ceiling (with pikes). Errich uses his advantage to an trie to push a Skeleton into the demon, fails and runs off. Sir Axialrod attacks the Wight., finally pushing it next to the Glabrezu. Ulfgrim casts Green Flame Blade but misses. The Skeletons attack Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim with their Magical Pikes. Jareath shoots a Skeleton killing it, missing once. Azim kills another one. The Glabrezu pinches and punches the wight to death. He says free him and he will do the same to the wizards. Errich moves next to a Skeleton, uses Green Flame Blade utterly destroying it(and its friend. Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim dispatch the others. The chains hold the demon to the ground. Errich thinks this is a good idea, frees it then it attacks.

The Glabrezu casts Confusion which the party, Errich takes a couple of cheap shots hurting it. Sir Axialrod then attacks three times. Ulfgrim also attacks, hitting with Green Flame Blade turning it into a pile of sulfur. The party decide not to use the black gate and listen at the door. The double door leads to a four way corridor and pit trap down one side. The double doors to north and west look normal, the one to the east have angelic motif to them. Looking to the west set of double doors, Errich opens the door quitely, leads to a 40′ × 40′ room. This well appointed room has screens dividing the room up, voices can be herd discussing something from behind the screen. Four undead warriors stand guard (Dread Warriors of Sass Tam).

Que more battle music, Sir Axialrod attack maneuvers around the Dread Warriors of Sass Tam to smash through the screen to reveal a Lich (who held the gate open earlier and a plate armored warrior. He then attacks the Lich. Azim rushes around the side to attack Lich too. Ulfgrim calls his divine powers to Turn Undead. Errich runs past the Dread Warriors of Sass Tam to use Green Flame Blade on the Lich and stabs with the off hand. Three Dread Warriors of Sass Tam run away. The Lich casts Misty Step then attempts Fire Bolt Ulfgrim, The Death Knight casts Destructive Wave. The Lich casts Fire Bolt on Ulfgrim (26HP). Jareath casts Healing Word then takes a mighty shot on the Lich.

Day ends.

The Doom Vault Part 1
Find the way

Jareath casts Rary’s Telepathic Bond which allows the whole party to communicate telepathically,

In the Doom Vault looking for the entrance to the Phylactery Vault of Szass Tam. Jareath activates the Glyph to use the black gate to enter the area called the Predator Pools. A portal opens (Jareath holds it open). The portal leads to a 50′×50′ room with a huge pool in the middle, covered with slime and sludge. Bones surround the edge of the pool. Errich notices the bones are from all sorts of creature. Seakul throws a bone into the pool to see what happens, a head of a Scrag pops out of the pool.

Sir Axialrod tries to intimidate the Scrag, it’s head disappears. The party head toward entrance, the way is blocked by white mist, giving off a dim light. Jareath approaches the mist with his glyph key, it is a white gate needing a properly attuned glyph key to pass through. Jareath holds the gate open allowing the party to pass into the Pools of Devotion. Errich spots pit traps, which the party avoid. In the next room (100’ long by 60’) two pools lie to the east of the room, some glyphs glow on the floor, the party hear screams and crunching. A Naga is eating a human teenager, more people are lounging in the pools. Strange. Between the party and the Naga is a glowing Glyph (Jareath says warding curse). Sir Axialrod leaps over the Glyph to attack the Naga. He runs at the Naga. Que fight music.

Ulfgrim follows suit, leaping over the Glyph as well. He casts Fire Bolt striking the Naga. Errich moves over the Glyphs and shoots the Naga with an arrow. Jareath shoots Naga twice with mighty shots. Seakul moves up. Azim walks up, becomes defensive as the peasants get out of the pools, surrounding Azim and Sir Axialrod. Bashing at the heroes. Naga casts Lightning Bolt hitting Ulfgrim and Jareath. Sir Axialrod rushes off toward the Naga, then strikes it twice killing it. Ulfgrim runs up as Errich investigates the pools. Jareath shoots two commoners dead. Seakul looks at one of the doors, opening the door, he sees a huge pool with massive chains attached, and two globes of liquid floating in the air. Azim knocks the peasants out. Sir Axialrod checks the dead Naga finding a Glyph key attuned to all the pool areas, but no other areas, so cannot activate the black gates. Earings, and a circlet (1500gp) are also found on the Naga. Errich investigates the bottom of the pool looking for a magic item that Sir Axialrod detected. In the tunnel, some 200pp, 5×100gp, some elfsized platemail and scroll case (two detect magic, two identify, two lessor restoration and a remove curse). Errich makes his armour to look like platemail. Jareath uses his armour to see if there is a White Dragon within 30 miles, no.

Deciding not to investigate the two massive chained beasts the party heads the other way down some stairs. Another white gate at an end of a corridor. 70’ diameter room. A large 50’ diameter pool dominates the room. A black gate is situated in the room. The pool is slightly cloudy. Jareath’s bow keeps giving warning, some tentacles burst from the water. Que combat with a Kraken. Errich waits to see if there is something worth shooting at before acting. As head pops up he watches his arrow bounce off its hide. The tentacles attack Azim, Ulfgrim and Sir Axialrod. Sir Axialrod is grappled and restrained. Ulfgrim is also grabbed. Sir Axialrod tries to escape, breaking out of the grip. Then action surges and leaps onto the top of the Kraken, driving his blade into and out of the soft maw. Then Azim is grabbed. Jareath casts Magic Weapon on Errichs bow, shoots at the Kraken but misses. Azim tries to escape the grasping tentacle but fails. Seakul investigates the exit to the corridor, but is grabbed by the Kraken. Ulfgrim casts Spiritual Weapon and casts Sacred Flame hitting. Three bolts of lightning shoot out from the Kraken, one hits Jareath. Errich shoots again, but this time his bow is magical so works. The Kraken then swallows Seakul. Sir Axialrod starts hacking away, he also commands Seakul who strikes from within the guts. A tentacle lashes out at Sir Axialrod who uses his reaction to strike it once. Jareath uses his mighty shot to hit the Kraken once then inspires Errich. Azim breaks out of his tentacle, he then goes defensive. He is immediately grabbed by the Kraken. Seakul misses twice. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt and hits with his Spiritual Weapon to bash it. The Kraken then misses sir Axialrod. Errich shoots it once. the Kraken then starts digest Seakul, then misses Sir Axialrod three times, who then uses Reposte to hit it. Then strikes it three times. Action surges again smashing it once more. A tentacle then hits Jareath. Jareath inspires Azim, and mighty shots the Kraken twice. The Kraken then fills the air with lightening, which strikes Ulfgrim and Jareath. Azim punches the Kraken twice (misses twice). Seakul (in the stomach) hits once. Ulfgrims Spiritual Weapon hits once killing the beast.

