Tyranny of Dragons

Tiamats Aftermath
Time for a little soul searching for the Stag Party

The Stag Party leave the ruins of the Temple through the main doors, the other tunnel exits having been destroyed due to a castle landing in the middle of Tiamats temple. The floor of the volcano is littered with dragon bones, the remains of the great beasts who have come here to die over many centuries. Fresh bodies of dragons, mostly Chromatic but also some Metallic join the collection. There are also dead residents of Faerun, but some surviving ones.

Sir Axialrod tries to calm the peasants, who had been captured by the Cult for sacrifice to power the Ritual. They were glancing nervously at the Metallic Dragons sitting around the rim of volcano. Looking for signs of treasure (a just reward for services rendered….), the Stag Party explore the deserted tunnels within the Well of Dragons. The first treasure chamber is full of gold, the paths through the hoard have collapsed due to Sky Reach Castle so the heroes have to wade and swim through the gold and jewels. The sound of the Draakhorn is still ever-present. The party head in the direction of the sound. Heading deeper the sound of the Draakhorn is much louder. Deafening. Inside a chamber the Draahorn hangs suspended by bronze chains, demonic writing snaking around the horns’ exterior, glowing with purple eldritch energy. Strangely the room is quiet, mostly due to the fact that Stag Party is deafened by the mighty horn. There seems to be some kind of Air Elemental sounding it. The are also two large stone statues guarding it. Que battle music.

Errich slips through the legs of the party striking at the first Stone Golem, Jareath tries to taunt a statue with Vicious Mockery, but the Golem is unimpressed and Jareths arrow bounces off the stone hard construct. The first Stone Golem casts Slow which is resisted by all. The second Stone Golem slams Seakul twice causing much hurt. Ulfgrim cannot cast spells due to the dreadful sound of the Draakhorn, so swings his Storm Flail, but it too bounces off the stone exterior. Sir Axialrod strikes it three times. Seakul also hits twice. Errich slips forward hitting twice. Jareath shoot it once. The Stone Golems all miss. Ulfgrim hits once. Sir Axialrod hits three times, killing the Stone Golem in front of him. Seakul hits twice more.. Errich slips in and hits twice more. Jareath shoots the Air Elemental blowing the horn twice with mighty shots. In their deafened state that stag party can’t hear the sound stop….. the maddend Air Elemental flies to attack. The Air Elemental appears over Ulfgrim and Sir Axialrod trying to engulf them in a whirlwind, but they prove strong enough to stay grounded. The last Stone Golem smashes Seakul. Ulfgrim standing inside the whirlwind, hits the Air Elemental once. Sir Axialrod also hits it three times. Errich slips behind the last Stone Golem killing it, much to Seakuls’ disgust. Jareath pokes the Air Elemental twice. The angry Air Elemental strikes jareath twice. Ulfgrim hits the Air Elemental dissipating it. Everything goes quiet(er). Jareath removes the mouth piece of the Draakhorn to stop it being used again.

After a couple of minutes everyones hearing comes back except Errichs’. Ulfgrim casts lesser Restoration on Errich trying to stop Errich yelling. Back at the treasure room the party spends their time searching for treasure.

The cult has been routed with its allies. The party help upload the mass of treasure to be returned to the people of the Sword Coast (flying castle, and wagons). The Heroes are welcomed back to Waterdeep as heroes. The Stag party are all offered land and titles. Seakul has to report back to Lord Volmer (the Devil) to whom he promised the soul of Rath Modar. The party decide to help find the soul of Rath Modar, the only clue was that he was a Red Wizard. It gives the party a place to start. The wizards in Waterdeep Teleport the Heroes to Sembia for their journey to the mysterious realm of Thay.

Instead of appearing in the Mages College of Selgaunt in Sembia, the party appears in a 35’ wide circular tower room with shuttered windows and a domed roof, a lattice of silvery threads made from energy filling the room. Looking out the window, the party see nothing but ocean. They seem to be in a tower on a small rocky island. Resisting some sort of suggestion the party head up towards the roof. On the tower’s sloped roof is a small pagoda type structure containing a large crystal shard 4’ in diameter. Coiled around crystal is a long serpentine creature with the head of a stern but striking human woman.

“Stand clear of the Astral Shard or by Ustran’s command sigh I will be forced to slay you” …… Day ends.

Tiamats Return Part 2
Its us or her!

With the hideous ritual underway, the heroes engaged in a practice called kill the mages or Tiamat will appear. Seakul had just done his best impersonation of “Super Man” flying at Severin Silrajin. Sir Axialrod also taking to the air.

Severin gestures at Seakul, casting Hellish Chains , wrapping him in chains of fire, holding him fast. Errich fires a mighty shot at Severin after hiding in the buzzing insects. Azim flies toward him as well. Doors at far end boom open. A man appears calling that there are dragons attacking the cults dragons. Seakul recognizes him as the man who killed his wife and family. Sir Axialrod flies toward Severin, firing his shots wildly, hitting once. Then looks at his calendar and goes to town.

Ulfgrim uses Guiding Bolt also hitting Severin. Jareath shoots hitting once. Severin tries to touch Seakul, but due to Seakul’s Haste spell, the firey grasp misses. The chains then burn Seakul, setting him on fire. Seakul seeing the person who killed his family flies off after the murderer, getting burnt in the process.

Errich shoots a different mage, the red wizard in the Red chapel. Azim flies into combat with Severin, hits him with a mace trying to stun him, but somehow the Cult leader shruggs off the mighty blow. Azim then kicks him with a flying kick. The enemy fighter moves forward. Sir Axialrod gets into combat, charges, action surges hitting Severin three times. Ulfgrim moves toward Errich, Guiding Bolts Severin. Jareath hits with his stag bow causing Severin to go limp. Seakul seeing his hated enemy Misty Steps closer, then hits him three times.

Errich uses hunters mark on the red wizard again, shoots and kills him. Azim gets badly burnt, then grabs the mask but it is stuck in place. Azim then uses all his strength to burst out of the Hellish Chains. The evil fighter, Iscah, pulls forth a Longsword, swinging three times but missed the blindingly fast Seakul. Sir Axialrod flies toward the wizards in the Green Chapel, shooting one flying in the air twice. Ulfgrim moves forward. Jareath shoots the other wizard in the Green Chapel once. Seakul utters his Vow of Enmity striking the evil Iscah twice more killing him in a surge of vengance. Seakul then flies back toward the party. Suddenly a large white head starts emerging out of the swirling colours.

Errich runs toward the red mage, moving his Hunters Mark. Azim flies at Errich, wanting his Bag of Holding. Sir Axialrod charges the flying green mage killing him. Ulfgrim tries to summon his Goddess, but she seems to be occupied elseware (_perhaps where the Queen of Evil Dragons is not trying to appear…), then summons his Spirtual Weapon. Jareath moves and shoots the green mage on the ground. Seakul gets back to Ulfgrim and puts the flames out.

