Tyranny of Dragons

Misty Forest Part 1
Hunting the Green Dragon rider.

Back at the village. With no guides available due to a touch of death. They mention that a pool with a waterfall matching the description could be found about 30 miles to the south east.

Errich is mostly ignored by everyone but eventually with no other choices the party follow him into the Misty Forest. Travelling at fast pace, after a couple of hours of the Knight asking the Paladin can he have a mount. A sound of a tree falling and a woman calling out.

Seakul wants to help the women in danger. In a clearing is a tree lying on a an old women, the party scans for false hoods. Everything clear. As Sir Axialrod and Seakul approach the trees moves away and she stands up. She changes into an elf Thanks the heroes, rewards the party with garlands of flowers, turns into an owl and flies off. Strange but rewarding.

After travelling for the 8 hours the woods, the forest becomes covered in webs, where the trail is heavily obscured. A good place for an ambush. Spiders Indy very dangerous. Heading futher into the web we see small animals in the web, the Jareath’s bow sounds warning. Eight Giant Spiders.

Azim strike lightning fast stunning one, then smashes it again. Seakul casts Searing Smite then swings with his great luck blade killing the spider. Errich slips into defensive stance then kills the spider as bonus. Jareath strikes a spider. Ulfgrim is attacked but missed Seakul is missed. But one a leap at the bards eye, sinking its fangs in. The spider misses Sir Axialrod who ripostes and then kills it, then the one in front of Jareath. Ulfgrim smashes his one. Three Ettercaps emerge out of the webs from above trying to garrote the tall humans, ie Seakul, as Errich sees it, and Sir Axialrod defends Ulfgrim. Azim kills the spider in front of him. Seakul with a bag on his head strikes the the Ettercaps above him. Errich stays defensive and strikes the Ettercap attacking him. Jareath struck the Giant Spider attacking Seakul.

Seakul is bitten again. Sir Axialrod knocks the Ettercap out of the tree in front of Ulfgrim who hits it. Sir Axialrod saves Ulfgrim, Errich dodges the Ettercup. The other Ettercup misses Seakul. Azim kills the Ettercup on the ground then attacks one of the two remaining Giant Spiders. Errich slips out of combat from the Ettercup and runs under the party’s legs to kill the spider to the side of Seakul. Jareath kills the other Giant Spider. Sir Axialrod kills the Ettercup on Seakul. With nothing disturbing the Stag party the continue the journey.

At the end of the day the party arrive at a clearing before a cliff face, with a waterfall tumbling down the face and pool of water at the bottom. The party investigates the pool for a entrance behind the waterfall. Entering the cave.

Passing the waterfall the cave is damp and slopes down sharply. Jareath casts Light. With slippery slope, Jareaths slips and tumbles down the slope. Into darkness. Jareath arrives at the bottom into a zigzag shaped room a little quicker than the other party members. At the bottom of the slope are four figures, elves, with spears. Sir Axialrod starts talking……. its a fight.

Azim launches himself forward but misses, kicks the elf in the nuts, who collapses to the ground. Ulfgrim moves forward and casts Sacred Flame singing one. Errich runs between everyones legs knock two elves out. Jareath shoots but the arrow fly to hit Ulfgrim instead. Sir Axialrod smashes the last one to death. Seakul thinking they are cultists walks forward and kills the two knocked out elves.

Ulfgrim moves into the room. With nothing to see the party moves forward cautiously, toward the underground lake, Five arrows fly from the dark. A strange shaped square room. Then a Fireball flies from the darkness, scorching a few party members. Azim runs forward sees movement to the right a platform in the dark with seven figures five with bows, a mage and an armored figure.

Ulfgrim casts Daylight, moves forward Errich sprints forward and shoots an elf. Jareath moves forward shoots and kills two Elven bowmen. Sir Axialrod shoots the mage. Seakul casts Crusader Mantle and moves behind the group.

The two Elven Bowmen shoot at Azim. Grunting and groaning can be heard from a corridor, a two headed giant emerge, an Ettin. Two emerge behind the party. The wizard disappears. Azim hits the armored elf three times. Ulfgrim can Spiritual Weapon moves forward and attacks the Ettin who came out the corridor in front of him. Errich scales the wall, actives his Dagger of Poison then kills the armored elf. Jareath shoots and kills the last two archer elves. Sir Axialrod strides forward knocking the Ettin off its feet, smashing it twice. Seagul also follows up killing it.

At that moment a Green Dragon emerges from the water. To be continued……


Council of Waterdeep (Again)
Devising a plan to stop Tiamat

The arrival has been sounded and the Stag Party has been brought into the main council chamber.

The Lords or Waterdeep have had some changes, Lord Neverember has been replaced by Lady Laeral Siverhand, another member has joined Elia.

Lady Laeral welcomes us in. Jareath recites the story. Maccath the Crimson, tells the story of the the Drackonhorn. She also offers that the Acrane Brotherhood would work with the council. Some of the council were happy we captured Varram the White but others didn’t. Raids have been happening up and down the sword coast, things are getting worse. Of most concern is the Misty Forest, a dragon been forced out during the raids. Elia is introduced as a representative of the Metallic Dragon Council. Basically the Stag Party is “volentold” to be the liaison as we are not affiliated to none of the factions.

We are also introduced to Seakul Songsteel who has unfinished business with the Cult, a paladin of Tyr. We are to meet them in the nether mountains, 600 miles. Elia offers to take us. As the party departs the council we are approached by Delan Winterhound, who has been working the Prince of the Misty Forest. He believes things are not as good as it seems, and wants us to visit village Alatan which survived. They were attacked by a Green Dragon being ridden by a man.

The next morning we meet Elia at the gate who turns into an Ancient Silver Dragon, we are told to mount up. Up in the air the clouds pass quickly, the journey of 600 miles takes only two days. Landing in a clearing sitting around the ground is the concave of Metallic Dragons there is one Dragon of each Metallic type.

The Ancient Gold dragon doesn’t like Elves and thinks humans are corruptible. He wants to strike immediately.
The Ancient Brass dragon, has no preconceived idea, waiting to see what is happening and humans can do either good or bad.
The Ancient Silver dragon, wants to help the humans, she resents the dwarves for their ancient dragon hunts (dragon moots).
The Ancient Bronze dragon, likes us and humanoids. Valuing choice over race. Like Harpers and Order of the Gauntlet.
The Ancient Copper dragon, likes humans, but doesn’t like thieves. Fears what happens when one factions. Wants to strike first.

