Tyranny of Dragons

Daggerford Investigations
Murder, Rats and Evil

Last week on the Daggerford Investigations ended with a Super Hero Landing and the killing of a slimy worm.

Dusk has fallen and we are standing in a pile of slime. The hero’s continued with the ghost investigation. Sir Axialrod stops looking left and jogged up the street.


Errich asking why are we not looking for the man in the “Midnight Blue” robe. Azim and Errich looked from the roof and the remaining party on the ground. But Jareath could find no evidence was found. The Bell Tower it is then.

Errich approached the Tower quietly, expertly opened the door and called the remaining party members. Entering the Bell Tower, Errich opens an internal door revealing 15′ × 15′ chamber with Turven inside. Turven decided he didn’t want Errich’s pie delivery so began transforming into a were-rat. Jareath moved first, striking with his new silver rapier. Azim moved next but stubbed his toe and banged his head. Sir Axialrod moved in, did nothing. Janthyra just prepared for other attackers (coming down the tower stairs), but none eventuated. Errich snuck between Sir Axialrods’ legs stabbed the were-rat and slunk away. With attackers all around Turven tried to leap up the ropes but was cut down by the combined efforts of Azim and Sir Axialrod. Nothing was in the room. The party decided to sneak up the stairs.

The second floor had a door which Errich opened. The rat warren. Ulfgrim led the party in, surprisingly Giant Rats attacked Janthyra and Ulfgrim. One Rat took a fancy to Janthyra biting her leg repeatedly. Jareath struck from the doorway not killing the Giant Rat (were-rat). Errich threw his dagger and watched as it bite deeply. Ulfgrim missed. Azim moved to the space vacated by Jareath, squeezed the rats nuts making it mad. Sir Axialrod offered some advice and put his shield in front of Ulfgrim. Both were-rats missed. Janthyra cast Frost Bite killing the were-rat. Huzzah.

In the middle of combat Errich picked up his dagger and opened a door, despite the chirp from Jareath (something about being an amiture. Ulfgrim took the advice of Sir Axlalrod and struck the were-rat. Sir Axialrod threw his hammer, but as it was not silvered didn’t have much effect. Meanwhile out in the corridor Jareath opened his rule book and had an argument with anyone who would listen about how damage damage-resistant were-rats were taking. The soon-to-be dying rat missed his attack due to Sir Axialrod’s shield. The were-rats were finally defeated by Sir Axialrods thrown dagger.

Errich searched the rooms looking for trinkets and odds and ends…. finding some amber, topaz and lots of coins (500gp worth). Huzzah.

As the hero’s headed up the stairs a magical symbol on the wall activated, send lightning at Ulfgrim. Luckily he was able to avoid most of the blast. Ulfgrim had to call on the power of his Godess to cure himself though. On level three of the Tower another set of crowded rooms confronted the “Murder Hobbos”…. much like the rooms below. But contained nothing of value or any rats nibbling on Janthyra.

Level four contained the ropes used to activate the bells and the party could feel the crisp outside air. Also the cry of an angry rat standing on a cross beam 20’ above the hero’s. Strangely the hybrid were-rat started to cast a spell while two of his brood swung down to attack. Azim acted first started to climb some ropes, reaching the level of the were-rats. He then attempted to push the spell casting rat off the beam, but slipped on the beam. Squim (the spell casting were-rat) release his spell …. summoning a large translucent squid thingy……. Cthulhu watch out.

Errich also climbed the ropes and also tried to push one of the brood off the beam but failed. Both were-rats failed to hurt the party. Sir Axialrod attacked the squid hitting it with his dagger. Then struck with his shield but did nothing. Jareath cast Bane on enemies that could see him. Ulfgrim swung at the beast, hitting. Janthyra failed to hit with a Fire Bolt. Azim struck the lead were-rat, Squim missed. Errich struck with both daggers. Both were-rats failed to hurt the party.Sir Axialrod hit the Cthulhu Squid. The Cthulhu Squid failed to hurt the party as well. Jareath pushed his rapier slowly into the Squid killing it. Janthyra failed to hit with another spell, Witch Bolt this time. Ulfgrim hit. Azim succeeded in grappling Squim and takes a step off the beam….cool. Another super hero landing this time on Squim….. Squim got hit by the planet! Followed by a punch to the snout …… super cool! Squim now angry and hurt turns and tries to bite Azim.