Errich gives his bag of holding to Azim, runs to the red mage on the ground. Stabbing him twice. Azim flies back to the body of Severin and tries to shove him into a bag of holding. Suddenly all the light stops. Shocking everyone. Sir Axialrod kills the Green mage on the ground. Rath Modar appears, near Errich, casting Magic Missile, with five bolts. Ulfgrim casts Healing Word. Jareath moves to be near Seakul and Sir Axialrod and casts Mass Cure Wounds then inspires Seakul. Then another Rath Modar appears in the air near Azim, casting Confusion at Azim who fights off its affects. Seakul flies at the new Rath Modar hitting twice, then inquires if he would like to surrender (that would be a no…). Suddenly the swirling malestrom closes, the white Tiamat head disappears into mist.

Errich finishes off the red mage on the ground. Azim attacks the the flying Rath Modar killing him as the corpse crashes to the ground. Sir Axialrod flies toward the white mage shoots three warning shots. The first Rath Modar casts a spell then escapes, Errich fails to hurt him as he runs off as his dagger passes through him. Ulfgrim then runs toward Errich casting Guiding Bolt at the first Rath Modar, but this passes through him as well. Seakul floats down to the ground calling Ulfgrim back to Revivify the splattered Rath Modar corpse. The white wizards cast Fire Balls at Jareath and Sir Axialrod who dives behind his shield. The two blue wizards run 30’ forward, also casting Fire Balls, one at Azim (who dodges aside) and one at Ulfgrim.

Errich having been Misled, notices someone in front of him, but flails ineffectively at the invisible Rath Modar. Azim heeds Errichs call and hits Rath Modar, breaking his spell, then kicks him again. Rath Modar casts Mirror Image. Ulfgrim casts Fire Bolt towards the blue wizards but misses. Jareath casts Confusion at the last White mage, then shoots him for good measure. Seakul and Sir Axialrod get shot by multiple Magic Missile spells.

Errich casts Green Flame Blade turning the first Rath Modar into a puddle of Ice, apparently a Simulacrum. Sir Axialrod shoots the white mage in the air three times. Ulfgrim hits the Blue mage in the air with a Guiding Bolt. Jareath shoots the last White mage, killing him. Seakul gets into combat with the Blue Mage on the ground, ending his life. Suddenly a large Sky Castle crashes through the temple ceiling almost squashing Jareth and Errich but covering the corpse of Rath Modar. A large Giant Voice calls down: “Did we win?”.


Tiamat's Return Part 1
The desperate plan

Returning to Waterdeep the ever present sound of Draakhorn changes tone! Raising the hairs on the back of the Stag parties neck and their hearts skip a beat. The Red Wizards have not joined. The Blue Dragon Mask was magically investigated by the Wizards on the Council and determined as a fake, things looked dim, and it wasn’t just the bad mood lighting.

The Council are still unanimously behind the Stag Party. Effectively the Party has access to an army. With nearly every faction preparing to ride out. The party mostly set about preparing as best they can. With Seakul talking to Lord Volmar, the Devil Lord who wants to hunt Rath Modar,, he will help but at the cost of his soul if the party fails.

The army moves out, the devastation is epic, the sound of the Draakhorn sounding constantly. The army approaches the Well of Dragons through the Hill of Lost souls. There are thousands of troops milling around the base of a volcano with Chromatic Dragons wheeling and screeching above. The two armies match up. The Harper spies also note that there is something happening in the volcano….. some ritual perhaps..

Azim, Jareath and Errich. Jareath acquires some cultist clothing. They prepare to sneak in. Ulfgrim casts Heroes Feast, the last dinner. Temporarily vigor, and a fearless attitude of confidence descends on the party. Jareath leads the party disguised as cultists and Errich using his vast powers to look like a Kobold (Disguise Self). There are seven entrances to the gorge. Seakul and Ulfgrim cast Death Ward on themselves and Jareath.

Jareath picks a most unused path in with the help of Errich, entrance number four, 40′×40′ tunnel guarded by five Cultists. After the challenge, and no hand signal reply, que fight music. Both Dragonwings attack jareath, hitting once. Sir Axialrod strides forward, trying to knock him over, hitting him three times. Errich casts Green Flame Blade striking the Dragonwing on Jareath, the party watches as the flame arches over killing the other Dragonwing.. The other Dragonclaws attack hitting Sir Axialrod. Azim kills one Dragonclaw then finishes off the last Dragonwing. Jareath uses Viscous Mockery and stabs the Dragonclaw. Seakul strides forward cleaving the last cultist.

Following the corridor the party finds themselves in a barracks, cots unattended except for six “Guard Drakes”. Sir Axialrod unlimbers his bow and shoots three times hitting but once. Jareath casts Visicous Mockery and also shoots one. Azim and Seakul prepare for attack. Ulfgrim casts Fire Bolt hitting once. The Guard Drakes dash up.

Sir Axialrod lops a head off a Guard Drake, stabs and kills another (which has an arrow in it). Jareath steps forward uses his new favorite combo. Errich slips through the combat killing one. Seakul strikes twice. Ulfgrim casts Green Flame Blade hitting once. Both Guard Drakes miss due to there the Bards mockery. Sir Axialrod finishes the last two Guard Drakes off. Following the path leads to another guard chamber, reversing another direction leads to a junk room, then a dining room.

Seakul feels the need kill the cultists enjoying their last meal, 16 in total sitting around the coarse wooden tables. Due to the clumsy nature of the approach they are not surprised. Jareath strides into the middle casting Destructive Wave, destroying cutlery and tables and hurting cultists, with thunder and radiant energies. KIlling ten. Errich kills one. Seakul runs forward killing one. Three Dragonwings and a Dragonclaw attack Seakul. Striking multiple telling blows. Sri Axialrod runs to Seakuls defense, killing a Dragonclaw wounding a Dragonwing. Ulfgrim casts Sacred Flame killing the last Dragonwing. Aim runs forward killing the last two Dragonclaws. All dead quickly but Seakul badly hurt. Seakul places his hands on his wounds searing them with Tyr’s energy, closing the wounds. Exploring the temple further.

The temple is made from old dragon bones and otherworldly stones a kaleidoscope of chromatic colours. Five strange chambers with large numbers of wizards performing a ritual . The node in which the party arrives in is black in colour. A wizard stands summoning the black energy, the beam passes to another red wizard 50’ up who passes that to Severin Silrajin the leader of the Cult, 100’ in the air in the central cathedral area, wearing a four headed dragon mask.