Seakul pulls himself from the corpse of the Kraken, covered in goo and bile. Ulfgrim casts Heal on Seakul and Mass Heal. Opening the next room white gate, the party immediately hear the sounds of fighting. Into the fiendish arena.

Entering into a large room, 100’x 100’ square, it used to be a temple but in the middle is a large pit. In the pit is a beast, a winged figure with talons fighting 9 humans and a half elf (the one from the fight against the Red Wizards). Also watching the fight, a pale human in lavish clothes. The pale man says “some guests, enjoy the show”. Errich asks the odds, he replies 100% on the Vrock. Seakul says its not a fair fight “i’ll show you a fair fight” and prepares leaps down.

Sir Axialrod then shoots the Vampire once. Azim leaps into the pit and attacks the Vrock three times (mouthing off too). Jareath casts Magic weapon on Errichs bow and then shoots the Vrock. Seakul finally leaps down to the bottom of the pit, landing on his ass. He then Misty Steps to the Vrock hitting twice. The Vrock skreechs stunning peasants within 20’ of the Vrock. The Vampire, says “You’re not from here. what do you want?.” Errich shoots and kills the Vrock. The Vampire wants a little blood for a copy of the glyph keys….. Seakul agrees, and the vampire bites the paladin. As a gesture of goodwill he passes on some more information.

In the far realm cyst the creatures of chaos keep intruders away form a powerful shrine
The Sea Hag in the predator pools seeks allies against the Naga.

He also attunes our glyph key allowing movement to the Fiendish Arena (with abyssal prisons).

The elf gives the party more information, in the Ooze Grotto’s the power of the White Pillar can heal or harm. She also tells us she was Dominated by the Pit Fiend. She also tells her back story, she made a deal with the Red Wizards to capture her estate (and it went badly), some adventurers rescued her and she has vowed to get rid of the Red Wizards. She will also help get these peasants home.

Day ends.

New Lands Part 8
Battle of the temple

After following the clues, the PCs find themselves in a battle against the Lich.

Jareath starts the battle off casting Destructive Wave on the flying Darken Beasts, knocking two prone and out of the air. Then strides forward firing at the Lich, hitting him. The Lich then uses his legendary action to cast Fire Bolt back at Jareath, striking him. Sir Axialrod sees that the Lich can be hurt shoots the Lich three times. Then actions surges then shoots again, misses once but does knock him out of the Blood Gate. His final shot he shoots a Red Wizard on the other side of the room. Errich hides along a wall then leaps out and kills a Red Wizard in the next alcove. The Lich runs back into the gate, then casts a Finger of Death at Sir Axialrod, causing him to wither due to the necrotic damage. Azim rushes more Red Wizards on the other side of the room, killing a wizard, moving next to the other wizard. The Dread Warror attacks Seakul but misses due to his Cloak of Displacement. The other Dread Warriors and wights surround Seakul and attack the other party. One Wight touches Seakul cause his cloak to fail and another two Wights to hit him. The Lich Fire Bolts Ulfgrim but misses. Some of the Red Wizards sacrifice some people. Other Red Wizards start casting spells. Magic Missiles hits Ulfgrim. Seakul uses Misty Step then attacks the gate with his divine energy, after bashing it twice. The Darkon Beasts fly to attack Jareath, clawing and biting him a lot. Ulfgrim casts Conjure Celestial summoning a Couatl toward the Red Wizards across the room. Another Fire Bolt shoots from the Lich at Ulfgrim.

Jareath casts Shocking Grasp at a Darkon Beast killing it, then takes another shot at the Lich but misses. He then inspires Sir Axialrod who shoots the Lich out of the gate again, then shoots the at a Darkon Beast killing it, then at a Red Wizard across the way. The Celestial Couatl then flies at the Red Wizard biting him. The Lich casts Fire Bolt at the Celestial Couatl. Errich attacks the wizard (weakly). Azim attacks the Red Wizard who used Misty Step away, nearly killing him. The Dread Warrior chases after Seakul and one after Ulfgrim, the other Wigths head toward, jareath, Ulfgrim and Sir Axialrod. More Dread Warriors and Wights arrive. The Red Wizards attack, Magic Missile on the Celestial Couatl., Fire Ball on the Jareath, Ulfgrim and Sir Axialrod. Other Red Wizards casts Magic Missile on Errich and Azim. Azim uses his reaction to kill the Red Wizard who shot him. Another Red Wizard casts Ice Storm at Azim Sir Axialrod damages the gate again. Memic starts running toward the gate, yelling “Baazka, the way is open, now help me escape”, the blood gate changes colour to hellish flames, a greater demon appears in the gate. A broken blade of a sword is in its chest. Memic makes it into the gate. Another female elf and elf both yells to Baazka…. as they run toward the gate. They disappear as the gates fire hits them. Baazka says"Pulls the blade from my chest and I shall shatter the blood gate". Ulfgrim uses his divine powers (channel divinity) to turn undead, destroying all the undead near him, killing eight Wights, actions surges an casts Heal on Jareath. Another Fire Bolt from the Lich misses.

Jareath pulls forth his Lyre and casts Wall of Fire across the gate entrance, burning Dread Warriors and Wights at the entrance. He then inspires Sir Axialrod, who shoots his last three arrows at more Red Wizards across the far side. Killing one wizard wounding the other. Arrows are spent. Celestial Couatl bites the Red Wizard, knocking him out. It then flies to another Red Wizard, the Lich then Fire Bolts the Couatl. Errich activates his dagger of poison, then stabs the Red Wizard poisoning him. Azim leaps out of the Ice Storm dashes across the room and bashes the Red Wizard on the far side of the room. The Dread Warrior next to Ulfgrim dashes away (turned). The Wights at the gate dash toward Ulfgrim. A Dread Warrior misses Seakul. THe Wall of Fire Burns more undead as they poor through the blood gate. The Red Wizards in the open casts Magic Missile at Sir Axialrod. The Red Wizard on Errich casts Sugesstion on Errich. Forcing him to sit in the corner as a ball. He then runs off. One Misty Steps away from the Coutl and attemps to Fire Bolt but
misses. More Magic Missiles hit Azim. More Misty Steps away from Azim and misses with another Fire Bolt. Magic Missiles bounce of Seakul Broach of Shielding. Seakul runs around the gate. Misty Steps around to the gate, then pulls the blade out of Baazka…. keeping the sword. Baazka howls in triumph ….. the wound in his chest, he solidifies, then makes a pact. He will kill the Thayians first and us last. He then throws the Lich out of the gate. The blood gate shudders and starts to crack. Baazka flies to the Lich. Ulfgrim hits one with his flail, killing a Wight and casts Spiritual Weapon hitting the Dread Warrior.