Now to negotiate with five Ancient metallic dragons:
The Gold dragon would work with us if we could get a formal apology from the elves for the abomination that is the draco-raid mithel. Perhaps face to face.
Errich relates the story of his heritage, he was not an evil pirate Errich but Eric who took the name to hunt the cult. At this the Cooper dragon offers if an item is returned to her she would be neutral. Azim offers his mace up. Leaving him weaponless.
The Silver dragon wants an apology from the dwarves and return of her nieces remains, which Sir Axialrod offers. Ulfrgim backs him up. Conrad is the current King of mithral hall.
The Brass dragon wants all the dragon masks returned. The Errich offers the black dragon mask. Errich asks them to hide it away. The Stag party offers up the treasure in the Sky Castle to the Silver dragon…. this brings the Silver, Gold, Brass, Bronze dragons for and only the Cooper dragon being neutral.

The concave offers up three arrows of dragon slaying, and returns the mace to Azim, saying he just didn’t want it stolen. Elia offers us a lift to the Misty Forest.

Three days flight later the party is dropped off at west of the high moor, at Daggerford. During this time we find out the back story of Seakul, basically can’t let anything go!

Two days later with Errich leading the way the party arrive at the Misty Forest that lives up to its name. Seakul riding the celestial mount to the annoyance of Sir Axialrod. Heading up the trail to the village of Altand (one of the few settlements left standing after the dragon raids). Past enormous spruce trees through the mist. Arriving at the village, two levels one one level on the ground around the a monument and one in the trees. A lot of damage is noticed. An elf approached and we are informed about the dragon attack, about half the village was killed (not all as is common). We are then pointed to the Inn.

At the Inn we are told the story of the priest who led the fighting but was eaten by the Green Dragon with some one riding it (elf or human). Why the dragon left know one, taking the cult with them. Galan, the village warden, did a good job protecting them. The evening passes tell stories. Jareath singing songs.

The next morning after a nice omulet breakfast we find directions to Galan. He greets us with a false smile , Jareath convinces him to tell us about the attack. But he doesn’t believe in the dragon rider. Ulfgrim hears an undertone, holding something back. Jareath convinces him, he saw the dragon kill his wife. Still holding something back he wants to be left alone. Leaving, Errich to look for tracks (finds nothing).

Keeping watch on Galan, Jareath and Azim, spots him leave about midnight. With a raven on shoulder. Misty and dark. Following him about a mile into the woods. He arrives at a clearing, he waits on a stump. An hour later stands up and wanders back. Azim and Jareath look around the stump. Something big lands on the clearing, they also find a green scale.

The next morning the party confronts Galan. No threats work. It ends up with Seakul getting the information by whatever means necessary. Starting by removing fingers. The village arrives and Jareath tries to convince them that Galan is in league with the Cultists. With the rest of the party trying to calm the village. Azim looks for clues, finds nothing.

With nothing to loose the party retreats from the village (without resorting too killing the remaining villages). Ulfgrim heals the fingers and Seakul leaves while threatening more. The stag party retreats from the village, setting up a camp near the clearing. Waiting until night Galan and his raven arrive. Waiting. After another hour he stands up. Jareath casts Hold Person. The Raven takes flight to a tree, Errich shoots it dead. Sir Axialrod waits. Errich hides and waits. Azim grapples Galan to the ground. Seakul casts Crusaders Mantle. Sir Axialrod walks over and ties him up.

Tied up jareath stops concentrating on the spell allowing the party to question Galan. Finally he breaks down. During the battle he saw his wife killed and confronted by the Dragon rider, if he gives information about other villages it will leave the village alone. He knows the dragon comes from the South West and the dragon is always wet. He doesn’t know where the rider came from.

Day ends.

Back in Waterdeep

The party morns the loss of Janthyra, her light will never be seen again.

The Longship takes a couple of days to chip out of the ice. At this time the Ice Hunters have started to pack up and flee the Iceberg. Mccath the Crimson agrees to join the party sailing back to Waterdeep.

With a number of crew dead the Stag Party is forced to crew the ship. Sailing south through the fog and ice, in a few days the city of Waterdeep comes into sight. Leosin the Monk greets the party at the dock with a company of guards. Errich tells the sad tale of Janthyra’s passing. Leosin was looking for us. We were needed for a meeting Lord Neverember, the open Lord of Waterdeep.

Apparently there were many spies in the palace so we are heading to a secret location. Azim immediately assumes a trap. As we are lead to Warehouse, then into the basement, Jareath’s bow tingles warning.

A man appears at the top of stairs and thanks Leosin for bringing them. He replies yes for a meeting not for you…. Que combat music. Creatures bug like with tridents emerge from behind pillars. Mezzoloths the most common Yugoloths of the Lower Planes, mercenary Devils who will work for anyone.


Azim sees the danger and attacks a Mezzoloth , hit with his mace, stuns it and kicks it in the knee. Jareath activates his Wand of Winter blasting a cultists and Mezzoloth with a Ice Storm. Leosin attacks a Mezzoloth multiple times. Ulfgrim steps forward and swings with his new acquired electric flail, hit once then casts Spiritual Weapon which also hits.

The Cult Leader, moves then flies at Sir Axialrod sticking his sharp dagger in. A Cult Guard then moves up and strikes Leosin with his Longsword. Errich slips through the combat stabs the fiendish Mezzoloth attacking Leosin, then slips out of combat. Sir Axialrod beheads the flying Cult Leader, then hits another. As the Mezzoloth attack everything goes dark. Ulfgrim is missed. Magic is released, but being dark no can see, it smells (Cloud Kill).

Azim hits once. Jareath starts to cough in the dark then moves up the stairs. Leosin also starts coughing, backs out.. Ulfgrim coughs a little, casts Daylight removing the Darkness. The Cult Guards cough and attack Sir Axialrod. Errich slips past the cloud and attacks the Mezzoloth attacking Ulfgrim. Sir Axilarod moves and kills Ulfgrims fiend. The Cloud Kill moves, then the Mezzoloths move to attack Sir Axialrod.


Azim swings away. Ulfgrim hits well on the Mezzoloth , with his flail and Spiritual Weapon. A large axe wielding Greater Fiend, a Nycaloth, appears next to Azim. but it miss, with a very sad look on his face. One Cult Guard dies, The other moves to attack. Errich fires a bow but misses…. Sir Axialrod strikes a Mezzoloth disrupting its concentration and the Cloud Kill spell dissipates. The Mezzoloth the strikes at Sir Axialrod who counters and kills it. Azim kills the Mezzoloth attacking him.

Jareath casts Elemental Weapon and moves down the stairs. Leosin, after using his innate abilities to heal himself and moves back down the stairs and swings his staff at the Nycaloth,hits once and punches twice more. Ulfgrim attacks the Mezzoloth in front of him. Leosin realizes that he had been Charmed. The Nycaloth casts Mirror Image.