Errich tried a cheap shot but misses. Then seeing himself alone with the rat scampered down the ropes.. The were-rat follows and attacked from above while holding onto the ropes. Jareath inspires Azim. Ulfgrim struck the were-rat.. Janthyra cast twin Fire Bolts killing one rat on the ground and hitting the were-rat on the ropes. Azim failed to hit Squim twice. Errich took the cowardly approach struck the rat and then disengaged out of the room. The were-rat then cried as the bards annoying tone caused him to miss Azim. Sir Axialrod then stepped forward and killed the rat. Jareath struck Squim. Ulfgrim used Sacred Flame but the were-rat dodged aside. Janthyra release another Fire Bolt killing the last bell ringer of Daggerford.

Up….. the stairs end abruptly. A gust of wind hits the hero’s faces as they look out across Daggerford. As the hero contemplate the view two Gargoyle attack, surprising everyone except Azim. Azim yells a warning and threw a dart at the Gargoyle hitting it in the chest, taking a chunk out of the Gargoyle. Jareath is bitten and clawed. Sir Axialrod is also clawed. Jareath now reacts and hits the Gargoyle. Azim throws another dart, hitting again. The Gargoyles claw Sir Axialrod. Errich encourages Jareath. Janthyra’s cast Frost Bite but failed to hurt the Gargoyle. Ulfgrim stepped forward tand hit it. As did Jareath. Azim misses with a dart throw. The Gargoyle misses Jareath, the other moved into the space vacated by Sir Axialrod, falling into the classic “stand there so we can hit you trap”. Sir Axialrod struck the Gargoyle with his shield. Errich didn’t want to throw his weapon away stepped forward praised Jareath (and had a look in his pocket…. with an disapproving look from Azim). Jareath cast Dissonant Whisper. Azim missed. The Gargoyles both hit their intended targets. Errich helped Jareath again and put the item back, Jareath noticed this time. Janthyra missed with another Fire Bolt. Ulfgrim, Jareath and Azim missed. The Gargoyles didn’t have much success either. Sir Axialrod hit. Errich pick pocked Jareath of his dagger then threw it at the Gargoyle hitting it in the eye. Janthyra hit with a Fire Bolt. Ulfgrim missed again. Jareath cast Dissonant Whisper causing it to flee away from him. He then moved behind Azim. Azim prepared to throw at the gargoyle as he came back into range, and hit. Sir Axialrod hit and knocked over the other Gargoyle. Errich stepped forward and pushed his dagger into the Gargoyles chest and watched it die. Meanwhile Ulfgrim hit the other Gargoyle. Jareath mocked the Gargoyle as Sir Axialrod nearly killed it. Errich encouraged Ulfgrim, as Janthyra blasted it to pieces with a Fire Bolt ….. battle ends.

The hero’s search the tower but find nothing.

Caravan Continues
Daggerford and beyond

The adventurers arrived in Daggerford, most of the caravan now likes the heroes a little more and the Cultist’s like the heros a little less. Strangely Sir Axialrod seemingly ignore everyone and stared off to the left, Errich assumed he must be contemplating what its like to mount a Unicorn.

As fate would have it Daggerford is celebrating a festival. After 630 miles the heroes were told to go and enjoy the fair (after being paid). At the gate the guards peace bonded any obvious weapons. Apparently halflings created the fair to share their culture….. food. The PC’s entertainment was interrupted by screams coming from the market.

Rats(5) the size of Errich with Rat like men(4) causing chaos. As the battle ensued Janthyra released a mighty Sleep spell, putting four helpless merchants and three of the giant rats to sleep. Errich and Azim dispatched two rats before they could attack Jareath. Ulfgrim used his peace bound hammer to hit one with a look of dismay as pillow fighting did not have the desired splatting effect. Jareath stood bravely in the front rank and removed his cloth from his “sword”. While claiming its a “peace string”….. which really inspired Errich. Janthyra then cast Crown of Madness Errich again slunk forward and struck at a Rat-man but found that he was not as effective as he could have been. Mean while a rat-man struck Ulfgar and then a mad one struck his friend. The luck was with the rat-man, as they also heavily damaging the bard. Ulfgrim healed the bard and removed his pillow case. Jareth returned the attack and struck the ran-man. Errich made a tactical mistake of taking too much time to attack leaving him next to the bard. Azim also had some success but did not kill a rat-man. A rat then failed to hurt Ulfgrim due to the bards inspiration.