Before Jareath can act, a pulse of Eldritch power emanates from the gate. Knocking everyone down. With this screaching sound the next pulse will be worse. More Unearthly sounds from the blood gate. A woman’s voice can be heard from the circlet, “The nexus is collapsing but we can control it.” then everything goes black. The party awake in a glowing hall as the Teleport Circle runes dim. The party has escaped the blood gate. An image of a female Thay Wizard called Syranna appears saying “I have saved you when your allies are were to slow”….. “I am not your enemy”. She saved our lives and wants us to help her, we are below the Thay Mount, she wants us to go below the Doom Vaults to destroy the phylacteries of Sass Tam elite Lichs and stop Sass tam from attaining god hood. After a short rest.

More information, the purpose of the doom vault is to kill adventures, but he failed and became a Demi Lich but Sass Tam, found it and re-purpose it for his ends. There are Glyph keys to enter and leave zones, through white gates, and teleport gates (black gates). Syranna gives a Glyph key to Jareath (attuned to the predator pools). Three goals destroy the red Wizards experiments (save the world), get entry to Phylacteries vault, destroy the Phylacteries. The Demi Lich, Tarul Var may still be there. We need to get access to the hidden Phylactery vault inside the Doom Vault, Syranna will stop any communication to the outside so that we get time to get access. All Teleport access is blocked. She also gives us a map to the Doom Vault.

Day ends.

New Lands Part 7
Looking for Rath Modar

The day starts with the PC’s in bright sunshine, standing on a path leading to a mansion. Birds twitter in the trees, all seems normal, leading the heroes to the conclusion that they are back on the Prime Material plane. Oh yeah, the Clerics and Paladin have complete contact with their gods.
Walking up the path to the smiling face of Rath Modar, Seakul says the command word for the Soul Jar but nothing happens. Maybe another simulacrum?
Not Rath Modar invites us in, saying that “we” have a proposition for the heroes. We are invited into the house and taken to talk over a well laid out dinning table. At the table is another Rath Modar. The sitting down Rath Modar starts the monologue. He regrets his actions as part of the cult. He has a plan to remove the Lich lord of Thay, who it has been discovered, has a power base that threatens the security of the entire Sword Coast again. He would like heroes like the Stag Part to help.

His comrade Mennek has more information for us. He has been working on something to do with the Blood Gate, found at Blood Keep near Daggerford. Powered by the elemental nodes. We must retrieve the key from each node and escape to stop the Gate drawing on the elemental power. We are then Teleported to Daggerford.

Arriving in Daggerford, we are greeted by our old contact. Sir Isteval and then meet with other people who will help with the raid on the Elemental Nodes. Mennek will lead the other group as the Stag party attempt the elemental node of air. Prepared the party step into a magical portal. The world disappears and the party finds itself in a think fog. It is very cold so the party head in the direction to get out of the cold. Emerging in the caverenous area, Jareath’s bow gives warning. Errich detects invisible creatures present..

Errich prepares, Azim takes a defensive stance and Jareath casts Foresight. Sir Axialrod prepares for attack. Seakul prepares also. As the creatures arrive Errich hears them so immediately stabs one to death, Seakul also swings, hitting one. Everyone is attacked with only Ulfgrim being hit.. He is able to return the complement smashing one. In a short brutal combat the invisible creatures are destroyed. Looking around the cavern, the walls are semi solid walls of fog , with frozen lightening in them.

Picking a corridor at random, the heros find a circular room with an hour-glass shaped pillar formed from fog. In the thin part of the pillar is lodged an orb (is this the node key?). Again Jareath’s bow gives warning. Four large Air Elementals move to engage the party. Before the combat Jareath prepares, Sir Axialrod fires a volley of mighty shots from his bow, killing one. As the Air Elementals arrive Jareath stabs twice due to his Foresight. They then slam into combat, hitting Sir Axialrod and Jareath. In short order the elemental guardians are dispatched.

The party moves to investigate the Ice pillar in the middle of the room. As the Errich and Jareath approaches lightning arcs out knocking Errich over onto the ice, he gets stabbed by the Ice, shocked by lightening and Frozen. This forces Errich to back up. Jareath continues on his investigation, Jareath pulls out the orb (with holes in it) out from the fog. At that moment a rumbling is heard. The party makes its way to the fog in the central chamber. Jareath seems to know to manipulate the fog to transport the party.

The silvery light fades to a blue globe as the party arrive in the water node. After a quick moment of panic as the party finds themselves in water, but can breath. The only exit leads to a room with icy haze covered stalagmite with a glowing blue orb on top of it. Four Water Elementals are guarding the stalagmite. The Water Elementals run forward to occupy the same space as the PCs trying to drown the party members. The party then start to wail on the Water Elementals while swimming, after a bit of to but mostly fro, the Water Elementals are destroyed. Seakul and Jareath swim up toward the dias, at about 15’ from the target the water freezes. Seakul grabs the Orb, then starts swimming back, but gets frozen but is able to resist. Due to the fact that we are swimming the node collapses before the heros find the exit, ejecting them forcefully from the node.

The Party finds itself in an emmense oblong room, red wizards have defensive positions around the room, blood flows everywhere. The blood gate stands at the other end of the room. Standing in a blood gate is a lich, who casts his milky gaze at the party…. to the Thay forces he says three words…. “Slay them all”. Que fight music.

Jareath and Errich try to kill off the Thay Wizards next to us. Sir Axialrod charges the wizards on the other side. The Thay Wizard that Errich got to casts Misty Step then Fire Bolts Jareath. The Thay Wizard Sir Axialrod attacked does the same but puts himself too close to Azim who kills him. Skeletons then rush from the gate at the other party on the other side of the chamber and also at Azim to surround him. Seakul runs at the Lich, but enters the gate and vanishes. The Monstrosities fly at Jareath. Ulfgrim uses his divine ability to destroy 3 undead around Jareath who uses his cloak to Dimension door away from the creatures he then tries to mock the the wizard. Errich hides behind the altar and snipes the running Thay Wizard, killing him. Sir Axialrod runs to a Dread Warrior of Szass Tam and cuts its head off.