Errich kills the last Mezzoloth , then moves to pick up his lost slaying arrow. Sir Axialrod then kills the last Cult Guard, then attacks the Nycaloth. removing two duplicates. Azim removes the last duplicate and then hits the Nycaloth. Jareath brings the thunder.hitting once. Leosin hits it four times, knocking it over. Ulfgrim moves his Spiritual Weapon then casts Sacred Flame, but the Nycaloth just shrugs it off.

The Nycaloth does a “fiendish” wounds Azim then Teleports behind Ulfgrim. Errich grabs his lost slaying arrow shoots the Nycaloth watching it disappear into puff of brimstone and sulphur. All quiet. Leosin reveals it was a palace aide who had Charmed him.

Errich looks for some clues; the warehouse was an ambush house, the previous owners were stuffed into a closet. Ulfgrim casts Prayer of Healing.

The Stag Party head to the palace. Another council is immediately being convened. After a quick investigation it was revealed the aide who Charmed Leosin has been dead for two years. Very odd. But also ties into the fact that the Red Wizards of Thay are deeply involved with the Cult of the Dragon.

Day ends.

Council of Waterdeep Part 7
Trying to kill the dragon

In the tent of Mccath the Crimson the Stag Party tried to come up with a plan to stop the Large White Dragon.

Heading down a 15’ wide shoot. With training and rope the party make their way carefully in to the darkness. As the party descend it gets very cold and misty. The shoot opens into a large cavern, 16’ feet down to the floor, a flat Plato or a very round Socrates? plateau is the word you want… . Darkness and cold mist. The party stumbles in the dark looking for their Nemesis.

With no light Sir Axialrod activates the Spear of light, as the Daylight spreads, treasure buried in ice. As the party move around the the a pool of ice something bursts out of the water, surrounding Azim, who was showing off by walking across a pool. Trolls, Scrags.

Errich sees the Scrags first and shoots one. Azim moves off the water then strikes at the Scrag twice, Teleports to stand beside Errich. Sir Axialrod steps to the side of the cold pool and throws a hammer and dagger at a Scrag.

The White Dragon lands next to Sir Axialrod and breaths on the party, nearly turning the whole party into Popsicles. Janthyra cast Hex and then Eldrich Blast but due to the cold misses. Jareath moves and empties his arrows on the ground, then unleashes Animate Object flinging the arrows at the White Dragon. The White Dragon flaps its wings, buffeting the magic arrows. It flaps and moves on. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt hitting the White Dragon. Scrags move to attack., Sir Axialrod and Jareath.

Errich hits the White Dragon with an Arrow of Slaying doing a little damage. Azim hits the White Dragon with his Magic Missile. Then moves next to a Scrag . The fog around Ulfgrim and Janthyra condenses, causing pain and the loss of sight. Sir Axialrod slips around the Scrag and hit it three times. The White Dragons tails flicks out hitting Sir Axialrod. It then flies behind Ulfgrim and breaths, hitting Ulfgrim, Sir Axialrod, Janthyra and a Scrag.

Janthyra activates her Blind Sight then uses Misty Step away from the freezing fog. Jareath pulls out his rapier and stabs a Skrag. Then sings a ditty for Sir Axialrod. Ulfgrim in the freezing fog calculates a direction away from the White Dragon. As a bonus action uses Mass Healing. The Scrags bite Jareath.

Errich runs behind a Scrag stabs it with his Dragontooth dagger. Azim throws fists and mace to kill the Scrag before moving off away from the others so as not to provide a easy target for the White Dragon. The fog remains.. Sir Axialrod runs forward, trying to charge, but slips on his own ego.

The Dragon sucks……….in some breath. Moves deep into the fog, breaths at Azim, Errich and Jareath. Janthyra casts Eldrich Blast hitting twice. The White Dragon took off, knocking over Sir Axialrod. Jareath moves forward, casts Hold Monster from a scroll. A tail flips out onto Janthyra, just missing.

Ulfgrim just hits with Guiding Bolt, then healing surge. Errich slips around the side of the water, and hits the White Dragon. The cloud of fog moves on top of the White Dragon. Sir Axialrod stands, shoots at a Scrag twice.

The White Dragon scares Janthyra, then bites her only once due to her magical abilities. Still knocking her out. Jareath moves toward Azim, casting Light then Healing Word. Ulfgrim steps back hit the Skrag with a Fire Bolt. It then tries hit it but Errich gets behind it and kills it. Azim moves behind a rock.

Sir Axialrod moves into the cold fog looking for a target, but misses. The White Dragon tails whips out, hitting once. The White Dragon uses its frightful presence then hits with its claw and bite. Another tail whip misses. Ulfgrim uses channel divinity calling to heal Azim and Jareath. Jareath readies an action. Errich moves and readies an action. The White Dragon tail whips Sir Axialrod, knocking him out. Azim moves next to Ulfgrim.

The mists hold, and White Dragon stays in the mist. Jareath moves forward casts Spiritual Guardians. Jareath and Errich move and wait. Azim moves forward hits something.

Stalemate nothing happen….. White Dragon flees. Fog still there. Ulfgrim looks for the fallen heroes., climbs a small cliff and finds the Sir Axialrod. He then tries to drag him out, casing Spare the Dying on Sir Axialrod. Azim locates a squishy female so drags her out. But unluckily she has passed to another realm. Jareath determines that the White Dragon is fleeing.

Sir Axialrod uses his magic wand to Detect Magic. to locate any magic items (like the books from the Arcane Brotherhood). An arrow, and a sword. Some gems.

Searching back through finds little of interest.

Council of Waterdeep Part 6
Stopping the White Dragon

The Party left the dead Ice Trolls and continued around the corridor.

The next chamber contains a number of Ice Toads scribes writing their heretical literature into scrolls and walls. The back of the cave is covered by compartments for their writings. Sir Axialrod engages them in conversation, in Draconic, but it ends quickly as he fluffs his conversation skills. Que fight music, as Sir Axialrod asks what does an Ice Toad say when it dies….. croak.

Two Ice Toads attack Jareath, missing. The next four Ice Toads attack Sir Axialrod, but miss. Azim slips forward and attacks, hitting twice. Ulfgrim, gets a little frost burn, but kills the Ice Toad Azim hit.. Sir Axialrod gets frost burned as well, but hits twice. Errich slips through Jareaths leg and hits an Ice Toad , Jareath follows up killing it. Janthyra kills the Ice Toad in front of Sir Axialrod with a Eldrich Blast.