Errich uses Hunters mark and gets a shot off at the Red Wizard in the air then slips to the side. Azim calls forth his Monk Ki, bringing silence around the Red wizard on the ground. There is a buzzing sound of many insects as clouds of insects appear around the remaining party members. Biting and scratching the party. Sir Axialrod manages to get some shots off at the Red Wizard in the air. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt at the Red Wizard in the air, killing him. Jareath casts Fly on Seakul, Azim and Sir Axialrod. Then he shoots the wizard in the middle. Seakul strides forward killing the wizard in the middle.

The two Dragonfangs attack Seakul, hitting three times, massively hurting him. The female Black Wym Speaker spits acid at Jareath but misses. Azim attacks the a Dragonfang. The insects disappear and reappear over jareath. Sir Axialrod flies at the Black Wym Speaker. Ulfgrim strides forward but the Dragonfangs avoid his Sacred Flame . Jareath uses his new best combo again, as Seakul finishes them off.

Errich slips into the insects gets a shot off at the Black Wym Speaker killing her. The last Dragonfang vomits over Seakul. Azim smashes it three more times. The lair moves the insects over Errich, Sir Axialrod finishes off the last Dragonfangs takes off into the air. The black energy has sputtered and stopped. Ulfgrim moves toward the next node. Jareath runs after Ulfgrim and inspires Sir Axialrod. Seakul takes off toward the guy in the middle, casting Haste in the middle of his flight path. Ready to strike Severin

Day Ends.

Return to the Council (again)
Exiting Xonthals Tower

The day begins with the sounds of screams coming from the village.


Running along the path from the Xonthals Tower toward the village. As the party nears the village a loud roaring is also heard. Entering the village the party spies a Blue Dragon wheeling in the skies above, swooping towards the scattering villagers below. Errich, and Sir Axialrod recognize it as the same Blue Dragon that was fought off above Greenest.


Azim looks for enemies on the ground noticing a heavily armored figure on the ground kicking in doors. Charging towards it Azim hits him once with his mace, then slips into his patience defense. The Blue Half Dragon takes offence from the puny human and breathes Lightning at Azim, who nimble steps aside. The rest of the party watch as the Lightning causes a house to explode. Ulfgrim unleashes the mighty power of his goddess on the Blue Dragon, searing it with a Guiding Bolt. Sir Axialrod charges the Blue Half Dragon, yelling fearfully, as he slices into its wing. Errich takes a poor shot at the Blue Dragon, Marks it then heads to cover of a destroyed house. Jareath casts Swift Quiver then takes a couple of shots at the BLue Dragon. Seakul uses Misty Step toward the Blue Half Dragon then runs into combat. The Blue Dragon flies around causing fear, deeply affecting Seakul. The party watches helplessly as it picks up a hapless villager, stuffing it victim into its mouth.

Azim takes a couple of swings with his mace, striking the Blue Half Dragon, stunning it. Then kicks it in the nuts killing it. A studded leather wearing Blue Half Dragon appears behind Seakul striking his back, both attacks bouncing off Seakuls armor. Ulfgrim unleashes another Guiding Bolt at the Blue Dragon which also strikes home. Sir Axialrod moves behind the other Blue Half Dragon striking three times. Errich shoots the Blue Dragon again. Jareath hits with an arrow of slaying, shooting a total of four times (hitting twice). Seakul misses due to his fear. The Blue Dragon lands beside Ulfgrim, misses with his bite, but claws him twice.

Azim rushes to the aid of the dwarf. Hitting once with his mace. The dragon flaps his wings, knocking the dwarf over, flapping into the air. The Blue Half Dragon attacks Sir Axialrod, hitting once causing a poisoned wound. Sir Axialrod utilises his fighter instincts to repose the missed attack striking the Blue Half Dragon. Ulfgrim hits the Blue Dragon with another Guiding Bolt. Sir Axialrod finishes the Blue Half Dragon. Errich fires another glancing shot at the Blue Dragon. Jareath rapid shots hits the Blue Dragon twice more. The Blue Dragon dives toward the soft halfling in cover but the building gets in the way and only one claw hits.

Azim chases after the Blue Dragon striking with mace and fists. The Blue Dragon flaps its wings. Both Errich and Azim keep their feet and dodge out of harms way. Ulfgrim, now nicknamed ‘bang bang’, again uses Guiding Boltto light up the Blue Dragon. Sir Axialrod drops his shield, plants six arrows in the ground and shoots with all. The Blue Dragon screeches in pain and plummets out of the air, causing Jareath to dive out of the way as the dragons lifeless body crashes to the ground where was standing. SIr Axialrod Dragon Slayer (again). With the Blue Dragon dead the Stag Party helps clean-up the town, tending the injured and offering sympathy to the grieving villages.

With chirps from Errich about any means necessary Seakul tries to attune the Blue Dragon mask, but nothing happens. Strange. Clearing their equipment, including Sir Axialrods horse the party heads for Waterdeep. After a week of dusty travel the party, passing villages and homlets deserted or destroyed, the party arrives back in Waterdeep. Things are getting worse.

Back at the Council the party produce the Blue Dragon Mask. The Council need to assign the Metallic Dragons. The could be used by the various factions with the PCs having the final vote. The Zhentarim, via Jamna, want to act. The Black Network will deploy troops if stag party gives up Xonthals Tower (by rite of conquest). This caused much debate within the party. In the end Jareath could not be convinced but the good news the Council might not hate us.

After a couple of days Leosin sends a message, summoning us. Leosin says he has had contact from someone called Nyh Ilmichh a Red Wizard. A dark look crosses Jareth’s face. They would like an envoy to discuss terms with the league of the north. The Stag party was specifically requested. The Council thinks this is too good an opportunity to pass up. A Zone of Truth spell was used on her to ascertain if this deal deal was cos-sure. The Stag Party are all given warrants that we work for the Lords Alliance, which should help with some people (not many in Thay though). The PC’s are informed that they would be teleported there, and we have to be on our best behavior.

Mission accepted the party is to be teleported to Nethwatch Keep who governed by Tharcion Eseldra Yeth. We arrive in a luxurious keep, assigned individual quarters. All the servants appear to be undead, a very quite disturbing keep. The first meal is beautifully provided then onto the first official meeting is with the Tharcion, 10 other Red Wizards and 5 armored knights are present. Our enemy is our enemy etc. The party are individually questioned, about the forces against the cult and their plans. To the best of the parties abilities answer truthfully. We are dismissed then that night, we all have the same dream, confronted by the a pale wizard who has further questions. The dream consists of being plunged into a cauldron with foul black tenticals pulling and ripping at the PC’s flesh as the Red Wizard torturer asks questions about the cult plans, evil schemes and the party members. Onle Ulfgrim and Seakul resisted the nightmares.