A Thay Wizards casts Ice Storm around Sir Axialrod, Azim and Ulfgrim, hurting the dwarf. Azim finishes off the last large Skeleton then runs at the wizards around the other side. More Skeletons arrive though the gate as does Seakul. Seakul tries to bash the gate, noticing that only the radiant damage does damage to the gate. The Monstrosities fly at Jareath again, mostly missing due to his powerful spell. Ulfgrim casts Spiritual Guardians but nothing happens due to a Counter Spell, then struggles forward due to the slippery ice under foot.

…..Day ends half way through the battle.

New Lands Part 6
The Githyanki War.

The lever is pulled, Ulfgrim and Sir Axialrod opt to stay in the gray mist rather than travel to the Astral Plane.

The Astral Plane has silver hue, hence the name silver void. An absence of everything…. oh dear our minds don’t like it. Its off to find the Githyanki, in the distance an island (triangle shaped), floating again so our movement is based on the parties intelligence. Hence the only option is ahead, to the triangle shaped rock with a castle on top of it and a tower on the bottom. The entire rock is covered in spikes.

With a plan to talk our way in, Jareath casts Glibness, fighting the effects of the Astral plane….. he experiences euphoria as the spell is super sized and something else happens, a pair of lips appears behind him then float off. Floating closer to citadel, the spikes are about ten foot long.

A 15’ foot wall surrounds the main citadel (a massive circular stone tower), with spikes everywhere. As the party get closer there are a group of Githyanki drilling in the courtyard. With no gate they fly over the wall. Jareath announces that we want to speak to Zethic (in common). They reply back in some strange language. Only Azim only replies back in a strange Gith language. They challenge the party, who are you and what do you want. Azim says he is Azim and we are expected, then we are pointed to the library. Jareath starts negotiations about how to attain the knowledge about a “Godess”, he wants something (artifact or arcane knowledge) to fight the Witch Queen of the Githyanki.

The party land on the far side of the keep. The building is large and has two doors, Errich thinks (Investigation) that it is the barracks. Those who thinks this place is a little empty. The next building has other plack which don’t look libraries. The next building has double doors. It is a huge library, bookshelves everywhere, on roof, walls and floor, the Githyanki here is dressed in robes, gems, has smooth skin and wrinkled hands. Jareath communicate with Zethic in common. Seakul offers to go get something if they point the party in the right way. Errich suggests he could come with us, Jareath convinces him that this is a good idea. He leaves and then returns with a pack,, moving very quickly. The party pull the lever.

The party appears on a podium, above a chess board. The party sits across the white pieces, a large man with archaic armour sits above the black pieces. He says your move. The party look around who has skill at chess, Sir Axialrod has the skill. According to Sir Axialrod has won, but the large man says its a draw…. then again. This time it looks like the Man is going to win… but the large man calls it a draw. Third time again, its a draw. Errich tries to convince Sir Axialrod to Sir Axialrod to remove his piece but its still a draw. “There must be a winner we have to play again”. Errich and Seakul have had enough.

Jareath casts Fly then fails to control the magic while and Limbo, turning himself into a potted plant. Azim leaps off the stand (20’ foot up) onto the chess board, with a super hero landing. Que fight music. Azim rushes to attack an apposing black piece, strangely take a defensive. Seakul looks around. Sir Axialrod plays the game. The Archaic Man / Golem jumps down and the black and white pieces attack each other. Two black pieces are killed off. Errich waits to do anything until approaches his friend.

Jareath turns back into a Half-Elf. Sir Axialrod jumps down (super hero landing as well) then moves to attack, charge attack. hitting once. Archaic Man then attacks punches at Sir Axialrod, who dodges then hits him once. Then the Archaic Man hits with his sword. Errich misses.

Jareath un-slings his bow hitting twice. Azim moves and attacks from the flank, hitting twice as well. Sir Axialrod hits three times, then action surges.hitting another three times. The Archaic Man misses Sir Axialrod. Errichs shot hits but watches as his arrow bounces off.

Jareath hits with a mighty shot on a Black Piece. Azim hits only twice. Sir Axialrod hits three more times. The Archaic Man then misses twice. Both Azim and Sir Axialrod use reactions to hit Archaic Man. Jareath shoots the Black Piece again. Azim hits three times, destroying the Archaic Man and all of the chess pieces crumble. The creature uses its last breath to say “The battle is over at last, you are the victor baron” then falls to the ground turning to dust. Some stairs shimmer into existence on the side of the board. the stairs lead a gray room. An we here a voice say “What is the meaning of this?” Violence is the answer. “Was there any way to win without a fight?” No. “How much is a final answer worth?” Its worth Seakuls soul… apparently.

The grey coellests into an island of earth floating in the chaos of Limbbo. In the middle is a crystal box, In the middle of the isle is a enormous horse shoe shaped machine made out of black metal. Surrounded by levers and gears, In the middle of this crystal cube big enough to hold four creatures is a decrepit old man. Voice says “Come and claim your reward” As Seakul and Jareath approach the man says stay back its a trap, his name is baron Lum. Quite mad. He gets quite angry that they are not standing back and starts pressing buttons.

Jareath gets closer as a beam of light comes out of the machine striking Jareath, starting to turn Jareath to stone. Lum yells stay back. Sir Axialrod moves around behind the turning to stone bard and sees a panel labelled 57, he then immediately presses the code and gets a Geas to look for some silly dives (The Mighty servant of Luke-o). Errich moves around the other side sees lots of leavers and dials so just hides. Jareath solidifies more. Azim just runs forward smashing at the glass at the front, does nothing. then continues further around. Seakul moves to beside Jareath uses his divine ability to remove the Petrification effect.. Lum rushes to push buttons but nothing happens. Sir Axilarod continues to push more buttons, nothing happens. Errich looks for a way in but finds nothing, as does Jareath and Azim from on top. Seakul tries to pry off a panel with his sword, which he does and starts cutting wires.

Lum starts pressing more buttons, then there is a large explosion. When the smoke clears the party finds themselves on a pathway leading to a manor with a lovely front door. Seakul removes the spell from Sir Axialrod. As the party approach the front door, it is opened by a smiling Rath Modar. Seakul pulls forth his soul container and says the command word. Nothing happens. Rath Modar says “Welcome, please come in…”

Day ends.

New Lands Part 5
Tarterus and beyond

In the big grey. The party rests. Machine tells us the story about the titans, imprisoned by the Olympians. They continually are trying to escape and two titans have built a black necropolis. It is powered by an artifact and wants to know how it works, so wants a sample of black stone.