One Ice Toad tries to leap over the party but is killed by the reactions of the Party. But the others follow up, leaping over the party. One misses Janthyra but hits Jareath. and Sir Axialrod. Both are grabbed by the Ice Toads. As the battle continues. Azim hits one, Ulfgrim finishes it off. Sir Axialrod, smashes again. Errich kills the one attacking Janthyra,. Janthyra Eldrich Blasts kill one Ice Toad and injures another. An Ice Toad grabs Sir Axialrod in its mouth and drags him off. Azim attacks the Ice Toad with Jareath in its mouth killing it, then injures another. Ulfgrim axes another Ice Toad as Sir Axialrod gets vengeance from being dragged off, smashing the Ice Toad holding him killing it. Jareath does limited damage and Janthyra kills the final Ice Toad. All that is left is the croaking of toads.

Exploring the cave, the writings are all written in a language that no-one can understand. The treasure at the end is mostly strange ice stuff and not much use unless you are a walrus.

Continuing the adventure, the next chamber is covered in heavy fog. The party hear the sound of something working. Ulfrgim and Sir Axialrod stay by the door as the other party members sneak, a large shape emerges….. a Giant. At 30’ feet in the Giant is frozen, blue, with chunks taken out of its armour. More investigation sees more frozen statues….. the noise comes from 8 Kobolds who are cleaning the statues. The sneaking party members attempt to eliminate them. In short order, all the Kobolds lie dead. The chamber has statues contain One Cloud Giant, one Fire Giant and 8 Frost Giants. Nothing else.

Going back, the empty chamber contains another chamber attached, inside is a shelter made in the likeness of tents from Calimshite. Just as the Party think….. finally Mccath the Crimson hideout. Two Ice Trolls guarding the entrance leap out to attack. Sir Axialrod moves forward knocks one over and bashes him twice. Jareath misses twice, something must have got is eye. The Ice Trolls attack. Hitting Sir Axialrod twice. Errich moves behind hitting twice. Azim moves forward hitting three times. Janthyra casts Fire Bolt hit Sir Axialrods Ice Troll.

Sir Axialrod hits and so does Jareath. The Ice Troll fighting Jareath turns and bites and claws Errich. Errich drives his cult dagger into its heart killing it. Azim attacks the other Ice Troll, and Janthyra blasts it to bits.

The tent 30’ by 20’ by 8’ tall. There is no obvious entrance. Janthyra uses her Awakened Mind ability to look for thoughts in a 30’ radius. It reveals three creatures in the tent, she can determine and read the surface thoughts of the creatures. One creature is very bored, one is hungry and final is that of a thinking
creature, working, deciphering something.

The party enter the tent. The tent remarkably warm due to the whale oil burning. Seated at a table is a Tiefling. Two Kobolds servants look nervous.

She looks up and asks “Are you hear to kill me or rescue me.” Jareath starts the family dialog. She wants to be rescued but needs all the information stolen from the Arcane Brotherhood.

She also spills the goods on the Dragon Lair and the Drakhorn. It is a device created by Tiamat, and awaken and warn all Dragons Throughout the realms. Escaping will be Dragon will be difficult if the Dragon can follow (Dragon vs Ship, Dragon Wins). She also offers a Ring of Cold Resistance and a Dragon Slaying Arrow.

Off to thee Scriptorium (looks for the Arcane Broothhood stolen property). Many magical books and Scrolls. Mccath the Crimson warns us about not reading the books for our own safety. Other magic scrolls are detected (Including Disintegrate and Hold Monster). Near the end of Scriptorium is a shoot to the Dragon Lair.

Errich asks Mccath what she was doing here, initially she wanted information on the Drakhorn. The Dragon captured her. She has been helping her decipher stolen Arcane Brotherhood texts. Originally she was only doing it to escape but the information was very challenging and she did want to leave it behind. No-one bothers her in her chamber. Since we needed to attune the ring, a short rest is required.

Day ends.

Council of Waterdeep Part 5
Sailing to the sea of Moving Ice

The day starts aboard the longship Frostskimmer. The Stag party had been outfitted for cold weather by the Council of Waterdeep; clothes and ice shoes. The Captain of the Longship Frostskimmer is called half face as half his face has been frozen off due to cold.

On a cold frosty morning the Frostskimmer leaves Watrdeep for the Sea of Moving Ice. After three days sailing north the crew arrives at the very cold sea of moving ice. Vast islands of ice can been seen floating as Frostskimmer navigates between the icebergs to the last known location of the Ship of Mccath the Crimson. As the party searchers the ice the party spots a man being attacked by the a large Polar Bear. The heroes decide to intercede.

The Frostskimmer heads to the ice berg. Errich shoots his bow at long range, 200’ feet. The Polar Bear hits the poor human with one claw. Ulfgrim fires his heavy Crossbow also hitting the Polar Bear. Sir Axialrod also hits the Polar Bear. Jareath hits the Polar Bear twice, killing it. The Captain intercedes and translates for the party.

The injured man is grateful to the assistance and healing from the party. Errich enquirers to where we can find a large Iceberg with a dragon on it. He says we would be looking for Arauthator, and that he is very dangerous. He is in fact a Ice Hunter. Errich collects a polar bear claw as we depart.

Five days later with no other information gathered, Jareath utilizes his Armour to find location/direction of a Dragon, 10 miles to the North. Toward the end of the seventh day a Large Iceberg is spotted, much like a large island. As the party draws near a beach is spotted with a number boats drawn up the beach. The beach is littered by enormous bones, some even bigger than a human.

At closer inspection they have huge bite marks, by some enormous predator. Some stairs are spotted leading to the top of the Plateau. Atop the ice plateau are nine humans and a dwarf frozen in a wall of ice, almost like a warning which is ignored by the Stag party. Travelling further the Party find a village made from about 20 huts/igloos. One larger tent sits in the middle. One dwelling sits on the outskirts and one is large and made from ice blocks decorated from bone. As they approach barking warns the village of the Stag Party’s approach. The villagers are seen grabbing spears and are preparing to confront the party.

A comical encounter occurs as various Stag Party members try to communicate with the chieftain who want us to leave. Eventually the party retreats, at the behest of Azim who did want to not kill innocent Ice Hunters. While retreating Janthyra uses her dormant ability granted by her unworldly patron, Awakened Mind, to communicate directly with the minds of the Ice Hunters. Shocked expressions pass between them and the Stag Party is invited back to the village, back to the village again. Introductions are remade without having to wiggle fingers or speak slower or louder. The Chieftain, Barking Seal, “speaks” for the village, Janthyra for the Stag Party. She is able gather some information about Mccath the Crimson. Barking Seal looks a little frightened as he then tries to lie about there being no dragon.

