Tyranny of Dragons

Rescue the Prisoners and now into the hole.

The heroes gathering up the uniforms of the dead ambushers trotted down to the enemy encampment located at the bottom of a steep sided ravine. They found it guarded by kobolds who had tents at the entrance. Human camps were located further towards the back of the ravine. Walking confidently down into the camp the heroes blended amazingly with the mercenary population. The phrase “praise to Taimat” that was uttered at every conversation and had a fervent ring to it, surrounded as they were by many hundreds of enemies.

After successfully gathering intelligence the location of the missing monk was discovered. He was found tied to a pole near the back of the ravine. The other village prisoners and a few from a previous raid were also discovered in a tent nearby. Night fell.

A conversation was overheard between two enemy officers. News of the rear guards destruction had reached the camp and the order was given to fortify the entrance against intruders. The receiver of this order however never carried it out as he was put to sleep by a powerful sleep spell from Janthyra Tarmeikos. Jareath Lockwind caught the body before it crashed to the ground thus assuring that no alert was raised. The first officer assuming that his order was carried out left without actually doing anything. The sleeping officer was brought over to the monk tied to the pole and the monk was cut down (despite his protest) and replaced with the sleeping officer. As Sir Axialrod Moonbeam led the slinking monk away both Errich and Jareath Lockwind decided that a dead guard wouldn’t wake up and caused a double poke slaying him silently. The villainous twosome assumed their crime went unnoticed. But the Gods notice these things and another black mark stained their quickly blackening souls. For the killing of an unarmed and helpless prisoner is a dastardly evil act against any sentient creature let alone a human of unknown quality.

Errich then broke into the tents holding the villagers prisoner and thanks to deft lock picking skills silent freed all the prisoners from their chains. Amazingly thanks to the inspiration of Jareath Lockwind everyone snuck out of the camp with barely a whisper.

Back at the village of Greenest, the Governor Tarbaw Nighthill rewarded the heroes on a successful rescue and then asked if would return and put an end of the dragon hatchery at the back of the camp. Everyone agreed and after a good nights sleep the refreshed party of heroes departed for the camp once more. After arriving and sending in the scouts the camp was found to be mostly empty.

All that remained were three individuals cutting up an antelope. These figures upon being approached proved friendly enough and admitted that everyone had left except for the people in the cave hatchery. The party crept in but were surprised by two dragon cultists who seemed to burst out of the rock and surprise both Sir Axialrod Moonbeam and Ulfgrim Foehammer. Somehow AZIM wasn’t surprised but didn’t react allowing poor Ulfgrim to be viciously attacked. Thanks to the hardy nature of the dwarves he shrugged of the mighty attack and then everyone got to the butchery, surrounding and slaying the two cultists. Focusing their attacks on the heroic dwarf the rest of the heroes attacked with impunity. Ulfgrim Foehammer was forced to breathe hard, get his second wind and even gave thanks to his dwarven god and healed himself.

Carrying up the corridor the party, partly surprised a guard room bursting in and slaying all the guards with efficient strokes. Even Janthyra Tarmeikos closing her eyes and stabbing out with her dagger slew a guard as he attempted to rush past. All was quiet.

More tunnels awaited. Particularly some trapped stairs (sorry too obvious), and some screaming/exploding mushrooms sit near the entrance. Errich without even searching spotted the possible trap place.

Chase the Bandits
Poor Sir Axialrod...

As the heroes returned to the keep and attempted to bed down for another rest. A thump thump disturbed them. The keeps sally port had been breached and the heroes rushed to the gap. There they found the sally gate was under attack by a dragon dog thing, kobolds and a priest. Azim strode forward to attack the beast as Ulfgar flash banged and stood with a shield. Sir Axialrod Moonbeam eventually joined in adding his help as Azim slew the dragon. Errich Jumped from foot to foot attempting to see what had happened. Janthyra Tarmeikos put three Kobolds to sleep as the heroes burst through the doors slaying all the attackers. The priest Eadyan Falconmoon was summoned with his mending cantrip to repair the door. The heroes finally had a quick rest.