In the dream state, Jareath and Sir Axialrod have convincing stories, but Azim and Errich are to busy being tortured to string together a valid/coherent story. In the morning, Errich and Azim awake drenched in sweat and blood while the others very fitful night. We were summoned back to the main chamber. The Nyh Ilmichh says that the Red Wizards won’t help and we are teleported back to Waterdeep. Well maybe if they didn’t torture us they might of got the answers they needed. The party is immediately summoned back to the Council of Lords where the party reports on the ‘negotiations’. Basically they won’t help and will die by themselves!

Day ends.

Xonthals Tower part 2
Searching the tower.

With in Xonthals tower, a large lounge with a skeleton of a dragon wrapped around a large fire pit. With nothing of interest, the next teleport symbol, the star.

Jareath pushes the button. The chamber is obviously the work chamber of a wizard with two large books open on a table and a large telescope in the middle. Two doors stand opposite the magic circle. With nothing attacking, the Stag party investigates. Errich looks through the telescope, seeing nothing but sky. Sir Axialrod kicks open the double doors. A balcony sits on the far side of the door, the view covers the maze and village.

On the balcony stand four cultists and a mage. Azim doesn’t see much so holds off. Seakul rushes forward smacks with the pommel of his sword, also summons the power of his god. He then tries to cleave the mages head off. Sir Axialrod tries a shield rush to push a cultist over the rails , he resists but the next doesn’t . Other Cultists resist. Jareath utilises a Thunder Wave at the Cultists, pushing all off the balcony. Errich sees the wizards arm raised in defense, slips forward and sticks his dagger into the soft vital organs. The life drains from the wizards eyes, as he slumps to the balcony floor. Errich uses his slight of hand to search the now dead wizard. Finding an “Hour Glass” key. Heading back to the teleport circle, holding the bloody “Hour Glass” to the button. The magic circle operates, teleporting the party to an unknown destination.

A magically lit room 20′×30′, three dead bodies lie on the ground, Ulfgrim and Errich determine that two were killed by magical bolts, one stabbed. A blood trail leads down the corridor, Errich determines that it was human blood. The corridor leads to a another 40′×40′ blood splatted room. standing amongst the gore are two large Earth Elementals and a large Fire Elemental .

Sir Aialrod attacks the Fire Elemental, striking at the head of the Fire Elemental but since the head just reforms singing the knight. Jareath shoots twice at the Fire Elemental, Errich also shoots the Fire Elementalbut has to watch as his arrow catch fire. Azims fist bounce off the stone like skin of the Earth Elemental, Seakul strikes the Earth Elemental once. Ulfgrim summons his divine power to Banish the Earth Elemental at the back. The Fire Elemental misses as does the Earth Elemental. Sir Axialrod kills the Fire Elemental getting singed in the process. Jareath uses Vicious Mockery to hinder the Earth Elemental, Errich offers advice to Azim who proceeds to smashes magical fist into the Earth Elemental. Seakul swings his great sword striking the Earth Elemental. It then reaches across Azim to strike Errich twice. Sir Axialrod kills it off. Jareath uses his magical abilities to heal the party with Mass Cure Wounds.

The stairs descend down, across a cavern that seem to disappear into infinity, with unknown star systems. Both fighters lead the party to a doorway floating in space, as the party crosses the bridge meteors seem to strike the bridge. Seakul is knocked off the bridge into space…….. Wilhelm Scream.

With no sign of Seakul the party stagger to the doorway. The room behind the doorway is obviously a library, bookshelves surround the outside with a delicate desk in the middle. Azim notices that there maybe a secret door behind a bookshelves. There is also a secret door 10’ feet up. Jareath pulls a book and the bookshelf swings open…. behind is a man in armour ….. Seakul. As the door open, paper is heard rustling. Paper flies around the room.

Paper surround each party members, Errich start by slash wildly. Jareath uses his rapier to collect paper but fails. Azim also strikes about himself. Sir Axialrod buts his sword to good use, shredding the paper on him. Errich gets cut by paper. Ulfgrim uses Green Flame Blade to explode two pile of papers. Seakul readies his action in case paper attack. Errich slips out of combat to investigate the secret door, realizes that the ladder is needed, then heads that way. Jareath casts Elemental Weapon . Azim kicks and strikes paper. Sir Axialrod uses his sword to cut through the paper swarm that was on Errich.

The swarms give Ulfgrim paper cuts. Ulfgrim uses Green Flame Blade again destroying two piles of paper. Seakul moves into the room using Searing Smite to attack the desk with the papers on it, setting the desk on fire. Errich gets to the ladder, maneuvers to the secret door opens it and enters a corridor. Mean while Jareath burns a pile of paper then climbs the ladder to the secret door. Azim hits paper. Sir Axialrod jumps to attack a pile of paper. The papers snuffle around giving deep papers cuts to Seakul. Ulfgrim misses. Seakul smashes the desk to bits.

Errich looks around the room, there is 10’ crystal of roiling flame held in the middle by chains, there is an ornate rod in the middle of the floor. Jareath and Azim kill the papers on them. Sir Axialrod destroys another pile of paper then defends Seakul. More paper cuts to Ulfgrim, two more piles of paper appear. Seakul moves into the corridor.

Errich searches the room calls out to the party. Jareath uses the rod and realizes that it is a control rod to change the view within the crystal. The view flicks to a city made of brass with the flame, the plane of fire. Azim vacates the room, dashing out the room to a doorway across the space bridge. Sir Axialrod also heads out the doorway. Four swarms attack the dwarf.

Seakul exits the door. Errich sprints out the room, across the library then out the door and into the space corridor. Sir Axialrod moves off the space corridor onto solid ground next to Azim. Jareath moves to the doorway but is attacked by paper. The party leaves the library across, across the space bridge to the doorway. Opening the door.

The room contains the remnants of apothecary equipment remains, enough to resupply Jareath. The next room contains two massive hour glasses. The cultist who called us lies slumped in the corner, Errich checks and finds him dead, in his hand he clutches the Blue Dragon mask. Sir Axialrod uses his wand to detect magic, the sand in the hour glass and the Blue Dragon mask. Sir Axialrod in his vandalistic way smashes at the hourglass. As the glass breaks, 4 magical diamonds fall out. He then smashes the other collecting 5 diamonds, tiny magical diamonds. Leaving the room the party continue to investigate the magical dungeon.

The next room contains an Effreet trapped in a room playing chess. He then starts bargaining for his freedom. Xonthal trapped him here until he could beat him in a game of chess. But hadn’t seem him in a number of years. Eventually Ulfgrim casts Banishment. Searching they find nothing, except Errich takes a knight chess piece.