OOC Note: The GM had weakened the were-rats as the party could not even hurt them otherwise.

Ulfgrim’s Spiritual Hammer crushed the skull of a rat-man, who then turned back to a human. Jareath cast Dissonant Whisper abusing the poor rat-man. Janthyra cast Witch Bolt on a rat-man while Errich snuck forward again this time killing a rat-man. With the death of their brood-mates the remaining rat-men scattered. Victory!

The heros worried about what the po po might do to them, jail or thank you letter? Errich’s cunning plan was then to use the body of rats and rat-men to stage a scene. Jathyra had a better idea, but put a on terrible performance …. more wooded than a Mahican. The guards finally made an appearance and thanked the hero’s for saving the merchants Errich inquired with the guard about what was going on. The guard reveled that not all was well with some murders and extortion taking place.

The hero’s decided to help investigate. Both Errich and Jareath to make a beeline for a weapon smith with the hope of getting some “silvered” weapons. At “Cromac Smithy”,a dwarf named Tholvar Cragjaw (proprietor) accepted and also revealed some clues about what was going on. Rumors had it that Daggerfords bell tower was swarming with rats. He knew the previous owner and that their son, Turven, now lived there.

While wondering the market the party noticed a large man with rapier (not peace bonded) was following them. Errich and Jareath attempted to follow the followers (now there were two of them). Jathyra convinced Azim and Ulfgrim to turn the tables on the thugs and followed them into an ally….. who promptly turned into were-rats…..Que fight music.

Ulfgrim sung his mighty hammer first causing a were-rat to hiss. They then attacked Azim and Ulfgrim while Jathyra cast Witch Bolt striking both were-rats. Azim proved fruitless in attack …. or fondle as Jareath called it. Ulfgrim attacked again, crushing its skull, killing the were-rat.. The other were-rat fled. Fight over in 12 seconds, a new record. The hero’s looked for evidence and and found two magic potions Enlarge and Reduce, the hero’s then searched the other were-rats clothes but found nothing. Azim, Jathyra and Ulfgrim then caught up with Errich and Jareath……… Investigating the Bell Tower next.

OOC Note: Don’t get Pina Colada Tim Tams…..unless you like flavors that should not touch.

Using the hero’s investigation skills they could not find any new information about Daggerfords pride and joy. After this the hero’s had to use manual investigation skills, walking and looking at 135ft high, 30ft wide tower. Observing the tower for three hours revealed there was a lot of foot traffic…. especially for a bell tower. Not having anything else to do Jareath decided to knock on the door and ask for “Turven”. A old man answered the door and denied that they had any issue with rats….. slamming the door in Jathyra face…. Jathyra then claimed to be a bell ringer and wanted to visit…….slam…… After this failure the the hero’s headed to the tavern, the Silverflood Inn, for a short rest. More rumors circulated about the murders giving the murders a general location (in and around the port) and the disappearance of the Guard Captain….. also something about a “laughing ghost”. Errich denied anything to do with murders as he wasn’t in port (as a pirate)

Ghost hunt…… walking the street, the fabric of space/time warped and a pile of slime appears on the ground, emerging out of the slime emerged a 25ft slimy worm thingy with seven tentacles . Que more battle music. Jathyra cast Scorching Ray…. but watched helplessly as the bolts bounce harmlessly off its slimy skin. Ulfgrim moved to engage the beast, and cast Protection From Evil Jareath slipped sideways and cast Heroism. The aboration then spat at Jareth as Errich then ducked out of the way. Errich failed to stab it. Azim looked around for something controlling the beast. But poked himself in the eye. Janthyra used Witch Bolt and watched lightning dance on its surface. Ulfgrim struck the creature with his hammer and also with a Spiritual Hammer. Jareath failed to wound the creature. The adoration then attacked the dwarf, but missed. Missed the bard and struck the halfling, grappling him. The other 4 attacks only resulted in one tentacle attaching itelf to the dwarf. Errich escaped the grapple and stepped back.