He also tells us information…. 57, L-3, D-6, B-delta.

He has not heard of Rath Modar. The leaver is pulled and the party appear in a swamp lit by a sullen glow. Two mountains are visible, one bigger than the other, a line of planets are seen and everything smells of rot. Errich has to climb on Sir Axialrod’s back.

The decision is made that the party heads to the mountains. As we wander a mist rolls in, a black mist that almost sees us, and tendrils reach out to latch on. Que battle music. Jareath casts Elemental Weapon, setting his Rapier on fire, black but just not red. He then strikes the mist causing it to shrink away a little. Sir Axialrod then starts swinging away. Errich tries to cast Green Flame Blade but the spell fails and Errich grows to medium size. The mist attacks the minds of the party, Sir Axialrods fighter ability fight off the attack. The party felt their memories being drained. Seakul swings twice, hoping his radiant damage did a little damage. Azim swings but does not effect it (like Errich).

Sir Axialrod holds off attackings until a he is affected by a spell. Errich gets his Green Flame Blade which hurts the mist. The mist then attacks the parties mind again, but with little effect. Seakul casts Crusaders Mantle, causing his holy power radiate through the party. Sir Axialrod starts swinging away, hitting three times, Azim follwos suit hit four times….. each watch the paladins magic hurt it.

Jareath hits it again. Sir Axialrod hits six times as he action surges. Errich hits twice. the party resist the memory sucking agian. Seakul hits twice. Azim hits three times. Jareath starts off again, killing the mist In a time Errich shrinks back to normal, small size. The Paladins magic also stops.

A couple of hour wandering in the swamp, Jareaths bow sends out a warning. Four Shambling Mounds leap out of the putrid swamp. Sir Axialrod attacks first, damaging the Shambling Mound in front of him. Seakul attacks the one on the other side. Jareath shoots twice with mighty shots. Errich moves to attack the Shambling Mound on the flank with Seakul, leaving a whole in the front.. The Shambling Mound attacking, hitting Azim, Seakul and Jareath (it is hit by Sir Axialrod). Azim attacks the Shambling Mound at the back.

Sir Axialrod attacks, trying to take its head off. Seakul finishes off the shambling mound in front of him and Errich. Jareath swaps his bow out and tries to cast Destructive Wave but all that happens is that he grows an inch…. permanently. Errich moves behind the one attacking Jareath, hitting with both daggers. The Shambling Mound then hits Jareath. Azim attacks the Shambling Mound at the rear.

Sir Axialrod starts chopping away again, killing the Shambling Mound at the side. He then knocks over the Shambling Mound attacking jareath. Puts away his lute and attacks with his sword, Errich hits twice from behind. The Shambling Mound hits Jareath once again. Azim hits again.

Sir Axialrod kills the Shambling Mound on Jareath. Seakul kills the final Shambling Mound. The swamp goes quite. Errich keeps leading the party…. who are now getting quite. In the distance the party see a house on stilts with a couple of humanoids digging in the muck. As the party approach the inquire in Ancient Greek, only Azim can talk to them. Azim asks about the necropolis, they point to the mountains. The party heads off the toward the smaller hill as the big hill might be owned by Kronos. After a little bit of travelling the swamp gives way to a river, with our destination on the other side.

Jareath thinks this could be the river Styx, a poison river connecting the lower planes. Errich summons his magical row boat. The party makes it across the river to a plateau. It has a mountain on the far side, a black necropolis sits in the middle. Huge figures are visible carrying stones between the mine, a pile of stones and a large black stones and the necropolis. Azim tries to summon his Monk abilities to Pass Without Trace, but fails as Tarterus affects the spell. The spell Confuses Errich, Errich leaps to attack Seakul.

Jareath notices Errich going made first and is warned by his bow. SIr Axialrod looks for danger. Errich sees the danger as Seakul a stabs him…. just a bit. Seakul open hands Errich in the head. Azim says stop it and Jareath plays a power cord for inspiration. Sir Axialrod tries to disarm Errich, removing both of his daggers…. With the Help of Jareath he is able to break the spell. Azim tries again, but fails to make it work again…. gaining the ability to teleport for the next minute. With this failure the party sets of to investigate the pile of stones The party move along the plateau nearer the pile of rocks. The party decide splits, the fighters stay near the plateau, the sneaky members stealth up. As they get nearer they see Cyclops chipping away at the large rocks. Jareath, Azima and Errich see that the chips reform into bigger rocks…. it also seems to have stars in them. The rocks almost seem alive. Errich tries to sneak up and collect a rock chip as it falls into his Bag of Holding. He does a fantastic job, but is the sample enough. With this, they all collect multiple samples, then sneak away.

Pull the leaver on the box. The party appear in a field in filled with decayed corpses, the smell is awful. A city in the distance smoke rises, only a forest behind is safe. Spectral fighters appear, and surround the party pointing fingers at them blaming us for for every sin they made. Examples such as “you killed us with your greed.” Things we have not done. They get closer and closer. The party tries to gets past them but can’t, Not recognizing them Sir Axialrod tries to hack there way through, every touch and a specter disappears. The party make it to the forest. The forest is a corpse of trees. The specters surround the trees, Azim calls out. Seakul tries to communicate with them, no avail.

With nothing going on the party take a short rest.. The only thing we know is that they disappear when they are touched. Jareath keeps poking them until their numbers disappear. Heading to the burning city. The graveyard outside city is open. In the middle of the graveyard is a coffin standing upright. Seakul knocks on the lid. Inside the coffin is a gray mist. The same mist that we have seen before. Stepping into the mist.

Nothing but mist. “What is the meaning of this?” you can’t argue with imbeciles. “Is Conquest worth the cost?” Yes “Does a righteous cause worth spilling blood?” Yes Back to the MMAchine talking to us. He has something of interest to us, something in the Astral Plane, Githyanki, fighting other Githyanki and are willing to work with others. Machine wants the essence of a dead god. A being called “Zethic” a Githyanki has such knowledge. He is the Githyanki citadel librarian, has knowledge of Goddesses. The librarian believes that this person is working to get the Githyanki free of the witch Queen of the Githyanki. So they are at war and we might be able to get in while they are having civil war. Basically Seakul knows how this works….. “info + quest + info + quest”

Day ends.

New Lands Part 4
The plane of macancus

The day starts in the company of fast speaking Gnome to Tinkerhome. Passing machines on the ground and some flying, all apparently made by the creator, the Gnomes had tried to make them but failed. After a while the grand city of Tinkerhome, a collection of about 60 tents.