The party heads back across the space corridor. To investigate another wizard workroom. Jareath observes the whirlwind in the middle of the room, a search results in nothing special (without spending a whole day looking). Back to the teleportation circle…. Jareath presses the triangle as the party disappears, reappearing outside the tower, two paths, one to the town, one to a sundial.

Screams can be herd from the town. Day ends.

Xonthals Tower part 1
Looking for the Green Dragon Mask

The battle with the plants continue.. Errich waits to see if any other party member moves next to a plant. Jareath steps back, casting Vicious Mockery. Seakul steps back. Ulfgrim uses his abilities to cast Spirit Guardians and Searing Light. Azim does nothing. Eventually the Carnivorous Plants are humped to death by Ulfgrims dwarven cherubs, and divine powers combined with Jareaths. As the last flower dies they drop white pearls, 12 in total.

The next sundial, south west exit, open area has a high garden motif complete with a pergola, pond with accompanying music. A human dressed in yellow and gold robes. He wave an waits in the pergola. Seakul waits and other party members appraoch, he invites the party to sit and wait on silk, he makes a tea in gene shaped kettle. Errich slips out. Just then the pergola is surrounded by stone as the kettle start belching gas out, and the “human” sinks into the rock…. shock horror its a trap.

Seakul walks around the outside looking for a way in. Sir Axialrod, suffers damage as the gas enters his lung, reduced by his ring of poison resistance. He then smashes at the pot, noticing that the eyes of teapot has eyes moving, strikes it three times. Smashing it. A piece of jade drops into the embers. More substance is split onto the coals, releasing more poison.

Jearath is damaged a little by the poison, looking around for danger. Errich moves to the wall tries to yell support at the other party members, then takes his belaying pin to smash through the wall. Azim must have got the hint and swings at the wall also. Ulfgrim is affected slightly by the poison. Ulfgrim casts Stone Shape making a 5′×5′×5′ hole in the wall.


Suddenly the Stone Wall disappears, then a figure emerges from the rock and attacks SIr Axialrod. A Genie. Misses, Sir Axialrod uses his reaction to hit it back. Sir Axialrod tries to knock it over, then swings three more times. Jareath slashes him twice more. Errich slips back to get a shot off from the side. Azim hits only once. Ulfgrim uses Guiding Bolt. The Genie casts Phantasmal Killer on Sir Axialrod sees a Unicorn being ridden by someone else.. As he tries move away Sir Axialrod removes its head with a well timed back slash from Actum Dentum . Collecting the jade the party leave and arrive back at another Sundial.

Exiting the Sundial south suddenly the party appears in hedge maze cut out of the maze, to sound of hooves.

A large iron bull, with green smoke coming from its nose, a Gorgon. Sir Axialrod charges off but only hits its armor. Errich shoots once then runs under the Gorgon’s legs. Azim moves to a side passage. The Gorgon slips past Sir Axialrod, then breaths its gas on Sir Axialrod and Errich who are able to resist being turned to stone. Errich notices a diamond roll out of its mouth. Ulfgrm casts Green Flame Blade. Jareath shoots it once. Seakul hits once.

Sir Axialrod hits three times, finishing it off. Errich picks up the diamond. A passage in the hedge leads to the the west , following the passage leads back to the Sundial. The South East path lead back to six statues area. East lead back to the Pool room. North East leads back to the maze with the sound of Gorgon hooves.

Most party move off. The Gorgon appears next to Azim attempting to trample him. Missing. The party retreats back to the Sundial space. Debating how to get out of the maze, even digging under the Sundial. Eventually Sir Axialrod and hacking the hedge at a direction of North North West, the party disappears and appears at the courtyard of the tower. With a corpse lying on the cold cobble stones. Magical writing in a circle on the ground, there is no door on the tower.

Eventually Seakul steps into the magic circle, he disappears. The party then follows. The party materializes in a 60′×60′ round room with the evidence of a battle. Exotic images surround the walls with a dead female cult member lying in her own blood, Two balcony’s protrude either side of the magic circle. Ulfgrim uses his medicine works out she was stabbed with a dagger with acid burns.

The wall behind has some symbols, two chairs, upside down owl, rectangle, flame, star, square, hourglass and a triangle. Seakul guesses they are like a transporter. Seakul touches the left chair transporting the party to the balcony on the left. The button at the top (a chair) takes the party back to the floor of the main chamber.

The upside down owl takes party to a 10′×10′ round room with one door, the room is made of steel. The door leads to a corridor with several doors, Seakul seems to lead the search for cultists, the first room has six pellets. Errich searches. Sir Axialrod hears some people are searching a room like us.

Errich, Azim and Jareath stealth into the room, surprising some cultist, six with assorted armour. Attacking the surprised cultists. In six seconds they all die. Searching the level the party find basically the whole level are barracks.

The next symbol, rectangle leads to an alter room, with Draco Lich ideology. Six cultists look surprised as the party appears. Jareath casts Hold Person on three cultists. Errich slips forward killing the cultist in front of him. The cultists then engage Errich, casting Inflict Wounds withering the halfling. The other casts a spell at Seakul. SIr Axialrod hits the cultist on Errich three times. Azim moves around and kicks a cultist in the nuts. A Fire Ball goes off hitting everyone except Jareath. But also killing all the cultists but one. Seakul finishes off the last cultist with a thrown axe. Searching the room there is not much evidence left. Just notes about Draco Lichs.

The next symbol, the fire, a room 60′×60′ with a fire pit in the middle of the room, around the fire are the remains of a dragon. As the party scan the room six Dragon Priest attack. Errich kills the first cultist then retreats a little. Jareath again uses Hold Person freezing two cultists. Sir Axialrod attacks one as does Seakul. One summons a Spiritual Weapon to strike at Seakul from the back. Another Dragon Priest tries to use Cause Wounds but misses. Seakul almost kills a Dragon Priest as does Azim. Ulfgrim misses with Green Flame Blade. Errich kills both, much to the distress of Seakul. Sir Axialrod kills one Dragon Priestthen beheads another. Seakul kill the final Dragon Priest.

Days ends.

Return to the Council
Returning with bad news.

Leaving the Misty Forest the Stag make for Daggerford, and then back to Waterdeep. Two days travel the party arrive at Daggerford. Jareath negotiates some horses.

SIr Axialrod buys a horse and lance. Up the road to Waterdeep. Just north of Daggerford, the Stag party find a group of peoples waving, trying to get our attention.

A spokeman steps forward and and welcomes the heroes of the north, and would like us to meet with master Lord Volmer. Expecting a trap. The tent is massive.. Sitting at a table is Bone Devil. We hear a voice in our heads…. I mean you no harm.