Azim spotted a tall human in a night blue robe standing on top of a roof, so immediately attempted to climb up a building after the cur. Failing to tell the party about it. His vow of silence must have come into effect. Janthyra’s Witch Bolt damaged the creature and she backed up. Ulfgrim also the tentacle grappling him, his Spiritual Hammer then bashed the creature. Jareth cast Dissonant Whisper, damaging the foul beast. It then spat at the dwarf… overestimating his height again. Errich moved in stabbed and retreated again. Meanwhile Azim got to the top of the building, but lost sight of his quarry…… he did find a piece of a paper.

Janthyra damaged the beast with her electrical bolt again. Ulfgrim struck the beast with both hammers, as did Jareath. The creature then went full tentacle mode, seven failures. Errich slipped in stabbed it , only to see it fall back to the goo whence it came.

Azim leapt off the roof …… super hero landing.

Janthyra used her arcana knowledge to investigate the paper, it was the remnants of some type summoning scroll.

Day ends.

Caravan of Courage
But no little brown bears

The band of heroes were approached by the trader to say that the caravans were now hiring guards. The perspective employees turned up. Sir Axialrod Moonbeam, Ulfgrim Foehammer and Jareath Lockwind were of course paid the most as bodyguards. AZIM and Janthyra Tarmeikos were employed as Sergeants. And lastly (and leastly) nobody really wanted the halfling Errich who hired as a mere guard as a sign of pity more than guarding ability.

On the road towards Waterdeep the wagons went. Not much bothered them except for a raid by hobgoblins. Everyone rushed to fight, except for Errich who hid under the wagons and fired pop shots. Azim bravely ran forward and after finding that Hobgoblin captains are mean was forced to retreat. More spells, spiritual hammers and thrown hammers were used before Axialrod crashed into combat slaying the hobgoblin captain. Soon after the other hobgoblins were finished off and Azim’s wounds were patched. Errich was found under the wagon saying that all was safe.

A golden stag was spotted, and Errich and Azim chose to chase the quarry into an abandoned ruin. Amazingly the shadow monk was able to touch the beast before it was even aware of his presence. It then spoke in several languages before deciding that everyone could speak common. It said “blah blah blah, something inevitably vague and obvious in hindsight, blah blah blah” Errich thought that someone else was going to die. The stag then turned into a golden shower leaving behind a magical golden longbow. Upon returning to the caravan, Jareath hugged it saying that it was a Longbow of Warning and “mine, mine, mine”. No one else was too bothered except they can’t be jumped on at night now. Ulfgrim sent a quiet prayer to his goddess telling her about the bow and querying when his holy weapon would be arriving. A boil appeared on his bum soon after.

Travelling near Daggerford the caravan passed what appeared to be a man buried up to the neck beside the road. Most of the caravan wanted to leave him there as he had the words “oathbreaker” scrawled across his forehead. But some of the more gentle party wanted him freed (Errich and Jareath among them). As the true heroes freed the helpless man a tattoo was revealed bearing the insignia of the harpers. This peaked the interest of the heros and was decided that he should travel with Jareth. For some reason he did not want to talk about his past with Errich no matter how many (annoying) times he asked. Jareath was able to break his silence as he too was a member of the not-so secret secret society of Harpers. The man revealed that he was also tracking the Cult of the Dragon but was found prying, hence falsely accused of breaking his oath and left to die….. Errich remarked how enlightened Lawful society is, it won’t just kill innocent people as this is considered murder, but it is “OK” to bury them up to their necks and leave them to die. (let the Gods decide…)


A few days past before a pair of Perytons attacked swooping down and attacking a guard slaying him with a dive attack using it’s gore attack and talons to rip him a new one. Jareath was also attacked but managed some pretty nasty magical words at the beast causing it to fall from the sky dead. The other was shot, blasted and slain as it attempted to fly off with the body of the guard to eat. Sir Axialrod amazed everyone with his hidden talent of cooking a Preyton Curry.

The caravan of wagons continued up the road with Daggerford and its annual fair the next stop…

Princess Pig
Azim gets down and dirty

The Heroes arrived at the city of “Eternal Sun” Elturel and soon found themselves at an inn called A Pair of Black Antlers. With a blast from the horn of Jareath, it was announced that Sir Axialrod, hero of Greenest, had arrived . They were introduced to the presence of Ontharr Frume who informed them that games were about to be had before the monk Leosin Erlanthar could show up.