Finally a challenge, their champion Orca Heart verses Sir Axialrod. No magic, loser gives up location of dragon, or our items. Battle commences, Sir Axialrod steps forward, does nothing to give Orca Heart hope (or he just fluffed everything). The first round is a feeling out round as nothing is done to either party. Sir Axialrod follows up by knocking him down and causing Orca Heart to fear Sir Axialrod, he then smashes Orca Heart twice and steps back. Fear flashes across his eyes, Orca Heart then throws his weapon at Sir Axialrod. Sir Axialrod then steps inside his guard hits him once, steps back. Orca Heart backs up to the edge of the crowd. Sir Axialrod charges him knocking him 10 feet through the crowd. Only Errich is heard cheering as the crowd throw Orca Heart back into the ring. Back in the centre of the ring battle commences again.

Sir Axialrod moves away, turns his back in disdain. Enraged Orca Heart rushes up the hits with his shield. Sir Axialrod turns and hits with his Sword. Orca Heart hits with his shield again. Sir Axialrod hits him three times. Orca Heart stuns the crowd by knocking Sir Axialrod off his feet. Finally Sir Axialrod knocks Orca Heart out. Barking Seal halts the contest and acknowledges the victory and offers the village as is their law.

The Stag Party is offered a place to rest and brought food for refreshment. The hut is a storage hut, full of whale oil and dried meet, with nothing of interest. Errich get bored and investigates the hut away from the others, belonging to Bone Carver the village healer. After a little trade Errich sees an opportunity and gets Janthyra to help communicate with the Healer. She requires help to save village to help against the Dragon, in fact she has a hidden entrance to the caves below the Dragon lair. She also notes that Mccath the Crimson lives with the White Dragon, also Ice Trolls, Toads and Kobolds.

Bone Carver lifts some furs at the base of her hut, revealing steps cut into the ice leading off into the darkness. The stairs are treacherous with ice, without the proper equipment the climb would have been very dangerous. The stairs lead 100 feet down into a chamber, empty except for walrus bones and baskets stacked in the corner. Jaerath investigates the baskets to reveal that they contain food, fish and some “off” meat. An ice corridor, 30’ wide, leads from the room are covered by mists.


At a junction way three Ice Toads are seen trying to fix something on the wall. Que Battle music. Jareath shoots one twice. Janthyra casts Eldrich Blast hitting twice, killing it. Sir Axialrod bashes a frog with his shield, then hits it twice with his lightning flail. Errich moves forward hits twice. The Ice Toad then raps its tongue around Errich. Azim rushes forward killing one Ice Toad and Ulfgrim kills the other. Errich detaches himself from the tongue and takes some of the of the tools as the party moves off.

Further in the Mists gets thicker limiting visibility, investigating a large room, a trophy room, two ramirez, five yetis, other things and a Longship (including a chest of gold and gems on the deck). Errich investigates and sees it is frozen. Errich digs out a trinket, a necklace worth 50gp which he presents to Janthyra. Carrying on.


Further down the corridor, two Ice Trolls emerge out of the icy mists. If it wasn’t for the party’s diligence they would have surprised the party. Jareath casts Vicious Mockery on one Ice Troll . The Ice Trolls run-up saying something. Janthyra casts Fire Bolt singing it. Errich slips forward and wounds the Troll in front of Jareath. Azim hits the singed Ice Troll three times, Sir Axialrod follows up hitting twice. Ulfgrim casts Fire Bolt hitting the unhurt Ice Troll. Jareath again uses Vicious Mockery. The Ice Trolls bite and claw Azim and Sir Axialrod. Again Janthyra casts Fire Bolt but misses. Errich slips forward stabs a Ice Troll then slips away again. Azim misses. Sir Axialrod kills it. Ulfgrim hits with a Fire Bolt finishing off the dead Ice Troll. the last _Ice Troll _ ignore Jareath. Errich slips through the legs of the Ice Troll stabs it in the back, killing it as it was still burning from Janthyra’s Fire Bolt.

Continuing down the corridor, the fog starts to lift. A large chamber is found with the sound running water. The party investigates the cavern further. The cave contains massive columns made from ice. The Jareaths bow hums in warning as three more Ice Trolls emerge out of the mists.

Errich seizes the opportunity shoots and slips behind the party. Jareath’s shots bounce off their hides. Azim and Sir Axialrod assume defensive stances. The Ice Trolls run-up as Ulfgrim shoots a Fire Bolt hitting an Ice Troll Janthyra Misty Steps out of combat and Fire Bolts the Troll. Errich once again slips forward stabbing the Ice Troll. Jareath uses his dulcet tones to cast Viscous Mockery. Azim and Ice Troll miss each other. One Ice Troll hits Ulfgrim who’s Fire Bolt shoots over it’s head. Janthyra hits with another Fire Bolt and Errich finishes it off. Jareath shoots another Ice Troll twice. Azim uses his vast movement to get behind the Ice Trolls knocking out one Ice Troll and kicking another. The knocked out ice Troll stands up and swings at Sir Axialrod, who counters and knocked out the Ice Troll return (again). The other Ice Troll claws and bites Sir Axialrod. Ulfgrim finishes off the Ice Troll on the ground. Janthyra Fire Bolts the remaining Ice Troll. Errich, Jareath, Sir Axialrod and Azim finish off the final Ice Troll.

Day ends, in an empty cold ice cavern with three dead Ice Trolls.

Council of Waterdeep Part 4
Travelling North

The hills are quite as the Stag Party head back to Boarskyr Bridge. Back at the tent “city”, Bolo’s Tentside Inn, Errich convinces Bolo that Varram has been corrupted by the Snake People and needs to be taken to a powerful healer to cure his mind. Bolo noded sagely and agrees to keep him safe at night. Looking at the booty, Ring of Poison Resistance, two scrolls of protection from energy, a silver Euer and Gobblets of poison resistance (resistance and advantage against poison for three hours).

Leaving Boarskyr bridge toward Elturel, we here screams from behind them, the scream of dying peasants. The party turn back, leaving Jareath guarding Varram. As the party discover Cultists attacking the town, obviously looking for something.

Near Bolo’s tent there are Kobolds, Cultists, a Half Dragon and Guard Drake. Sir Axialrod moves forward into the centre and kills a Kobold , Errich moves beside him and Readys to attack anything near Sir Axialrod. Azim moves forward into defensive mode and looks in “Bolo’s Inn” tent, seeing a half dragon. The Kobold surge forward, one is killed by Errich. Sir Axialrod counters an attack on him killing another one. Janthyra Eldrich Blasts one Kobold to death. The Half Dragon sees the monk in the doorway and rips through the tent to get at the monk. With the tent ripped apart the other Cultists move into the street. Ulfgrim runs up the street, surges, then activates Spirit Guardians, cherub bomb.