Outside the keep a group of Kobolds and their champion a half dragon held prisoner the wife and children of one of the defenders and demanded the champion of the defenders to stand forth and fight in single combat. Sir Axialrod Moonbeam immediately volunteered saying that by his life or death he would return the family to Sergeant Markguth. A ring of kobolds and heroes outside waited for the combat to occur. As Sir Axialrod stepped forward to attack he slipped slightly with his mighty sword blow going wide. There the Half dragon quickly beat Sir Axialrod down, and left him dying slowly with a spear in his back. It was all over too quickly with Axialrod missing everytime and the Half Dragon being accurate. The Half Dragon left the family with a sneer saying that their (the Village Champion) was pitiful and pathetic. Sir Axialrod could only gurgle as Ulfgrim Foehammer stabilized him with magic. Sir Axialrod was dragged inside and somehow thanks to fighter toughness had shaken off most of the injuries by morning.

Tarbaw Nighthill then summoned the heroes and asked them to track down the bandits and find out more information about them. An urchin approached saying that a mysterious monk had infiltrated the hideout and had knowledge about the activities of the bandits. After resting for 8 hours the heroes left to track the obvious tracks of the bandits.

Seeing smoke ahead Errich and AZIM snuck up to see a campsite of Kobolds and Humans. The heroes decided to attack creeping up and firing spells and missiles at the Kobolds and Humans. Two humans were quickly put to sleep as the kobolds watched as the two other humans were shot and slain attempting to pull their scimitars out. The 7 remaining kobolds ran off in terror. The Bandits were questioned and sentenced. A trap had been set up the gully ahead.

As the heroes approached the gully the plan was hatched to attack from the rear of one, but of course the loud armour of Sir Axialrod rose the suspicions of the enemy who turned and attacked. Arrow and missile fire flew down and quickly overwhelmed the enemy as the monk ran forward. One enemy rushed over to the other side as cross firing missiles began. Soon the enemy were driven back again as Sir Axialrod led the advance. Errich rushed up to fire his bow at the disappearing enemy. The monk ran over to engage another as Sir Axialrod’s longbow again slew the last as he attempted to run off. All was quiet…

Except for Janthyra Tarmeikos noticing that two of the chain mail shirts weren’t too damaged… Black bandit clothing was discovered.

Ambushing the Ambushers
or How not to sneak.......

The adventurers were awoken after a full 30 mins sleep by someone loudly yelling, “attackers in the Keep” "they have breached the defenses. With not enough time for a rest we all grabbed our weapons and ran toward the commotion. We found the trouble to be around the Sally-port which had a large scaled beast in it and not a large piece of wood. 3 Towns-folk were holding it off with spears. The Group leapt to their defense and attacked the beast and the minions that came through with it. The kobald were slept and then viciously cut down after the beast was dispatched. The Human priest was assaulted with magic and died after trying to heal his pet. After the fight we stood guard at the Doorway until reinforcements arrived to “Mend” the Door. Following a brief rest a Large force of Kobald, with a half-dragon leader challenged the Keep’s Champion to a duel, for the life of 4 prisoners. The Hero Sir Axialrod Moonbeam, strode forth with the inspiration of the Bards tune in his heart. The Dragon waited for the hero to strike, and then cruelly butchered him without even raising a sweat. He was left to die in the courtyard, though the prisoners were freed, and the Dwarf was able to stabilize his spirit and keep him from death.
After a good rest, Escobert the Red asked if we could track the raider, who had all left town, and find out who they were, and what the reason for the raid was. We were also approached by a monk who thought that their leader may have been captured or infiltrated the raiders, as he had been following them for some time collecting information on their going-ons. We left and followed a wide swathe of trampled ground which lead south toward rocky ground. We spotted he smoke from a camp fire ahead, a set up a ambush and slew 2 of the 4 humans and a kolbald, the other 7 kobalds escaped and the 2 humans were slept by the Sorceress. We interrogated the prisoners and were alerted to an ambush stop a mile ahead. The prisoners were lawfully tried and sentenced by the Cleric for looting and mayhem, and we moved off to ambush the ambushes. This went very until Sir Axialrod Moonbeam fell over his own feet and alerted the bandit. Seven pair of eyes turned toward us and the fight began. Jareath Lockwind moved forward to form a line and fired a bolt killing one outright, everyone else began by doing a similar thing. We took hostile actions back in the form of spears and unholy energy surging from the ground. But the heroes sone vanquished the foes, but not before one of them sprinted to the otherside of the ravine and alerted the rest of the ambushes. There was a quick exchange of fire across the ravine, before the monk and others ran to engage. Fine Halfling tookdown the fleeing bandit before he could warn anyone and the final priest fell to a pounding by AZIM. As silence fell the heroes searched for evidence or clues to the bandits motivation’s but there was little to be found.

