Tyranny of Dragons

Tracking the Cult Part 3
Clearing the cult from Skyreach Castle

With the mission from Blagothkus to clear the Castle of the Cult. Where would the Stag Party start first? Rezmir, Azbara Jos or the White Dragon guarding the horde. The Stag Party coordinate the assault with Blagothkus.

Descending the spirals into the courtyard below, Azim summons the Ki of Pass without Trace as the party tries to get the jump on Rezmir. Most of the party does well Ulfgrim uses the power of his Goddess to assist his sneaking.

Outside the doors of Rezmir’s room are two guards. Que battle music in a hopefully quiet fashion. The heroes sneak through the enormous ice-door but the guards notice that the shadows have changed and are unnatural. Luckily, the heroes surprise the hapless guards with Jareath moving quickly casting Vicious Mockery. Erich misses due to the armour. Sir Axialrod, Azim and Janthyra use flails, fists and magic to kill one guard and wounding the other. Errich sneaks through the parties legs stabbing the guard in his blind spot as Sir Axialrod steps up to hit the guard who is smashed to pieces.

Sir Axialrod then pushes open Rezmir’s door, revealing a large bedroom with large rugs covering the icy floor. Rezmir is present with two large drakes. Sir Axialrod steps forward and throws his hammer hitting her. The room goes dark, as Rezmir brings forth darkness. Azim moves through the darkness and uses his wand of Magic Missiles on a guard drake. Sir Axialrod ducks under a blast of something nasty. Ulfgrim moves into the darkness next to Sir Axialrod. Janthyra sees into the magical darkness Hex’s Rezmir then blasts her with Eldrich Blast. Jareath moves up beside Errich and hums a little ditty to inspire Azim.

Errich fumbles through his bag of holding pulls out the Boar Hunting Spear hands it to Jareath then slips to the side. Azim hits the Guard Drake with lots of attacks. Rezmir moves past Sir Axialrod to hitting Ulfgrim, causing a large amount of damage from a sword and magical necrotic damage. The Guard Drake bites and tail whips Azim. Ulfgrim hits Rezmir then she smashes Ulfgrim. Sir Axialrod smashes the rug. Janthyra then blasts Rezmir twice with Eldrich Blast. Jareath uses the Daylight spell, dispelling the darkness. Errich slips next to Ulfgrim, drives two daggers into Rezmir, killing her. She immediately turns into a pile of ash. Sir Axialrod kills the rug attacking him. Azim kills the Guard Drake attacking him. Janthyra moves her Hex to the last Guard Drake, but misses it with Eldrich Blast. It ignores Jareaths Vicious Mockery. Errich stabs it twice, Sir Axialrod hits it twice, Azim kills it.

Searching the pile of Ash, a magical evil sword, a broach in the shape of a dragon claw and a Dragon Mask are discovered. Sir Axialrod picks up the Great sword. Searching the room they find nothing. The Stag Party hear the sound of Ogres attacking cult members. The party head across the courtyard to the tower of the Red Wizards. The tower door is shut. Janthyra climbs the ice covered door to open the latch. Sir Axialrod pushes open the door. The large rooms roof is covered in horse skulls, four still Gargoyles and two Red Wizards of Thay.

Sir Axialrod rushes into the room, fails to knock over Rath Modar, hits him once, action surges and hits him again. Errich rushes into room, poisons Azbara Jos, while stabbing him. Jareath misses with bow shot. Azim causes it to go quiet. Ulfgrim casts Sacred Flame and Spiritual Weapon killing Azbah Jos, the mage, in front of Errich. Janthyra uses Eldrich Blast to hit the other mage.

The Gargoyles move to attack the Stag Party. One on Janthyra bites and claws her. One claws Sir Axialrod. One claws Ulfgrim. Rath Modar does something. Sir Axialrod misses as it appears to be a illusion of some kind. He then misses a Gargoyle. Errich misses with his dagger on a Gargoyle then slips out of combat. Jareath shoots one Gargoyle. Azim attacks a Gargoyle hit it with magical fists. Ulfgrim hits with his Spirual Weapon. Janthyra uses Misty Step to escape the Gargoyle and Eldrich Blast to hit a Gargoyle. The Gargoyles then claw and bite party members. Rath Modar casts a vast Fire Ball hurting much of the Party and killing three Gargolyes. Sir Axialrod then smashes Rath Modar and his body melts into a puddle. Errich then kills the last Gargoyle.

The Stag Party search the room, in it is a book. Not destroyed by Fire Balls, it is written in a language no one understands. It deals in summoning things.

Day ends with party taking a short rest.
Three items found:
Hazirawn the Greatsword
Black Dragon mask – Janthyra sees images of a Dwarf, Elf, Calashite human and another human with masks on. They of course see her, making her a target. One with dragon one his shoulder (the Calashite) saw her.


Janthyra feels her shrivelled soul being sucked into the mask so pulls the Mask off before learning anything.
The Mask enhances Draconic abilities.
Insignia of Claws ( flares with purple in melee combat giving +1 to hit and damage with Natural Weapons) – Azim Claims this.

Tracking the Cult Part 2
Parnast and the Sky Castle

Failing to find clues the Stag Party heads in the direction of Parnast. The Stag Party wanted the “ranger” Errich to track the loot, he immediately led them to the only trail leading down the mountain.

Following the path, passing trees and babbling brooks enjoying the fresh mountain air, in about half a day the heroes arrive at the village of Parnast. Next to it is a mighty ice castle, built to the scale of giants. Debate as its origin.