Sir Axialrod, moves away from the Kobolds kills two Cultists. Errich uses his off hand to kill a kobold, moves through Ulfgrims legs and kills another Kobold. Azim critically hits the Guard Drake. The naked dwarven cherubs kill two Kobolds, hurt the Guard Drake and Half Dragon. One Kobold runs away. Meanwhile Janthyra hears the flap of wings as a red Dragon become visible, grabs her and flaps into the air.

The Guard Drake misses . Janthyra uses Misty Step to escape the clutches of the Red Dragon appearing above a tent. Falling through but doing really well. She then uses Eldrich Blast up its ass. Then chirps it. The Half Dragon then breaths on Errich, Azim and Ulfgrim. Azim side steps it, Errich takes a little fire damage but Ulfgrim takes alot. Cultists then move to attack Azim, one is killed by cherubs, the other one misses. Ulfgrim brings a Spritual Weapon into existence which then strikes the Half Dragon, moves forward and uses Green Flame Blade on his axe but misses. Sir Axialrod pulls out his longbow to attack but fails to string it, misses four times….. he is a terrible shot.

Errich uses Hunters Mark on the Red Dragon moves behind the Half Dragon hitting with the Dragontooth dagger. Azim hits the Half Dragon two times. The Red Dragon has a thing for Janthyra and breaths on her, and flies on. Jareath use Hex on the Red Dragon then Eldrich Blast it twice, doing massive damage. The Half Dragon and Cultist die due to the naked dwarven cherubs. Ulfgrim uses Guiding Bolt on the Red Dragon, hitting and lighting it up like a tree. Sir Axialrod waits as Errich misses with a shot, the Sir Axialrod hits once. Causing it to fear him. Azim uses his wand of Magic Missile to blast the beast. The Red Dragon keeps flying away.

The Stag Party then move help the people of Boarskyr Bridge. Janthyra has a battle of wills with the sword again, and losses again. A couple of hours later the party restart the trip south to Elturel. Two days later the party (two more days of failure from Janthyra). Back at the fortress to Order of the Gauntlet the stag party is Teleported back to Waterdeep.

Back in Waterdeep Leosin Erlanthar meets us and can take Varram into the Council of Waterdeeps keeping. The party is immediately able to travel north on the Longship “Frost Skimmer” looking for Mccath the Crimson. With the information the Party should start looking at a large iceburg near a village of Ice Hunters. The party set sail for the sea of moving ice, two days of Janthyra’s futile efforts to know about the large two handed sword. Finally she succeeds its name is “Hazirawn”, and could be useful. Basically evil. Arriving at the sea of moving ice, cold and moving. The Longship continues but slower.

Day ends.

Council of Waterdeep Part 3
Closing in on the White Wym Speaker

The day starts with heroes in a dark corridor with three dead Yuan-Ti. Six Axialrod looks up and to the left.

The decision to look in the chamber. The diamond shaped chamber has two walls has statues to snake deities the other have of Yuan-Ti statues with suits of plate armour. As the party enter small snakes slither from the walls and fill the armour, which then get up. Que battle music.


Errich acts first and shoots one rather poorly. Azim swings his magical mace, twice hitting once, then kicks it in armored codpiece. The Helmed Horrors then acts, hit Azim with his sword and poisoning him as well. Also hitting Janthyra once. Jareath casts Bane afflicting one suit of Armour. Janthyra casts Eldrich Blast hitting once. Ulfgrim swinging his axe, Hue, smashing well. Sir Axialrod assists Azim hitting twice. Errich moves to help Ulfgrim and Janthyra hitting once. Azim hits once. The combined effort of Sir Axialrod and Bane saves Azim from being hit. Janthyra hit once and Ulfgrim saved her from the second hit. Janthyra cast Vicious Mockery. Janthyra misses. Ulfgrim hits as does Sir Axialrod. Errich slips in and misses. Azim arrives and kills the last Helmed Horror.

The door at the back of the room leads to a short corridor and another doorway, which has another non-symmetrical room on the other side. On the floor are a dozen 3’ wide holes. There two totems of Asp’s. Rather than venturing further into the room the door beside the doorway is opened, a short corridor with a bricked up doorway half way down the length, which is secret door as well. Azim spots a pressure plate which the party avoids, and follows Janthyra’s direction through the secret door.

The secret door leads to empty prison cells. Passing through the empty prison through another set of doors the Stag Party find themselves in another corridor and a large room visible to the left.


This is massive temple with a number of Yuan-Ti and the body of a dwarf on the alter. Lining either side are statues of snakes with green flame out of their mouths. Three human with scales, one Yuan-Ti Abomination, three with human heads bodies and snakes for arms. The Yuan-Ti Abomination makes a deal we can have the dwarf as long as we leave. She points out he doesn’t have a soul. Errich asks for Varram’s dagger as well. He doesn’t have the the White Dragon Mask. Errich notices that the Dwarf is badly beaten up. In the end the party accepts. Sir Axialrod picks up the dwarf. The Stag Party slowly back out. Neither party have any trust of the other party.

The main corridor undulates much like the movement of a giant snake. Up the stairway to the moss bridge. Janthyra crosses first. Errich crosses nimbly next, bangs a spike and attaches rope. Azim next. Ulfgrim, with help from Jareath climbs slowly up . Lastly jareath. Janthyra doesn’t get to clap as someone fall to their doom. Back into the tomb area.

Basically Varram spills his guts. Varram has been on the out and another Dragon Cult member stole his White Dragon Mask. See Sir Axialrod asking questions gets results. This was why he here using the divining pool. Basically Jareath continues to threaten to kill him while the more sane members want to get him back to the Council of Waterdeep. Varram sees which way the wind is blowing as “offers” to come along. Varram agrees to dispel the devils, He has a deal with Zariel the Arch-duchess of Averness. (first layer of hell, where Tiamat resides). He banishes them back to Hell. The heroes head down the stairs.