Good guys doing good things
In Which a metal porcupine was not created...

As the heroes returned to the Keep, Tarbaw Nighthill and Escobert the Red saw that the church to Chauntea was being attacked, with terrified townsfolk likely inside.

A plan was hatched to sneak up and rescue the villagers before the raiders knew what happened. Using the recently cleared secret tunnel, the Temple was reached without incident. Many enemy forces were spotted and as a heavily armoured patrol passed, the heroes spotted a small group attempting to light the temple on fire at the rear. Under the cover of billowing smoke, the smaller group were ambushed, the Kobolds slain and two humans captured for interrogation by the Governor.

Errich picked the lock of the back door, the heroes rushed in and using the power of the bard’s awesome voice, calmed the panicked villagers. The front temple doors began to boom and shudder as a battering ram was being used by the raiders to force their way in. As cracks began to appear in the front doors, the heroes, aided by Eadyan Falconmoon, Greenests’ priest, started to herd the villages out the back toward the tunnel. Firing arrows and spells at the raiders, the heroes retreated after the villagers and high-tailed it back to the Keep.

After the successful rescue, the heroes took time to have a rest while the two captives were interrogated. It was discovered that the raiders were in fact the Cult of the Dragon! They are collecting loot for the great horde that will usher in the reign of the Queen of Dragons.. That can’t be good…

Helping out on the parapets, Errich observed that the large flying beast was again buzzing around the tower. Little Errich was fascinated about seeing a blue dragon and ignored the frightening presence of the Beast, unlike most of the Greenest militia. Sir Axialrod joined him initially helping where he could with fear ridden soldiers. However, as the Dragon breathed it’s lightning, it soon became apparent that the beast was going to buzz the citadel and slay any who would resist it. Using his short bow Errich began to hit it, and surprisingly Sir Axialrod unlimbered his mighty longbow and displayed amazing accuracy as well. As their 4 arrows hit home the beast wheeled in the sky and flew off.

The next danger was spotted by Escobert the Red who noticed that the town’s mill was being attacked and the heroes were asked to save it from the enemy forces. Creeping out, the heroes spotted 6 figures starting fires in what looked to be a trap more likely than not. The heroes “unleashed hell” with their missile weapons and from the darkness rained death onto the fire lighting mercenaries. After 4 were slain quickly, the two others fled.

Azim was dispatched back to the citadel to inform Escobert that it was a trap. The others set off to expose the trap. Errich couldn’t see anyone inside, but Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim Foehammer immediately burst in the doors with shields held high. A force of 7 enemies emerged from the darkness inside the mill unhooding their lantern, and throwing spears. Only one slightly grazed Ulfgrim. Sir Axialrod headed up the stairs pushing the first attack out the way, Ulfgrim joined him. Together shield to shield they stood defending each other’s backs. Janthyra, Jareath and Errich began to attack with mighty arts. Putting one to sleep and slaying more with word, club and bolt. Ulfgrim bravely squashed left and right, before Errich put his nasty club into the skull of the last mercenary. Sir Axialrod’s shield did more work to push, and defend Ulfgrim than his semi sharp sword.

Azim returned with a force of soldiers from the citadel to defend the Mill.