We would have mutual benefit against the red wizards, the living Red Wizards against Thay rulers. Especially if we would help kill Rath Modar the Red Wizards who are working for the Cultists of the Dragon. We would gain respect of powerful rulers if we could pass information about the Red Wizards. Feeling dirty the party take their.

Two days later the Stag Party arrive at Waterdeep. Jareath takes the party to his house for some RnR before being summoned by the Council. Leosin Erlanthar greets us. Everything looks interesting .

A new member is at the Council, Jamna Gleamsilver, who half the Council ignore. Errich brings up the meeting with the Metallic Dragons. Also the apology from the Dwarves and the return of the Silver Dragon armor. The Elves agree to apologize to the Gold Dragon, drivning the Dragons mad. The Party also put up the fact they gave away a Sky Castle full of treasure.

The next news was about the killing of the Green Wyrm Rider while saving face of the Elven King. Much uncomfortable silence ensues. Then they have another message, one of the Cult leaders want to defect and give away a Dragon Helm, the Council expects a trap so the Stag party is up for the mission. The place to meet is called Xontal Tower on the slopes of Mount Hlim, the southern end of the Grey Peak mountains.

The party agrees to go and research the Xontal Tower, known by Wizards for its defenses, over a century ago he kicked out his apprentices and locked everyone else out. The main defense is a maze. Errich finds a note, from Escander, who had joined the cult but regrets it. Wants rescue and confirms the Blue Dragon Mask at Xontal Tower too.

The trail leads us the party through the Secober, Loud Water, then Llorkh then south though a mountain trail. The party arrives a small village at an edge of a maze. The plate wielding party members approach as Azim and Errich, skirt the edges. The plate party members get information about the maze, no animals, strange lights, unearthly sounds and a conflicting news about a Blue Dragon. Seakul offers to “buy” a house for the night as no Inn exist. Azim and Errich join them, setting up watches.

As the party prepares to step onto the path, movement is noticed on the tower. A man waves the Blue Dragon mask over his head and welling he will leave an hour glass pendant on the ground to teleport us to him in the dungeon below. Another man appears on the balcony, a magical fight happens and then our “friend” disappears. The path leads through the maze, and at various points the party is Teleported. At a intersection we find a sundial mounted with its shadow pointed to the tower. Which the party follows. The next intersection another sundial with two shadows. This time the party follows the second shadow. This time the party finds a large open area, six shining suits of armour and a rectangle carpet.

As the party enters two suits of armour come to life and attack.. Sir Axialrod moves forward and attacks three times. Errich slips forward shoots kills it, as it falls to the ground a gem falls out which Errich picks it up and runs back. Jareath steps forward and shoots twice. Azim moves forward and strikes once with his mace, then kicks it to the ground. Seakul then strikes another. Ulfgrim moves next to Seakul and casts Sacred Flame. The Suits of Armour attack., Sir Axialrod, Ulfgrim and Seakul. Sir Axialrod smashes one to bits, two more start reassembling . Seeing how things will go Errich activates his ring of jumping leaps over the carpet and runs out the other entrance, Jareath follows suit as does Azim. Seakul smashes past a suit of armour and head out the entrance as well. Ulfgrim tries to force past but is hit once. The remaining suits surround Sir Axialrod and Seakul and attack.

Eventuallythe party make an exit finding themselves at another sundial room with two shadows. Middle path followed. 10 minutes later another sundial is found with three shadows. Reversing direction to find out what happens. This time a sundial with four shadows. Looking at the sundial, the shadows spin and then shrink to nothing. Sir Axialrod climbs onto the sundial, as he does SIr Axialrod disappears into the Sundial. Then Seakul does the same. The remaining party follows the sundial method. The party find themselves falling out the air near a sundial with eight shadows.

Heading north……5 minutes later we find a massive area, large hut, sheep and two Cyclops but all seam frozen in time. As we move in everything starts moving again. The Cyclops argue, as they approach, picks up a rock and throws a rock down a path (120 feet)then both look at us. Seakul steps forward sees a large rock picks it up (500lb) goes to find one smaller but the Cyclopses shake their head. Seakul struggle to pick up a bolder, Jareath casts Animate Object causing the bolder to fly 150 feet. The Cyclops clap. The bolder thrown cracks open revealing a Topaz.

The path out leads to another sundial, the next path leads to an 80′×80′ courtyard, with a pool of 60’ water in the middle, in the middle of the pool is a floating a garnet. Azim runs across the water, disengages, grabs the Garnet, keeps going. Claws grasp at Azim to no avail.

The next path leads to a 70’ flower garden, with a fountain in the middle. Along the length are flowers which look like pearls in their middle. As Sir Axialrod reaches for the pearl it attacks him. 12 flowers attack. Errich activates his ring of jumping again. Jareath casts Elemental Weapon then moves forward to stab a flower.twice. Seakul hits once. Sir Axialrod hits one three times. Azim attacks hitting twice. Ulfgrim casts Sacred Flame . A frond reaches to grab Jareath but misses. The other flower hits Azim. Errich tries to leap through the middle but didn’t quite get through the far side. The other party members smash the flowers, Azim kills one. More tenticals strike out. Hitting Errich and then biting him..

Errich slips out of the grasp and moves out of range of flowers. Again the party attack the flower as Sir Axialrod edges up. Ulfgrim activates Spirit Guardians . The flower holding Jareath picks him up smashing him on the ground. The other flower grabs Seakul. Errich misses. As does much of the party. The flower grabbing Seakul smash him on the ground but does very little.

End of day.

Misty Forest Part 2
Trying to kill the Green Dragon

As we left last week a Green Dragon had burst from the lake.

The Green Dragon spews forth a breath of poison hitting Sir Axialrod, Ulfgrim, Seakul and Jareath. Almost the whole party saw it happening.

The Ettins rush around the corner to meet the party. Some more cultists (six) emerge from a doorway across the lake. Azim leaps off the balcony runs across the lake, attacking the Green Dragon, smashing it twice with his mace. The Green Dragons tale whips out hitting Azim. Just then vines burst from the ground, entangling Azim as the Green Dragons lair activates to defend its master. Ulfgrim moves his Spritual Weapon to an Ettin then casts Guiding Bolt at the Green Dragon. Errich uses a Dragon slaying arrow to hit the beast. Jareath uses his wand of winter to blast the cultists and the Green Dragon. Sir Axialrod and Seakul smash an Ettin . The Green Dragon flys behind Errich and breaths its poison everyone but Azim. Jareath collapses to the ground.

The Ettin attacks Sir Axialrod but misses. The Dragonwings and Dragonfangs move/fly to attack most of the party and Azim on the ground. Hitting Sir Axialrod. The Dragonfangs attack Azim hitting him three times, luckily Azim was immune to its poison. Azim breaks his bonds and steps out from between the Dragonfangs.