The chamber below is a 30′×30′ bed chamber. Three corpses lie on the ground above them float a six Wraiths and two Specters. Jareath releases a Thunder Wave, watches as the magic does a little then retreats. Sir Axialrod then strides in swings away, killing two Wraiths then steps back. Ulfgrim casts Spirit Guardians. The Wraiths attack and get affected by the naked dwarven cherubs, one is humped to death. Janthyra cast Eldrich Blast destroying a Wraith. Errich shoots a Spectre as does Jareath (twice). Sir Axialrod then kills the two more Wraiths, walks forward next to a Spectre. Ulfgrim strides forward hitting a Spectre. Errich shoots one. Azim moves in too attack with his magical mace, killing the other Spectre. Sir Axialrod swings twice causing fear to flash across its incorporeal face. Ulfgrim hits with his Axe. Janthyra blasts it twice Eldrich Blast destroying the last one.

Searching the room, the chest has some robes, a ring and two scrolls. Janthyra uses her wand to work out there is a magic ring, scrolls and magic decanter and goblets. After determining that the books here did not belong to the ghost the party leaves the complex. Only to find that the horses have been eaten by Trolls. The party trudge in the direction of Boreskyr bridge.

Day ends.

Council of Waterdeep Part 2
Chasing the White Wyrm Speaker

The party approached 5 hooded Bearded Devils sitting around a table.


Sir Axialrod engages the Bearded Devils in a lovely conversation, they seem to have been ordered to work with Varram the White Wyrmspeaker. The Bearded Devils were ordered to guard a set of stairs that the Stag Party did not come up. In fact they had no problem the Stag Party from going through a set of doors behind them.

SIr Axialrod tries to trick the Bearded Devils to reveal who they are working for and why. They seem to have no interest in stopping the Stag Party. Nobody seems to want to start a fight. The corridor behind is a big room with a hole in the middle, a set of bulging double doors sit on the other side of the room. There are broken arrows, blood stains, and a dead human lie on the floor. On the far wall there is a sluice where water could flow. Errich investigates the cause of death on the body with little success, Jareath notices he was killed by a dagger in the back (low in the back).

Closer investigation reveals that the hole is not a hole but a depression for some water or pool. Errich looks at the arrows, made of stone carved with fangs. Ulfgrim recognizes that is the belongs to Merrshalk the god of the Yuan-Ti.

The next room is a twenty foot high chamber with a large sarcophagi sitting on a dais. Around the wall are life sized frescoes. Sir Axialrod approaches the dais. Hearing in our minds “You approach Diderius, I know what you seek. Varrum has been taken by the snake people and I shall open the way for you.” A secret door opens on the far side. Janthyra approaches the tomb and asks if he knows where the library books are so that we can return them. Making the right symbols of devotion. A hollow voice replies that he knows not where some are, but some may be in his bed chamber.


As this conversation takes place movement is seen down the corridor. Eight Lizardmen are seen running down the corridor. Sir Axialrod steps back to protect Janthyra. Azim assumes a defensive stance. Errich slips out of the room and hides. Jareath steps onto the sarcophagi and shoots a Lizardman then steps back. Janthyra then does the same. The Lizardman poor into the room. Missing both Azim and Ulfgrim. Ulfgrim swings with his Axe hitting a Lizardman. In short order all the Lizardman die.


As the last Lizardman dies four creatures with human bodies, snake heads and scimitars enter the room. Yuan-Ti. Janthyra casts Hex on one, then Eldrich Blasts it creature twice. Ulfgrim steps forth a hits the same Yuan-Ti once and casts Spiritual Weapon which also hits. Sir Axialrod steps forward and kills it, then knocks over another Yuan-Ti. Errich slips forward stabs the creature on the ground then slips between Sir Axialrods legs away from combat. Azim leaps forward smashing the Yuan-Ti three times. Jareath uses Vicious Mockery to wound the Yuan-Ti deeply. The Yuan-Ti use Suggestion to get Sir Axialrod, Azim and Jareath to leave. Ulfgrim steps forward to hits the Yuan-Ti in front of Azim. Breaking the Suggestion on Azim. SIr Axialrod turns and leaves the fight. Azim shakes off the effect of the spell, kills the Yuan-Ti in front of him. Errich does a dirty stab and slips out of combat again. Jareath turns and leaves the room. The Yuan-Ti hit Ulfgrim with a poison bite. Janthyra slips behind the fighter and using her spell sniper skill to hit one Yuan-Ti with Hex and Eldrich Blast twice killing it. Ulfgrim hits with his Axe and Spiritual Weapon . Errich slips through everyone’s legs hits the last Yuan-Ti with both daggers. Azim kills the last Yuan-Ti.

Leaving the dead Yuan-Ti and Lizardman the party head down the corridor into a cavern, some steep stairs head down to the darkness. The atmosphere has changed, it is a lot more moist and warm. There is a stone bridge sloops down across a crevice. Errich sees nothing, neither do the Dark Sighted party members. Errich leads the party down to the bridge, which under closer inspection is covered in moss. Janthyra volunteers to cross the bridge holding a rope. Sir Axialrod follows cautiously but slips. With arms flailing Sir Axialrod tries to catch the edge. Azim leaps into action to save Sir Axialrod, getting too him in time to catch him. Just like in the movies. From the other side of the bridge three Yuan-Ti step out shooting at Janthyra, Azima and Sir Axialrod. Hitting the struggling Sir Axialrod.

The Yuan-Ti move to attack Sir Axialrod and Janthyra. One stays where he is and shoots Azim who deflects most of the damage. Errich shoots the one fighting Janthyra. One Yuan-Ti just ignores Jareath’s Vicious Mockery. Azim steps back into the shadows, then Shadow Steps behind the last Yuan-Ti. Hitting it twice. Sir Axialrod hits his one twice, then again. Ulfgrim uses Sacred Flame but the Yuan-Ti dodges out of the way. Janthyra casts Poison Spray but it dodges away, she then uses Misty Step to step beside the monk. Luckily Janthyra can see in the dark (Devil Sight), seeing a corridor and a room but no evil creatures. The Yuan-Ti left with Sir Axialrod slashes him once.

The Yuan-Ti fighting the monk uses Suggestion on Azim to defend it against Janthyra. Errich shoots Yuan-Ti Sir Axialrod. Jareath casts Polymorph and turns into a spider, then scampers across the bridge (ignoring the slippery stones). Azim grapples Janthyra saving the Yuan-Ti. Sir Axialrod hits the Yuan-Ti behind him (next to Jareath the spider). Ulfgrim uses Guiding Bolt on the Yuan-Ti near Azim. Janthyra uses Misty Step away from the Monk and then Eldrich Blasts the Yuan-Ti. It then bites Janthyra. Errich misses with his bow shot and moves onto the moss bridge, but keeps his feet. Jareath the spider, bites the Yuan-Ti. Azim smashes the Yuan-Ti biting Janthyra to bits. In short order Sir Axialrod kills the last two badly injured Yuan-Ti. On the other side of the moss bridge Ulfgrim uses divine guidance, and bardic inspiration (or is it mockery) and crawling makes it across the Bridge. Very funny.