We are pointed off in the direction of Flant, the high priest, leader of the Gnomes. In a huge crater is a tent surrounded by broken machines. Azim speaks for the party as he is the only one who can communicate. Flant is the high priest of Leonis the creator. Jareath tries to get him to get Leonis down to talk, basically he is insane and only builds stuff. The more followers he get, hopes to get contact with Leonis…. so leads a mass and gets nothing. Errich asks about who else lives here, just the Gnomes and a depressed creature who just wants to get out. Azim enquirers about is there a closer point, yes the Lake. It is left to the party to cast various *Polymorph * spells, Errich will gets to ride Azim.

As Jareath goes to cast a spell, his voice is drowned out by the something, and his spell fails. Azim’s boots still flap and he can fly. Travelling to the lake, passing Gnomes making a device, smelling something burning, then an explosion. Knocking Seakul off his feet, blowing debris everywhere. Azim inquires if they have seen Vita, they suggest looking on the other side of the lake. Arriving at the lake, it is not really a lake but a tar/sludge pit with the castle flying above it. Travelling around the otherside of the lake a figure is trudging in another direction, the party follow the creature in its staggering gate.

The creature is made of metal and held together by bolts and wires, It greets us “Hello” and his name is Vita. The party offers to take him out of here, but he wants to know what he can do. But he doesn’t know how to get up to Leonis. Seakul wants to leave and sulks throwing something in the lake. The tests the liquid and finds out it is acid. Capturing mechanical birds then. Looking for birds, mechanical birds.

Sir Axialrod, and Errich, jumps to try and grab onto the low flying creature. It then starts to fly up toward the castle. Azim takes to wing with his boots. The tower is 130’ diameter, there are three entrance ways, a large chamber houses three machines to smaller flying machines and one larger one. Azim is blocked from entrance, Azim has to fly up to the next level.

Back on the ground are Ulfgrim, Jareath and Seakul are on the ground making a campfire.

Azim on the outside of the tower, trying to get into a shuttered window, opening he finds himself in a library. Paper and parchment litter every surface, shelves surround the walls with many papers pulled out. Meanwhile in the bay Errich and Sir Axialrod try the door and find it locked by magic, with nothing to pick it is left to Sir Axialrod to force it open. Smashing it three times with his hammer, then it breaks the lock.

Azim looks around the room, hears the sound of banging on a door. A chair seems to bump into his legs, he sits down and the chair sighs…. turns on a light and starts to fly around the room, looking for notes or workbooks.

Sir Axialrdod and Errich climb the stairs, into a glorified closet. Errich looks at something in a glass case, bone caltrop which Errich collects. Sir Axialrod opens one of the four doors also into the library. Only in one corner are some properly sorted books, Spell books of arcane nature which Azim puts into his portable hole. The three party members than listen at the double doors, Errich hears noises, someone working on something. Sir Axialrod opens the door. The room is unused and empty, Errich investigates … this is in fact an illusion. Azim and Sir Axialrod don’t see anything.

It is in fact a workshop, with sketches on the walls and apparatus everywhere, there is also an old man working. Errich tries to ask the man something. But he doesn’t even looks over his shoulder and dismisses Errich. Errich takes his leave taking the party with him. They exit while they investigate other stuff. The next room is a bedroom. The next room is a kitchen. Sneaking back into the workroom, Errich sneaks in and collects some papers. They they make there way out. Errich tries again to question Leonis, about machine. He seems quite busy, and doesn’t know about Limbo or Machine. He will not give any notes….. Sir Axialrod tries to talk to him, and starts the fight.

Sir Axialrod tries subdue him, hitting three times then another three times. Errich knocks him out from behind. There is a large machine, which is magical, a suit of plate armour (8’ tall), some clockwork dolls, a cart with barrels (organ gun). The armour is sealed. Heading down the stairs to the crashing to e hanger bay. One of the big bird has slings under the wings. Eventually the bird takes off. The heroes jump off the machine.

Basically the party arrive back at the other party members. Sir Axialrod like a bad dog says “I brought the wizard.” The party take Leonis back too the gnomes. Saying here is Leonis, only the religious Gnomes really care. The party then pull the leaver.

The party appear in a rolling grass lands, cresting a hill the party see a tower 50’ away. Some Bearded Devils are assaulting the tower as two women through vases out the window at them. Sir Axialrod then immediately summons his castle and climbs the stairs on Azim moves forwards and asks them what they want…. to eat the women. Seakul uses Misty Step then moves into combat hitting a Bearded Devil twice. Jarath runs up Sir Axialrods tower. Ulfgrim moves forward and casts Sacred Flame. Errich shoots one. The Bearded Devils then gang up on Seakul chopping with Glaives and beards.

Sir Axialrod shoots one twice, Azim arrives smashing the back of a Bearded Devils destroying it.. Seakul s kills another one, the swings his two-handed sword into another. Jareath fires two mighty shots at the wall. Ulfgrim hits one as does Errich who disengages after the strike. Bearded Devils then start wailing on Seakul.

Sir Axialrod shoots from his tower, hitting three times. Azim kills a Bearded Devil. Seakul hits and unleashes his divine energy. Jareath kills a Bearded Devil from the top of the tower. Errich tries to disbelieve the scene but its real, then uses his off hand to stab one in the side. The Bearded Devils fail completely.

Sir Axialrod finishes the Bearded Devil Errich had stabbed. Azim starts wailing on the last Bearded Devil , Seakul dispatches it with ease. The mighty beasts are defeated….. lots of lovely ladiess burst from the tower. One of each of the races of the PC’s they all want to kiss the PC’s…… everyone resists except the bard.

Battle with Succubi begins. Errich stabs the Succubi twice and then it is shot by Sir Axialrod once. Jareath leaps off the parapet, hitting the ground hard. Azim hits his Succubi three times. Seakul hits twice. Ulfgrim feeling weak does a little damage on the dwarven Succubi. Every Succubi disappears except the bards, who gives him a lovely kiss. Errich tries to interrupt the kiss and gets behind the creature and stabs twice. Sir Axialrod leaps off the balcony at the last Succubi and hits hits on the way down. Azim does nothing, as Seakul gets there in time to kill the last Succubi.

Suddenly the whole party disappears in to grayness. And a voice says “What was the meaning of that?” Nothing as it seems. “Is the chance of delight worth risk and pain?” Half the party thinks it is and the Lawful Don’t. The machine wants us to go on a mission to Tarterus, to see a couple of titans called Themus and Mnenouyne. They are building a sample of black stone called acropolis. Machine wants a sample of block. Azim checks his portable hole and all mechanical equipment and notes are gone.