A wall of thorns appears on the monk, but he dodges to the side. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt hitting the Green Dragon walks to Jareath and using an Preserve Life as he surges forward. The Spiritual Weapon then smacks the Ettin. A Green Dragon tail whips out hitting Errich. Errich strikes the Green Dragon twice slips through the railing as he runs away. A wizard appears and casts Eldrich Arrow at Azim but he dodges away. Jareath then casts Swift Quiver then shoots at the Green Dragon but misses..

Sir Axialrod kills off the last Ettin, knocks over a Dragonwing then kills it, surges striking at another Dragonwing killing it also. Seakul kills the last two Dragonwings, then runs at the The Green Dragon flees toward the entrance.. The two Dragonfangs leap on Azim but he avoids the damage and attacks them back. Ulfgrim again uses Preserve Life on Seakul and Jareath. Errich hands arrows to Jareath and then shoots a Dragonfang. The mage release a poison cloud then runs away. Jareath gives the Green Dragon chase but fails to hit with both dragon slaying arrows. Sir Axialrod moves Seakul and Errich. Then kills a Dragonfang. Seakul uses Misty Step then run after the mage but fails to hit due to the gleaming teeth of the elf.

The he Dragonfang misses Azim as he dashes from combat to get to the mage. Hitting once with his mace. Ulfgrim blasts at the Dragonfang Errich sprints after the mage, gets to the corridor and throws a dagger hitting the mage. He then wants to talk terms, but as Seakul is there the chances are low. Jareath shoots the last Dragonfang twice. Sir Axialrod misses twice. Seakul goes a little nuts killing the Elven Mage. The Dragonfang flies from the island sticking Errich in the back. Azim moves behind the Dragonfang then kills him.

With all quiet Ulfgrim has a look down a darkened corridor, which goes 50’ and opens into a funky smelling room. Errich moves to recover his dagger and sees a common room, brightly lit with food on tables. Jareath spots a secret door at the entrance. Sir Axialrod climbs onto the balcony and finds a Elf curled up sobbing in the corner. The Elf will surrender to the Knight if the creature is gone. Gemmel is his name. He too was a prisoner of the dragon.

Searching the lair one of the Ettins had belt which was magical. The stag party then start to investigate the lair. Ulfgrim takes the time to Prayer of Healing. As they investigate they find a rune on the wall, which the bard recognizes as a Glyph of Warding. The room beyond is a plush living space. Sir Axialrod tries to edge past and it explodes in his face, acid sprays the corridor , hitting Jareath and Azim.

The Stag party finds a secret door behind a tapistry, it also contains a chest, as Errich investigates a dart shoots out hitting the the armor of Errich, some nice clothes are found. Investigating behind the secret door, a shrine in one corner, to Fenmarel Mestarine (an Elven God). A journal is also found, by Neronnvain, the Green Wym speaker…. also happens to be the Prince of the Elves of the Misty Forest….. bugger Another secret door is found.

Behind the second secret door is the dragon lair. A small pile of money is found, 10 gold trade bars (50gp), 10pp, 120gp, 2400sp. The last room is a store room has food and alcohol, including 8 bottles of Evermead. The party takes a short rest, heal and find out what the Belt is ….. Belt of Hill Giant Strength (STR 21).

Day ends.

Misty Forest Part 1
Hunting the Green Dragon rider.

Back at the village. With no guides available due to a touch of death. They mention that a pool with a waterfall matching the description could be found about 30 miles to the south east.

Errich is mostly ignored by everyone but eventually with no other choices the party follow him into the Misty Forest. Travelling at fast pace, after a couple of hours of the Knight asking the Paladin can he have a mount. A sound of a tree falling and a woman calling out.

Seakul wants to help the women in danger. In a clearing is a tree lying on a an old women, the party scans for false hoods. Everything clear. As Sir Axialrod and Seakul approach the trees moves away and she stands up. She changes into an elf Thanks the heroes, rewards the party with garlands of flowers, turns into an owl and flies off. Strange but rewarding.

After travelling for the 8 hours the woods, the forest becomes covered in webs, where the trail is heavily obscured. A good place for an ambush. Spiders Indy very dangerous. Heading futher into the web we see small animals in the web, the Jareath’s bow sounds warning. Eight Giant Spiders.

Azim strike lightning fast stunning one, then smashes it again. Seakul casts Searing Smite then swings with his great luck blade killing the spider. Errich slips into defensive stance then kills the spider as bonus. Jareath strikes a spider. Ulfgrim is attacked but missed Seakul is missed. But one a leap at the bards eye, sinking its fangs in. The spider misses Sir Axialrod who ripostes and then kills it, then the one in front of Jareath. Ulfgrim smashes his one. Three Ettercaps emerge out of the webs from above trying to garrote the tall humans, ie Seakul, as Errich sees it, and Sir Axialrod defends Ulfgrim. Azim kills the spider in front of him. Seakul with a bag on his head strikes the the Ettercaps above him. Errich stays defensive and strikes the Ettercap attacking him. Jareath struck the Giant Spider attacking Seakul.

Seakul is bitten again. Sir Axialrod knocks the Ettercap out of the tree in front of Ulfgrim who hits it. Sir Axialrod saves Ulfgrim, Errich dodges the Ettercup. The other Ettercup misses Seakul. Azim kills the Ettercup on the ground then attacks one of the two remaining Giant Spiders. Errich slips out of combat from the Ettercup and runs under the party’s legs to kill the spider to the side of Seakul. Jareath kills the other Giant Spider. Sir Axialrod kills the Ettercup on Seakul. With nothing disturbing the Stag party the continue the journey.

At the end of the day the party arrive at a clearing before a cliff face, with a waterfall tumbling down the face and pool of water at the bottom. The party investigates the pool for a entrance behind the waterfall. Entering the cave.

Passing the waterfall the cave is damp and slopes down sharply. Jareath casts Light. With slippery slope, Jareaths slips and tumbles down the slope. Into darkness. Jareath arrives at the bottom into a zigzag shaped room a little quicker than the other party members. At the bottom of the slope are four figures, elves, with spears. Sir Axialrod starts talking……. its a fight.

Azim launches himself forward but misses, kicks the elf in the nuts, who collapses to the ground. Ulfgrim moves forward and casts Sacred Flame singing one. Errich runs between everyones legs knock two elves out. Jareath shoots but the arrow fly to hit Ulfgrim instead. Sir Axialrod smashes the last one to death. Seakul thinking they are cultists walks forward and kills the two knocked out elves.

Ulfgrim moves into the room. With nothing to see the party moves forward cautiously, toward the underground lake, Five arrows fly from the dark. A strange shaped square room. Then a Fireball flies from the darkness, scorching a few party members. Azim runs forward sees movement to the right a platform in the dark with seven figures five with bows, a mage and an armored figure.