Why not… As Jareath Lockwind played his harp.Janthyra Tarmeikos immediately started some betting scams.

  • Knife throwing was going well until the blindfold was added making everyone miss.
  • Arm wrestling was won by Sir Axialrod after beating the noble dwarf Ulfgrim and silly halfling who had got to the final by mysterious methods.
  • The Lady in Lace (catch the greased pig in mud) competition was won by the very dirty Azim (who is now the champion of the Lady) and once again Errich sulked…
  • The drinking competition was won by the dwarf who not only drank the entire competition under the table did it with style and grace and one very loud burp (and finishing everyone elses drinks….)

The heroes were convinced very easily to continue to thwart the plots of the cult of the dragon and travel down river to the city of Baldurs Gate. Ontharr Frume presented the characters with a bag of magical treasure including magical arrows, bag of holding and potion of water breathing. Everyone spent some time in the city purchasing equipment before boarding the barge and heading downriver. There they met the wagon agent Ackyn Selebon who told them to wait. Soon they got bored and investigated the surroundings and warehouse of the cult, but found nothing.

As strange mad man approached AZIM on the street and said that the gate has opened, blah blah blah. Azim then said “show me” only to have the man pull out a tentacle and start casting a horrible spell. Errich grabbed the tentacle and ran off as the others retreated behind shields or by distance. Only the command of Ulfgrim Foehammer causing the mad spell caster to run away saved the day with no loss of life.

Dragon Hatchery finished

After the fight with the roper the party had to have a quick breather to recover some of their strength. Sir Axialrod Moonbeam looked like a tin can that was poorly opened. Thanks to innate toughness he recovered somewhat. Leading the crew out down a nearby tunnel they discovered a nest of Kobolds who immediately attacked. Sir Axialrod Moonbeam and Ulfgrim Foehammer immediately formed a front rank attempting to stop anyone from rushing past. One Kobold began with a crown of sillyness cast from Janthyra Tarmeikos as the highly mobile monk AZIM rushed up the side.

Soon the Kobolds fighting the heroes died but amazingly half seemed to have wings and flew over the top and attempted to drop stones. Errich was struck for the very first time ever, exlaiming “I think this is what pain feels like”. A rock was dropped at AZIM who caught it and returned it with a mighty “ha” killing the flying kobold. Others were slain with thrown hammers, arrows and bolts, before the final attempted to rush past Janthyra Tarmeikos whose dagger once again slew the beast.

The party continued up the stairs avoiding the silly trap step, and encountered a chamber where three guard dragon things waited. Nobody joined them in the pit as the party carefully pitted them with Arrows, bolts and magic. AZIM rushed off to find another trap and probably sulked as he didn’t have anything to throw.

More caverns were emptied until a swarm of bats were disturbed that also disturbed 10 stirges. The stirges failed to surprise anyone and were destroyed effectively with team play. Only Jareath Lockwind had a sucky experience but it was bashed off very quickly. Some gems were found in a midden pit.

The Cavern was empty and no more evidence or dragon eggs could be found. They left and returned to Greenrest. There they were paid and had their first sleep for some time before leaving to travel to Elturel to find the monk Leosin Erlanthar who had promised them more money.

Travelling towards Elturel they encountered a broken down wagon and several people attempting to fix it. Suspicions were raised by continued talking with the leader. However, after a “Tiamat be praised” was issued from Sir Axialrod his suspicions were confirmed. Reaching for his sword they attacked (first is must be noted as at that stage he hadn’t raised his hand). Sir Axialrod Moonbeam battered at the leader quickly and knocked her over before Errich rushed up and stabbed her to death. The two guards and peons were quickly dispatched. Evidence in the form of a letter were found indicating that they were members of the dragon cult and were taking this wagon of loot towards Baldurs gate to join up with other Cultists.