In which a Maid is rescued.......
and her kids and husband

The nameless heroes, having seen that the town ahead is in trouble, quickly spur their horses down the hill and into Greenest. The level of devastation is overwhelming, there are fires everywhere and looting or fleeing people around most of the buildings.

As they are trying to determine whether these people are looters or just innocents trying to escape with their worldly goods, a woman and 3 children burst screaming from an alleyway, followed by a wounded and limping man. She takes up a fighting stance, holding a broken spear to defend the others as 8 Kobolds, come out of the same alley and start to surround the family. Jareath quickly moves forward to mock one of the creatures as a fight ensues. Blows are exchanged with several of the creatures being slain, and 3 other falling asleep in the center of the street. Azim was badly beaten by the combined efforts of the remaining Kobolds. Just as things look grim for the Noble Warrior, a word of healing is voiced in his direction by Ulfgrim, and the fight is soon won.

The woman and her family safe for the moment, are asked what is happening. They inform us that the town is under attack by the dragon and its mercenary allies who are killing citizens and looting the town at will. She tells us that the only sanctuary from the onslaught is at the Keep. We ask her to direct us there in exchange for our protecting her and her family.

We move off through the streets and it is not long before we encounter a Man arguing with 6 Kobold’s. Several of our group realise that the human must be a mercenary or else he would surely be dead at the hands of the Kobolds. A scuffle breaks out and after several moments the way is clear. After several more minutes of travel through the smokey streets, An Elf, a Human and 2 Kobolds , stand in the way arguing over a cart of goods. We decide that they are to be challenged and a fight soon sorts out the men from the dead. The Halfling takes possession of the cart and it’s content, and we continue to follow the woman’s directions. She finally says, “we should see the Keep just around this next corner”.

As we are approaching the turn, 3 Humans, with 2 Kobolds appear from the smoke pushing Barrels. Sir Axialrod engages them in a conversation and they assume we are part of the raiding party and move on through our ranks, after asking if they could share the woman. As they pass (and to the disgust of Ulfgrim) Errich decides they are scum and shoots one in the back in a thoroughly cowardly fashion. All hell then breaks loose, but they are quickly dispatched after 2 of them are blown 10 feet away by a mystical Thunderwave from the Bard. We continue onward’s towards the keep to the tune of a droning lecture from Ulfgrim.about the use of cowardly tactics and the moral ambiguity of attacking the foe from behind.

We soon see the gate of the keep ahead, a guard motions us to come quickly as the gates are shut and barred behind us. We gather in the entry hall with several groups of homeless town folk ask the woman we rescued what is being done to retake the town. She informs us that we best talk toTarbaw Nighthill, the Governor of Greenest, as he may have use for heroes. We soon locate Tarbaw Nighthill, and he introduces us to Escobert the Red, his Castellan. He asks us to check out the escape tunnel under the Keep and make sure that there are no dangers in the tunnel or in the vicinity of its Exit. He hands us 2 keys and we take to the tunnels.

We move cautiously though the length of the tunnel and finally see the grate at the far end, Jareath takes the second key and approaches the grate to unlock it where he is engulfed by a swarm of rats. He starts hacking with his rapier as the others all attack and drive the rats off. With the grating finally opened Jareath and Errich. sneak out and have a look around, They spot a group of scum and villainy some 50 feet away playing a game of “Drown the peasant”. A plan is quickly formed and Errich shoots one of the 2 Humans, killing him instantly as the rest of the group move into a defensive position. The second human is soon killed by arcane fire and shooting and the Kobolds try to break our line with their numbers. After a short but intense battle they are all killed.

With his tormentors all disposed of we rescue the rather sodden villager and return him to the Keep. We report back to Escobert the Red with news of our success. He is very pleased and tells us he has other tasks for us to tackle.