Day ends.

New Lands Part 3
The realm of chaos,

Floating through the chaos of Limbo. Walking through a green covered bridge-way. Ulfgrim is feeling particularly tired forcing Errich to take over control over Limbo. From the dwarven pathways into some thing of the halflings imaginings, sitting on a deck of a boat on a clear calm sea, with bright sunshine. After resting the party continue onward with Errich taking the responsibility for controlling the plane.

As the party walks the infinite deck Jareath’s bows hums in warning, two Chaos Beasts emerge from the water, tentacles and large maw. Jareath casts Vicious Mockery , the magic of the plane of Limbo doesn’t seem to affect his spell, then shoots the beast with a mighty shot. Errich creates a create around himself (too busy holding on his concentration to do anything else). Azim hits the same creature three times. Seakul moves behind then hits the Chaos Beast twice. Sir Axialrod tries to push over the other Chaos Beast, fails because it is in its own plane, then bashes it three times. Three tentacles lash out from the first Chaos Beast but the bard’s spell spoils its fun. The other Chaos Beast misses Sir Axialrod. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt hitting it square in the chest.


The Chaos Beast gets a burst of speed causing Jareath to miss it once with his bow. Azim smashes it three times with advantage as Seakul flanks the Chaos Beast. The Chaos Beasts surge again as its tentacle latches onto Azim, then has to resists the effect of the creature’s magic pulling him apart. The other Chaos Beast misses Sir Axialrod. Seakul drives his sword into the beast spraying goo all over the place. Sir Axialrod hits the second Chaos Beast three more times. Standing too close Ulfgrim’s Fire Bolt misses.

The Chaos Beast slows down, Jareath shoots twice more, hitting but once. Azim rushes over hitting it three more times. Seakul also moves to aid, driving his blade into its side killing it. As the goo is wiped off Seakuls blade the party continue . Sir Axialrod starts to feel pain in his chest. Ulfgrim examines the fighter, and believes that he is infected with some type of parasite. Ulfgrim casts Lesser Restoration killing the Slaad Tadpole.

In the distance the party see a big mass of clouds….. very strange that there clouds in this chaos soup. As the party nears it appears as the big bank of fog. As the boat hits the edge of the cloud the boat disappears. The party find themselves surrounded by water. The only feature in the water bubble is a light in the distance. Movement is only possible by swimming in this warm safe feeling water. Errich, Jareath and Sir Axialrod seem to like the feeling so much they just float with eyes glazed. The other party have to swim back, ignoring the feeling and grab a foot each and start to tow them toward the light. After a couple of rounds the party start to feeling it is difficult to breath. Holding their breath they continue to plod on.. Finally the paladin stops swimming. Ulfgrim and Azim have to tow more of the party. Closer and closer to the light. The lack of air is starts having a greater effect on the party, closer and closer to the light. 13 rounds later Azim and Ulfgrim arrive at the light with the party in tow.

The party tumble into a huge 100′ × 100′ room surrounded by stone walls, the ceiling is made of stone 35’ up. Strewn around the room are huge toys, a jigsaw puzzle, jack in the box, a chest of draws and 16 wooden blocks (covered in runic language). The furniture is covered in carvings of woodlands, inside is chainmail and a helmet designed to fit someone 10’ foot tall. The other drawer has robes and gloves to fit a 10’ creature. Seakul goes to the jack in the box and turns the handle. Music is heard, then a Purple Worm emerges out of the box attacking Seakul.


Errich shoots it once then hides behind the blocks. Jareath shoots twice hitting once. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt strikings the Purple Worm between the eyes. Sir Axialrod shoots it from across the room, four times. The Purple Worm tail whips out striking Seakul, causing him to be poisoned. It then reaches down and swallows Seakul whole. The Purple Worm then moves toward the Errich and Jareath. Azim pulls forth his Wand of Magic Missiles and blasts it.

Errich jumps out from behind his box stabs at the Purple Worm once, misses, then runs away. Seakul, from inside the Purple Worm, starts hacking away. Jareath, seeing the danger hits with two bow shots then back away. Ulfgrim charges at it, casting Spiritual Weapon, hitting with his electrical flail. Sir Axialrod taunts the Purple Worm, then shoots it twice more. The Purple Worm starts digesting Seakul, then bites at Ulfgrim but is put off by Sir Axilalrods taunt. Azim smashes it four times killing the worm. Seakul’s great sword emerges from the inside….. exclaiming “It worked.”

The party investigates the jigsaw, Jareath and Errich start working on it. In a couple of minutes the puzzle is completed. As the final piece is placed the image of a portal with glowing clouds or mist behind seems to swirl and change. Seakul shouts something and places the puzzle against the wall, its edges shimmer and becomes a real portal. Jareath and Errich start investigating the blocks for more clues, minutes pass as they are able to spell out “Freedom is Not Free”. A small piece of metal appears in the air and floats to Jareath. Grabbing the metal item, Jareath realizing the metal is a wrapping, unwrapping reveals a brown block, smelling sweet. Being hungry Errich and Seakul tries it out, chocolate. Sir Axialrod tries the wand of magic detection.

Jack in Box is magical, summons a purple worm.
Chain Mail
Robes x2
The archway is magical.

With a short rest they have don’t really have any discernible magical properties. Stepping through the portal into a room of nothingness a voice is heard. “What is the meaning of that experience?”….. Freedom is not free. “What would you prefer to play with?” Blocks, we get chocolate. “Should you ever stop playing with toys?” No we learn by playing. “I’m wondering if you would do me a favor?” Who are you…. “You can call me Machine.” “You need to go to the plane of invention and talk to Leonis.” (Wants to know how his magic works, some inventions and sketchbooks). “Also wants to get to know about a being called Vita, who has developed free will and life by accident.” (Would like to have Vita).

A box appears with a lever to take us too and fro from the demi-plane of invention. When Seakul asks about a reward Machine replies, “look where you are, and what choice do you have. And you might learn something.” With no comeback Seakul pulls lever.