Tale of two battles

The heroes after kicking the bodies of the guards for good measure discovered that they had recently moved their guardroom into a storeroom. Obviously the draft was too much. The next room with signs of recent bed removals had a sleeping drunk figure lying on the floor. They tied him up and moved on to search two rooms next door before finding a key in a bedroom and rope ladder leading down under a rug. Don’t forget the clue to where the Cult are headed and some real bad poetry

Moving down the corridor they encountered an official dragon cult lair with dragon images on walls, Tiamat statue in the corner and of course several creatures meeting us. Langdedrosa Cyanwrath attempted to monologue, but was out monologued by Sir Axialrod Moonbeam first. Also with a range of Beserker guards waiting was the semi chief villan, Frulam Mondath. As Ulfgrim Foehammer and Sir Axialrod Moonbeam moved up, Cyanwrath breathed a beam of electricity at Axialrod, Ulfgrim and Janthyra Tarmeikos. Using his shield Sir Axialrod Moonbeam deflected all the damage as Ulfgrim took only some, whereas Janthyra was caught by surprise and knocked unconscious. Everyone attacked Cyanwrath, but as AZIM attempted to flank him he encountered another beserker who was hidden behind a pillar.

Cyanwrath’s luck ran out as everyone bashed the crap out of him dropping him down very quickly, but the beserkers were not to be underestimated, nor was the clerical power of Frulam Mondath who cast a Spiritual Hammer spell to attack Ulfgrim. Jareath Lockwind managed to freeze Frulam briefly before she summoned some spiritual protection. The beserkers were eventually defeated, before Jareath used a large toot spell at the cleric and beserker who now moved up bringing up the horrible Spirit spell that seemed to do lots of damage. Frulam was shot by the halfling, Errich before passing away. Everyone was very bruised and after disarming a trap on the chest found some gems, ring and necklace inside. Everyone retreated to the Guard room to have a hours rest.

Carrying on down the corridor past the shrine to Taimat a cavernous cavern was found. Thanks to the power of light cast on rocks by Jareath Lockwind the entire cavern was lit. 4 kobolds jumped up and surpised everyone except for Azim who ran over and punched two out before firebombs or stickyness bombs could be thrown. Axialrod was trapped in a power of glue, before Errich and Axim slew the remaining kobolds.

Below in the central cavern, a steel cage showed two small dragon beasts who were planning on surprising the party. The entire crew except for Azim who hadn’t brought any missile weapons fired at the beasts. This woke up a pile of rocks in the corner who appeared to be a roper. Missiles were fired (the dragons attempted to hide behind rocks) and it attempted to grap Sir Axialrod Moonbeam who was missed. The noble knight retreated from the ropes firing his longbow. However, the beast moved up and grabbed Jareath Lockwind from 50’ away and began to drag him closer. More arrows and stuff was fired mostly glancing of the stoney exterior of the beast. As Jareath, was dragged closer, Azim and then Axialrod rushed in to defend their friend who was immediately chomped unconscious. The beast then entangled Axialrod who dragged him closer and then chomped him as well. Luckly, using all of his Battle Master techniques Axialrod avoided some damage. More missiles fired as the monk managed several good hits on the beast. Axialrod was again mightily chomped but thanks to his tough heritage only just survived. Thanks to a well timed arrow from Errich the beast was slain. Ulfgrim moved up and used his special healing power to wake Jareath and everyone piled into the heap with the two dragons. Arrows and firebolts from Janthyra Tarmeikos continued as the dragons were slain. The shields of the dwarf and fighter had many toothy marks.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as how close the fight went to a TPK… The two dragon eggs were destroyed and another was found and destroyed as well. The rest of the cave complex waits. Everyone seems to be damaged.

An unexpected pause for Fish and Posing

Having begun the assault on the enemy underground lair the Heroes of [INSERT PARTY NAME HERE] suddenly and inexplicably paused to eat pickled fish and look up to the left.


Some of the heroes, or at least their dream-selves, imagined they were in the 41st Millennium flying through the perils of the warp in an attempt to capture some objectives. Unfortunately the Ultramarines proved the worst at this (slaying a number of Orks in the process of losing) but their kin, the Hordes of Chaos, proved that evil does pay…. The Orks came a close second with the Eldar third…

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Rescue the Prisoners and now into the hole.

The heroes gathering up the uniforms of the dead ambushers trotted down to the enemy encampment located at the bottom of a steep sided ravine. They found it guarded by kobolds who had tents at the entrance. Human camps were located further towards the back of the ravine. Walking confidently down into the camp the heroes blended amazingly with the mercenary population. The phrase “praise to Taimat” that was uttered at every conversation and had a fervent ring to it, surrounded as they were by many hundreds of enemies.