Ulfgrim casts Daylight, moves forward Errich sprints forward and shoots an elf. Jareath moves forward shoots and kills two Elven bowmen. Sir Axialrod shoots the mage. Seakul casts Crusader Mantle and moves behind the group.

The two Elven Bowmen shoot at Azim. Grunting and groaning can be heard from a corridor, a two headed giant emerge, an Ettin. Two emerge behind the party. The wizard disappears. Azim hits the armored elf three times. Ulfgrim can Spiritual Weapon moves forward and attacks the Ettin who came out the corridor in front of him. Errich scales the wall, actives his Dagger of Poison then kills the armored elf. Jareath shoots and kills the last two archer elves. Sir Axialrod strides forward knocking the Ettin off its feet, smashing it twice. Seagul also follows up killing it.

At that moment a Green Dragon emerges from the water. To be continued……


Council of Waterdeep (Again)
Devising a plan to stop Tiamat

The arrival has been sounded and the Stag Party has been brought into the main council chamber.

The Lords or Waterdeep have had some changes, Lord Neverember has been replaced by Lady Laeral Siverhand, another member has joined Elia.

Lady Laeral welcomes us in. Jareath recites the story. Maccath the Crimson, tells the story of the the Drackonhorn. She also offers that the Acrane Brotherhood would work with the council. Some of the council were happy we captured Varram the White but others didn’t. Raids have been happening up and down the sword coast, things are getting worse. Of most concern is the Misty Forest, a dragon been forced out during the raids. Elia is introduced as a representative of the Metallic Dragon Council. Basically the Stag Party is “volentold” to be the liaison as we are not affiliated to none of the factions.

We are also introduced to Seakul Songsteel who has unfinished business with the Cult, a paladin of Tyr. We are to meet them in the nether mountains, 600 miles. Elia offers to take us. As the party departs the council we are approached by Delan Winterhound, who has been working the Prince of the Misty Forest. He believes things are not as good as it seems, and wants us to visit village Alatan which survived. They were attacked by a Green Dragon being ridden by a man.

The next morning we meet Elia at the gate who turns into an Ancient Silver Dragon, we are told to mount up. Up in the air the clouds pass quickly, the journey of 600 miles takes only two days. Landing in a clearing sitting around the ground is the concave of Metallic Dragons there is one Dragon of each Metallic type.

The Ancient Gold dragon doesn’t like Elves and thinks humans are corruptible. He wants to strike immediately.
The Ancient Brass dragon, has no preconceived idea, waiting to see what is happening and humans can do either good or bad.
The Ancient Silver dragon, wants to help the humans, she resents the dwarves for their ancient dragon hunts (dragon moots).
The Ancient Bronze dragon, likes us and humanoids. Valuing choice over race. Like Harpers and Order of the Gauntlet.
The Ancient Copper dragon, likes humans, but doesn’t like thieves. Fears what happens when one factions. Wants to strike first.

Now to negotiate with five Ancient metallic dragons:
The Gold dragon would work with us if we could get a formal apology from the elves for the abomination that is the draco-raid mithel. Perhaps face to face.
Errich relates the story of his heritage, he was not an evil pirate Errich but Eric who took the name to hunt the cult. At this the Cooper dragon offers if an item is returned to her she would be neutral. Azim offers his mace up. Leaving him weaponless.
The Silver dragon wants an apology from the dwarves and return of her nieces remains, which Sir Axialrod offers. Ulfrgim backs him up. Conrad is the current King of mithral hall.
The Brass dragon wants all the dragon masks returned. The Errich offers the black dragon mask. Errich asks them to hide it away. The Stag party offers up the treasure in the Sky Castle to the Silver dragon…. this brings the Silver, Gold, Brass, Bronze dragons for and only the Cooper dragon being neutral.

The concave offers up three arrows of dragon slaying, and returns the mace to Azim, saying he just didn’t want it stolen. Elia offers us a lift to the Misty Forest.

Three days flight later the party is dropped off at west of the high moor, at Daggerford. During this time we find out the back story of Seakul, basically can’t let anything go!

Two days later with Errich leading the way the party arrive at the Misty Forest that lives up to its name. Seakul riding the celestial mount to the annoyance of Sir Axialrod. Heading up the trail to the village of Altand (one of the few settlements left standing after the dragon raids). Past enormous spruce trees through the mist. Arriving at the village, two levels one one level on the ground around the a monument and one in the trees. A lot of damage is noticed. An elf approached and we are informed about the dragon attack, about half the village was killed (not all as is common). We are then pointed to the Inn.

At the Inn we are told the story of the priest who led the fighting but was eaten by the Green Dragon with some one riding it (elf or human). Why the dragon left know one, taking the cult with them. Galan, the village warden, did a good job protecting them. The evening passes tell stories. Jareath singing songs.

The next morning after a nice omulet breakfast we find directions to Galan. He greets us with a false smile , Jareath convinces him to tell us about the attack. But he doesn’t believe in the dragon rider. Ulfgrim hears an undertone, holding something back. Jareath convinces him, he saw the dragon kill his wife. Still holding something back he wants to be left alone. Leaving, Errich to look for tracks (finds nothing).

Keeping watch on Galan, Jareath and Azim, spots him leave about midnight. With a raven on shoulder. Misty and dark. Following him about a mile into the woods. He arrives at a clearing, he waits on a stump. An hour later stands up and wanders back. Azim and Jareath look around the stump. Something big lands on the clearing, they also find a green scale.

The next morning the party confronts Galan. No threats work. It ends up with Seakul getting the information by whatever means necessary. Starting by removing fingers. The village arrives and Jareath tries to convince them that Galan is in league with the Cultists. With the rest of the party trying to calm the village. Azim looks for clues, finds nothing.

With nothing to loose the party retreats from the village (without resorting too killing the remaining villages). Ulfgrim heals the fingers and Seakul leaves while threatening more. The stag party retreats from the village, setting up a camp near the clearing. Waiting until night Galan and his raven arrive. Waiting. After another hour he stands up. Jareath casts Hold Person. The Raven takes flight to a tree, Errich shoots it dead. Sir Axialrod waits. Errich hides and waits. Azim grapples Galan to the ground. Seakul casts Crusaders Mantle. Sir Axialrod walks over and ties him up.

Tied up jareath stops concentrating on the spell allowing the party to question Galan. Finally he breaks down. During the battle he saw his wife killed and confronted by the Dragon rider, if he gives information about other villages it will leave the village alone. He knows the dragon comes from the South West and the dragon is always wet. He doesn’t know where the rider came from.

Day ends.


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