An Adventure Begins...
The Chronicles of Jareath Lockwind Esq, Bard

Having taken a fast ship to Baldur’s Gate, and met with a small, but varied group in the Dragon’s Breath Tavern.
Jareath the Half-Elf Bard was intrigued by the Calishite Monk Azim, who may have information on the last known whereabouts of Murwood his mentor. The rest of the group consisted of Janthyra the Sorcerer who needed to leave Baldurs gate in a hurry. A Halfling Pirate named Errich looking into the Cult of the Dragon for his dying father. A Noble Fighter called Sir Axialrod Moonbeam. Finally Ulfgrim the Dwarven cleric looking to set order to the world.

Rumors of Cult of the Dragon pointed to a small town called Greenest, which sounds like a quiet backwater. The 6 adventurers left Baldur’s Gate and traveled to the Western edge of the wood of Sharp Teeth, where they travelled south and around the southern edge of the wood. It is on the seventh day out and traveling along a ravine when they encounter 2 dead horses blocking the trail.

The group is wary of an ambush and Janthyra Tarmeikos and Azim notice some small goblinoids hiding in the forest and up on the upper slopes ahead of us. There is a cry of “Get Them” in Goblin and the battle is commenced.

Jareth starts by Visciously Mocking a Goblin before he can react, which wounds the creature terribly, as the Fighter takes up a defensive position, Janthyra Tarmeikos releases a spell, a Fire Bolt which flies wide of it mark and causes the tree behind to smoulder for a bit. The Halfling Pirate Errich moves away from the group into the trees and attempts to hide. The goblins charge the group, there is some weapons clashing as the fighter, Monk and Cleric Ulfgrim Foehammer are stuck at by the foul greenskins, and the Cleric suffers a mighty blow. After several more clashes a single Goblin attempts to flee the area but is called a son of a Xorn, which causes his heart to bust with misery, bringing an end to the goblin menace.

Led by Errich the group quickly search the Goblins and take a small amount of Gold and copper. It was noted by the Monk that Errich had very fast hands….. cough and seemed to like to take trinkets without knowing he did it. Ulfgrim needed to rest and look after his wounds and the Fighter and Monk move the Horse corpses from the trail. For some reason Janthyra seemed to smile and blink shamelessly at the large fighter. During the hour or so that the Dwarf is resting that the group notice a trail leading into the forest.

After the short rest the group followed the trail to see where it leads. After a short walk, some Goblin voices are hear ahead of us and we stealthily approach the edge of the forest and see before us a small clearing with 3 Goblins in it and 2 Human Corpses. It is just as we are listening the goblin conversation that someone stands on a branch causing a loud Crack, which alerts the goblins to our presence. A short battle ensues where goblins are mocked, shot and bludgeoned to death.

A quick search of the area nets more gold and copper, and what appears to be a parcel inside a couriers bag addressed to Eadyan Falconmoon of Chauntea in Greenest. The adventures decided that it would be worth our while to deliver the parcel and complete the poor deceased couriers last delivery for him. At this time the Monk asked if anyone is interested in what is behind the large door set into the hill side beside the campsite. We all look to were he point and see a large door set into the side of the bank, surrounded by runes.

The Fighter and Dwarf push the door open to reveal a stairway down into the darkness. Jareath casts Light onto the Fighters shield and the Party descends into a Large room with 4 Sarcophagi with a chest in front of each. The Monk easily spots a set of pressure plate in front of the first and third and a pit in front of the second and fourth, While we are moving toward the end of the room 4 Skeletal figure shuffle quickly toward us, though one does drop his guard when Jareth calls him a failed Zombie. In a very short time all 4 are reduced to bone piles and Errich disarms or avoids the traps and opens the 4 chests.

Each chest contains a wooden holy symbol of one of the following Deities, Tempus, Tyr, Torm and The Red Knight. There is a small amount of gold silver and even two Platinum coins, plus a few nice looking grave goods recovered. With That done,the Dwarf raising concerns about looting the graves of Goodly Warriors. Errich re-arms the traps, quoting something about not ruining the fun of any other adventuring group visiting the graves. The party travels back to our own horses and begin the rest of the journey to Greenest.

The following ten days pass peacefully (with some moaning about having to hunt for food) only to discover palls of black smoke rising from their destination. Greenest is in flames. Circling the Town is a huge winged beast…..Dragon!


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