After successfully gathering intelligence the location of the missing monk was discovered. He was found tied to a pole near the back of the ravine. The other village prisoners and a few from a previous raid were also discovered in a tent nearby. Night fell.

A conversation was overheard between two enemy officers. News of the rear guards destruction had reached the camp and the order was given to fortify the entrance against intruders. The receiver of this order however never carried it out as he was put to sleep by a powerful sleep spell from Janthyra Tarmeikos. Jareath Lockwind caught the body before it crashed to the ground thus assuring that no alert was raised. The first officer assuming that his order was carried out left without actually doing anything. The sleeping officer was brought over to the monk tied to the pole and the monk was cut down (despite his protest) and replaced with the sleeping officer. As Sir Axialrod Moonbeam led the slinking monk away both Errich and Jareath Lockwind decided that a dead guard wouldn’t wake up and caused a double poke slaying him silently. The villainous twosome assumed their crime went unnoticed. But the Gods notice these things and another black mark stained their quickly blackening souls. For the killing of an unarmed and helpless prisoner is a dastardly evil act against any sentient creature let alone a human of unknown quality.

Errich then broke into the tents holding the villagers prisoner and thanks to deft lock picking skills silent freed all the prisoners from their chains. Amazingly thanks to the inspiration of Jareath Lockwind everyone snuck out of the camp with barely a whisper.

Back at the village of Greenest, the Governor Tarbaw Nighthill rewarded the heroes on a successful rescue and then asked if would return and put an end of the dragon hatchery at the back of the camp. Everyone agreed and after a good nights sleep the refreshed party of heroes departed for the camp once more. After arriving and sending in the scouts the camp was found to be mostly empty.

All that remained were three individuals cutting up an antelope. These figures upon being approached proved friendly enough and admitted that everyone had left except for the people in the cave hatchery. The party crept in but were surprised by two dragon cultists who seemed to burst out of the rock and surprise both Sir Axialrod Moonbeam and Ulfgrim Foehammer. Somehow AZIM wasn’t surprised but didn’t react allowing poor Ulfgrim to be viciously attacked. Thanks to the hardy nature of the dwarves he shrugged of the mighty attack and then everyone got to the butchery, surrounding and slaying the two cultists. Focusing their attacks on the heroic dwarf the rest of the heroes attacked with impunity. Ulfgrim Foehammer was forced to breathe hard, get his second wind and even gave thanks to his dwarven god and healed himself.

Carrying up the corridor the party, partly surprised a guard room bursting in and slaying all the guards with efficient strokes. Even Janthyra Tarmeikos closing her eyes and stabbing out with her dagger slew a guard as he attempted to rush past. All was quiet.

More tunnels awaited. Particularly some trapped stairs (sorry too obvious), and some screaming/exploding mushrooms sit near the entrance. Errich without even searching spotted the possible trap place.

Chase the Bandits
Poor Sir Axialrod...

As the heroes returned to the keep and attempted to bed down for another rest. A thump thump disturbed them. The keeps sally port had been breached and the heroes rushed to the gap. There they found the sally gate was under attack by a dragon dog thing, kobolds and a priest. Azim strode forward to attack the beast as Ulfgar flash banged and stood with a shield. Sir Axialrod Moonbeam eventually joined in adding his help as Azim slew the dragon. Errich Jumped from foot to foot attempting to see what had happened. Janthyra Tarmeikos put three Kobolds to sleep as the heroes burst through the doors slaying all the attackers. The priest Eadyan Falconmoon was summoned with his mending cantrip to repair the door. The heroes finally had a quick rest.

Outside the keep a group of Kobolds and their champion a half dragon held prisoner the wife and children of one of the defenders and demanded the champion of the defenders to stand forth and fight in single combat. Sir Axialrod Moonbeam immediately volunteered saying that by his life or death he would return the family to Sergeant Markguth. A ring of kobolds and heroes outside waited for the combat to occur. As Sir Axialrod stepped forward to attack he slipped slightly with his mighty sword blow going wide. There the Half dragon quickly beat Sir Axialrod down, and left him dying slowly with a spear in his back. It was all over too quickly with Axialrod missing everytime and the Half Dragon being accurate. The Half Dragon left the family with a sneer saying that their (the Village Champion) was pitiful and pathetic. Sir Axialrod could only gurgle as Ulfgrim Foehammer stabilized him with magic. Sir Axialrod was dragged inside and somehow thanks to fighter toughness had shaken off most of the injuries by morning.