The party vanishes and both the Ulgrim and Seakul feel some of the their power return. Appearing in a plane dominated by mounds of junk, sometimes with pools of putrid water between them, effectively this plane is a junk yard. Mechanical contraptions walk across the junk piles or in the toxic sludge. The plane is lit by a dull gray haze. Hanging in the sky is a tower about three miles away. Heading in this direction the party march off. Azim tries to talk to a machine, but gets no response. Walking on suddenly a hole opens up in mid air and a pile of rubbish pours out hitting the party, bits of scrap metal and junk. A mile or so later the party see what look like a camp site. Errich tries to sneak up to investigate as the remaining party trudges on, Gnomes, five in total. Errich watches the rest of the party stomp in. The Gnomes start speaking very quickly, a Gnomeish dialect that even Jareath can’t follow. Azim can understand them and speaks for the party. The Gnomes invite the party to have a drink of milk. Azim asks about Leonis. “Leonis, we are in Leonis. Are you talking about the Father of Steam? He lives up there” Pointing to the floating tower. Basically if the party wants more detail we have to go to Tinkerhome, a mile to the west. The Gnomes offer to take us to Tinkerhome while talking about what they do.

The day ends with the party on the way to Tinkerhome.

New Lands Part 2
The Tower of Rath Modar

Climbing the spiral staircase after finishing searching Rath Modars lab.

The stairway ends in a double doors, Errich slips through the parties legs looks for traps and then opens the door. The room beyond is 40′×40′. Two doors lead off the the east. Book shelves stand between the doors and on the west wall, a large bed dominates the south, a chest sits beside the double doors, beautiful rugs line the floors. A red robed body lies in the middle of the rugs. Someone has painted “Long live the resurrection, death to the undeath” on the walls.

Ulfgrim recognizes that the writing is in fact magical phrase written behind the writing, a command phrase. As Errich looks at the chest and Sir Axialrod uses his wand and then the furniture moves to attack. Que battle music. Seakul sees the chest about to move, then smashes it twice. Jareath attacks the bookcase in front of him. Errich takes the opportunity to also smash the chest to pieces then uses his bonus action to slip out of the room. Sir Axialrod hacks at his mortal enemy a bookcase. Ulfgrim casts Greenflame Blade also hitting a bookcase. Bast watches the activity from outside the room. Azim attacks the bookcase next to Sir Axialrod, destroying it. A table and chair attack Seakul, a bookcase attacks Sir Axialrod, a wardrobe attacks Azim, a bed and a bookcase attack Jareath, and finally a bookshelf attacks Ulfgrim. Finally pictures fly off the walls.

Seakul destroys the chair that hurt him. Jareath also destroys the bookcase on him. Errich moves into the room attacking the table on Seakul then runs off again. Sir Axialrod hits three more times. Ulfgrim tries the magical phrase on the wall, nothing happens then attacks the bed, the Greenflame arcs to the bookshelf beside him. Azim moves next hitting the wardrobe three times. Then the furniture hits Jareath, Seakul and Sir Axialrod. Sir Axialrod is also hit by a flying picture.

Seakul destroys the table and wardrobe. Jareath casts Thunder Wave on the bed and a bookshelf pushing them back 10’. Errich runs around the stairway to get a running jump at the picture on Seakul but misses. Sir Axialrod destroys the bookshelf, then hits a picture. Ulfgrim moves forward standing on the big rug which then attacks him, but can’t get through his armor. His Greenflame Blade destroys the bed and bookcase. Azim attacks a picture twice but misses once. The last table misses, the picture hits Sir Axialrod, Azim takes a very opportune moment to destroy the picture in return.

Seakul destroys a picture and table. Jareath hits one picture. Finally gets a decent running jump in and destroys the picture attacking Jareath. Sir Axialrod also destroys a picture and then the rug. Ulfgrim attacks the last picture, again his Greenflame Blade finishes it off. With no furniture attacking everything goes very quiet.

Errich looks at the body but reveals nothing, bludgeoned to death. Searching the room, nothing. The door beside the first door reveals a 15′ × 15′bathroom. The second door reveals a 15′ × 25′ room with another door on the eastern side, a pedestal stands in the middle here. Jareath investigates the pedestal further. Seakul opens the far door, he stops suddenly, behind is nothingness, the vastness of space and earth. Bits of earth, fire and water float around As Errich and Azim follow in they see a paladin hanging off a door and runes around the edge of the doorway. No-one recognizes the magical writing.

Errich takes note of the signals and pushes for returning to the closest city to get a fork tuned to the prime material plane. Heading back down the stairs to the lab to find more clues, a couple of hours pass, the books seem to point to the plane of Limbo, a plane of chaos. Moving in Limbo about you need to enforce your will to move around. A portal or safe path or portal is needed.

Seakul seems to want to stay in the keep. The other party members are prepared to return to Amruthar for more magical assistance and some magical equipment. Following the Larpendar river back to the city. Looking for mages to translate the signals found, only 500gp. The arcane signals tell us that it is a gate, powerful because it is permanent. Then looking for clues about Limbo, nothing new. Only thing they do tell that casting spells in Limbo it is rather interesting. Ulfgrim is able acquire a tuning fork back to the prime material plane. The party is uninterrupted returning to the keep. Errich asks Bast to look after the Unicorn and try not to eat it.

Entering into the Plane of Limbo, a chaotic soup of Chaos. As they enter Errich is affected by the Chaos, but not greatly. Everyone has issues breathing, Errich does better (necklace of adaption). Then everyone starts to try and overcome the plane to move and breath. Firstly Ulfgrim feels weekend, casting spells as six levels less. But he is able to make a haven 1 mile radius, basically he needs to remain in complete concentration. Ulfgrim creates a likeness of underground Dwarven fortress, realizing this doesn’t help changes it to a clear field with natural heather plants. The party then move off down the path.

Working there way down the path. Jareath tries to follow work where to go, with clues to where to go. A lot of walking. Nothing. A few hours pass without nothing happening. Ulfgrims imagination leading us. With the help of Jareath singing “We got to get out of this place”, Ulfgrim gets a direction to go. After a long period of time we see a number of Slaads swimming through the goop. We hear in our heads, “We fight, pick your best”, Sir Axialrod accepts, and all the Slaads line up, very strange.

Que combat music. Sri Axialrod starts swinging away. After two rounds of combat, Sir Axialrod has taken a couple of hits, and the wounds of the Slaad have closed a bit. After three rounds of combat the first Slaad dies, then the next Slaad steps up. Another three rounds the next Slaad is killed. Then the next Slaad is killed. The next Slaad steps up and has his head cut off. Then the next Slaad steps up, hits Sir Axialrod takes a few more hits, then is killed. Then the next Slaad is killed. Six down. 34 left. Seven down, Seakul casts Hold Person and Sir Axialrod falls over. The best Slaad has killed our champion. This confuses the Slaads then the leave and fly off.

Day ends, heading down the path Ulfgrim had picked.


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