Day ends.

Council of Waterdeep
Attack of the Giant Frogs.

The day starts in the Council of Waterdeep, we were introduced to Dala Silmerhelve with information about the Draakhorn. She would not tell anyone why she knew this information which of course annoyed half the Council. Because of the assassination Remallia Haventree would like to strike back at the Cult.

Errich points out thwarting the Cult would strike back at them. All roads point to the sea of moving ice where a Tiefling Sorcerer (Mcath the Crimson, a member of the Arcane Brotherhood) who was researching the Draakhorn disappeared 3 years ago. Her last message was sent was following Ice Hunters, any further resulted finding her ship adrift and heavily damaged in the ice.

The Council have organised for a 60’ Longship called Frost Skimmer to transport the Stag Party to the sea of moving ice. As the Party were about to leave they were approached by Leosin Erlanthar with information about the where-abouts of the “White Wyrm Speaker”. Last seen at a place called Boareskyr Bridge, the place where the epic battle between Cyric and Bhaal took place, in the Serpent hills. This is seen as a good way to strike at the Cult and deprive them of another Dragon Mask.

The Party Votes, argues about rescuing the damsel (thanks Sir Axialrod). Errich insisting going after the Dwarf (Baron). At the end the Party decides (despite the protests of Janthyra) to head south. The Council will organised to teleport the party to a city, destination Elturel. Ontharr Frume, head of order of the Gauntlet, offers to accompany the party and outfit them for the journey (as Ulfgrim is a member of the Gauntlet).

It take the party about five days to arrive at Boarskyre Bridge. The huge black bridge has small community setup. the bridge is guarded by a patrol of Paladins. The report to Jareath that lots of unusual (banditry, robberies) even a fight at the Bolo Tentside Inn. A large tent with a ruff and tumble establishment. The party find that Bolo is a female halfling, when asking about the baron, the dwarf was looking for an escort to the hills after killing a “Scale Folk” from the hills. She believes he was a real hero, and disappeared into the hills about a week ago.

The party discover that the “Scale Folk” are Yan-Ti and Janthyra starts moaning. Errich finds the trail, 15 humanoids, heading to the Serpent Hills a week ago. The Serpent Hills are bad lands full of plateaus and rock formations, not very nice. The first day passes uneventfully but birds are seen circling. The second day the hero’s find a ruins where a campsite was made. Confirming that the Stag Party was on the right trail. Nearing the middle of the third day the path leads to a ruined settlement at the base of a sandstone cliff. The cliffs have stairs leading up to a hole 40’ up where the stairs have crumbled is a ladder. Carvings in the cliff face seem to be of otherworldly places. Two statues are seem to give warning about something. A campfire (glowing embers) is seen with three bed rolls, seven shallow graves can also be seen. Tracks can be seen leading to the stairs, well traveled, and drag marks leading away.

As we near the stairs the statues they turn and give warning, about approaching Diderius either walker and conduit of clairvoyance, but no one has heard of him. The Party are warned to approach with respect. The party climb the stairs come to the room, a richly decorated tomb. At the far end of the chamber is a open stone door. Inside the next chamber are 6 statues of cowled wizards, across the floor are bones of various creatures. Azim gives a warning about not looking under the cowls of the wizards. Janthyra ignores this and looks. All the statues turn and look at her. She looks a bit strange but nothing happens. Errich also looks but also gets nothing. The next room has a fresco of a Knight fighting a Chimera. A door is marked in chalk with the word “safe”. The other doors have noticeable bulge to them.

As the party enter the room the tiles underneath start moving around forming into a Tile Chimera and attacks the party. Cool. Errich throws a dagger then retreats out of the room. Azim moves behind it, as he strikes at it becomes a tile wide making it difficult to hit. Janthyra moves into the room casts Hex and then Eldrich Blast hitting twice. Sir Axialrod moves forward shield bashes it, then hits with his morning star twice. Jareath stands in the doorway and shoots it twice. Ulfgrim moves forward hits with his axe and also Spiritual Weapon.

The Tile Chimera bites horns and claws the party. It breaths fire on Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim, seriously burning Ulfgrim as Sir Axialrod ducked behind his shield. Errich shoots it with his bow. Azim hits it twice with his mace, and then punches it once. Janthyra then casts Eldrich Blast hitting it once. Sir Axialrod swings his flail shattering it into multiple pieces.

Errich inspects the door finding nothing, Sir Axialrod then opens the “Safe” door. In the room is a well with a bronze bucket on a rope. There is a brass lever above the basin, 8’ up the wall, there are red mushrooms around the edge of the well giving it the sheen of blood. There is sleeping gear scattered around (enough for five) on the wall is written “Safe”. The Bards casts light on the bucket underneath is water. Jareath then puts water from the well in the basin pulls the leaver, which drains the water.

Back in the Chimera room Sir Axialrod attempts to open the bulging door, in thunderous noise stones rushes hitting the Unicorn Knight (dumb ass). The corridor slopes sharply down. Stepping forward there is an audible click, in the room above rising from room is a large bolder made of skelletle bodies, the heros are all pulled into the mass, except Azim (who steps to the side). Jareath, Ulfgrim and Errich slip out. Sir Axialrod and Janthyra are carried to the end where it smashes into the end wall, knocking Janthyra out again.

At the bottom of this trap is a room. Dust and the smell of incense fill the room. Tapestries cover the calls. Everyone except Errich hear a warning in the heads, from Mystral the fallen Goddess of knowledge. There is a hole in the wall with a sarcophagi. Nothing disturbs the party for the next while the Dwarf uses Prayer of Healing. After searching there are six sarcophagi. Connecting to the next little corridor looks to be the remains of a library. In the middle of the room a form appears, a spectral forms sits on a chair.

“Why to have you come to the Library”

Janthyra stumbles her response. Which causes the Ghost to breakdown. Something needs to be done to let the Ghost sleep. The party offer to find and return any books to Diderius library. She, between sobs, tells the party of some of Diderius’s history. Out a set of double doors.

The next room houses a large 12’ golden man sitting on a throne. As the party enter the mans golden voice tells us to leave treasure at his feet to get Diderius’s insight. The party puts a large amount of money in front of him. Nothing is said. Silence. So the party head up the stairs to the right of the 12’ golden man.

The next room has three tables, two stone tables and a marble table. On the door the Party have left is written “Danger?”. Five creatures in hoods sit around the marble table, looking up as the party enters.

Day ends.


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