Tarbaw Nighthill then summoned the heroes and asked them to track down the bandits and find out more information about them. An urchin approached saying that a mysterious monk had infiltrated the hideout and had knowledge about the activities of the bandits. After resting for 8 hours the heroes left to track the obvious tracks of the bandits.

Seeing smoke ahead Errich and AZIM snuck up to see a campsite of Kobolds and Humans. The heroes decided to attack creeping up and firing spells and missiles at the Kobolds and Humans. Two humans were quickly put to sleep as the kobolds watched as the two other humans were shot and slain attempting to pull their scimitars out. The 7 remaining kobolds ran off in terror. The Bandits were questioned and sentenced. A trap had been set up the gully ahead.

As the heroes approached the gully the plan was hatched to attack from the rear of one, but of course the loud armour of Sir Axialrod rose the suspicions of the enemy who turned and attacked. Arrow and missile fire flew down and quickly overwhelmed the enemy as the monk ran forward. One enemy rushed over to the other side as cross firing missiles began. Soon the enemy were driven back again as Sir Axialrod led the advance. Errich rushed up to fire his bow at the disappearing enemy. The monk ran over to engage another as Sir Axialrod’s longbow again slew the last as he attempted to run off. All was quiet…

Except for Janthyra Tarmeikos noticing that two of the chain mail shirts weren’t too damaged… Black bandit clothing was discovered.

Ambushing the Ambushers
or How not to sneak.......

The adventurers were awoken after a full 30 mins sleep by someone loudly yelling, “attackers in the Keep” "they have breached the defenses. With not enough time for a rest we all grabbed our weapons and ran toward the commotion. We found the trouble to be around the Sally-port which had a large scaled beast in it and not a large piece of wood. 3 Towns-folk were holding it off with spears. The Group leapt to their defense and attacked the beast and the minions that came through with it. The kobald were slept and then viciously cut down after the beast was dispatched. The Human priest was assaulted with magic and died after trying to heal his pet. After the fight we stood guard at the Doorway until reinforcements arrived to “Mend” the Door. Following a brief rest a Large force of Kobald, with a half-dragon leader challenged the Keep’s Champion to a duel, for the life of 4 prisoners. The Hero Sir Axialrod Moonbeam, strode forth with the inspiration of the Bards tune in his heart. The Dragon waited for the hero to strike, and then cruelly butchered him without even raising a sweat. He was left to die in the courtyard, though the prisoners were freed, and the Dwarf was able to stabilize his spirit and keep him from death.
After a good rest, Escobert the Red asked if we could track the raider, who had all left town, and find out who they were, and what the reason for the raid was. We were also approached by a monk who thought that their leader may have been captured or infiltrated the raiders, as he had been following them for some time collecting information on their going-ons. We left and followed a wide swathe of trampled ground which lead south toward rocky ground. We spotted he smoke from a camp fire ahead, a set up a ambush and slew 2 of the 4 humans and a kolbald, the other 7 kobalds escaped and the 2 humans were slept by the Sorceress. We interrogated the prisoners and were alerted to an ambush stop a mile ahead. The prisoners were lawfully tried and sentenced by the Cleric for looting and mayhem, and we moved off to ambush the ambushes. This went very until Sir Axialrod Moonbeam fell over his own feet and alerted the bandit. Seven pair of eyes turned toward us and the fight began. Jareath Lockwind moved forward to form a line and fired a bolt killing one outright, everyone else began by doing a similar thing. We took hostile actions back in the form of spears and unholy energy surging from the ground. But the heroes sone vanquished the foes, but not before one of them sprinted to the otherside of the ravine and alerted the rest of the ambushes. There was a quick exchange of fire across the ravine, before the monk and others ran to engage. Fine Halfling tookdown the fleeing bandit before he could warn anyone and the final priest fell to a pounding by AZIM. As silence fell the heroes searched for evidence or clues to the bandits motivation’s but there was little to be found.


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