Five Cultists lurk around the well. The Stag Party approach, with Jareath talking to the guards, but the surly guard doesn’t give away too much information. Errich and Sir Axialrod fail to glean any information from the local merchants. But the team work of Sir Axialrod and Jareath reveal that the Cult uses this as a loading zone for the castle. There are also giants present in the castle which only arrived a few weeks ago.

Lots of snide and subtle comments about perhaps if we didn’t kill Talis the White we could have got more information from her and this would have been much easier…

Sir Axialrod and Janthyra determine that the stables contain a large lizard, probably a wyvern. The Stag Party head to the local tavern with a golden Mug on the sign. The tavern goes quiet as the Stag Party enter, Sir Axialrod offers up 1gp for drinks. Azim sits it a shadowed corner and Errich in another. Sir Axialrod advertises that he only deals in gold. A patron arrives and asks if we are adventurers, Axialrod replies that he is not a adventurer but a knight. After a round of drinks it is revealed that the cult arrived about a year ago, led by Rezmir the half dragon and imposed their will though a bunch of thugs. Rezmir hasn’t been seen for a while but the village is under the protection of Captain Othelstan a long time member of the Cult. How dastardly.


At the mention of the Captain, the door to the tavern opens and a man matching the Captains description walks in. Que dialog…. what brings the visitors here? ….. our feet. Blah Blah. Basically the evil Captain wants us to move on but the Jareath refuses to bow to the pressure of a brigand. Jareath starts a battle ditty. Interestingly it is Jareath starting the fight not Sir Axialrod. Janthyra lobs a gold coin in the direction of Errich. The two Cultists accompanying the Captain Othelstan attack Jareath and Janthyra. Sir Axialrod shield saves janthyra.. Ulfgrim responds with violence, striking Captain Othelstan with his hammer. The other two cultists enter the barroom. Captain Othelstan hits Ulfgrim twice. Jareath and Sir Axialrod kill the first two Cultists. Errich runs between the legs of the Cultists out the door, shuts the door and looks it from the outside. Janthyra blasts one with a Eldrich Blast. Azim moves forward and then kills him.

Four more Cultists pore though the kitchen doorway, hitting Janthyra. The main fight continues, with hits being exchanged on both sides but in the end all the Cultists killed. Meanwhile Errich had ran around the outside of the building and in the back door, only to be confronted by a battleaxe wielding Cultst in an apron. Who promptly smashes Errich. Janthyra intimidates the Captain to surrender. Sir Axialrods’ mercenaries bash at the cultist as does Azim. He finally dies due to Vicious Mockery from Jareath. Errich informs the heroes that the Castle is in the air.

Jareath interrogates Captain Othelstan but he refuses to talk. Ignoring all intimidation attempts and questions.

Meanwhile Azim has made friends with Gundalin the wheelwright, who hates the cult, informs us that the cultists us the Wyverns to fly to the Castle and the hidden passwords of:

  • Hail Tiamat, our mother and strength.
  • Hail Blagothkus (Blah-goth-cus), the giants who’s castle it is.


Heading to the stable, opening the doors, sit three Wyverns, with saddles. Between the Sir Axialrod, Azim and Ulfgrim the domesticated Wyverns are saddled. Sir Axialrod has to release the three veterans from service because only six saddle slots are available. He pays them their wages, with extra to help Gundalin clear off the remaining cultists. After a comical couple of moments the Stag party mounts the Wyverns and takes off, with the wheelwright waving us off. Then with a bit of luck the stag party points the Wyvern in the direction of the castle and seemingly under control. Errich ticks off another item off his bucket list.


Flying through the clouds, the Giants Castle emerges out of the mists, the Castle is made from huge blocks of ice and stone. Following the direction of the Wyverns the figures we saw were in fact Ogres. Landing in the “normal” courtyard six Ogres approach. The heroes hail the Ogres with the correct passwords the Ogres take the reins of the Wyvrens and offer to take us to Blagothkus. Big Cheeks the Ogre leads the party into the Giant proportioned Castle. The hero’s pass through the barracks full of Ogres (a horde even) to a 70’ tall tower at the back of the Castle. The 20’ door is made ice with the door handle being 10’ in the air. Subtle intimidation. As the door opens a chime sounds, inside there are four Ogres with Armour and plumed helmets.


Big Cheeks says something to the guards. One opens the internal 20’ foot door. The walls the sculpted with figures of Clouds Giants riding large Eagles. The resident giant is sitting on the ground, legs crossed with his hair being combed by two Ogres. Jareath tells the truth with prompting from Errich and Sir Axialrod. “We’re not with the Cult and were wondering why a Giant so esteemed as Blagothkus would stoop to work for his mortal enemies, the Dragons?” His frown disappears and he inquires if we are the ones who have giving Rezmir trouble. The Stag party strike a deal with Blagothkus. His children have been captured by a bunch of Hill Giants. We promise to rescue the children but in the meantime help clear the Castle. He did laugh at Errich’s grand statement “By my life or death I will free your children”. He plans to lock himself away in the steering room while we deal with, Rezmir, the Red Wizards, and the White Dragon (who is guarding the treasure). His Ogres will deal with the other Cultists.

Day ends, flying Wyverns, boarding a castle, making a deal with Blagothkus.

Tracking the Cult
Searching the Hunting Lodge, ambushed by Trolls

Previously the fight may have started a little prematurely… Now searching.

Searching the first floor. Entering a room a man is found in a room, probably Wessic the Wizened. His bed is surrounded by empty bottles. Sir Axialrod gets one of his new minions to wake him up. Wessic seeing how things are stacked decides that changing sides is a good idea.

The two ex-prisoners. Wanting food so the butler was called. The next room a wrack of weapons, a magic spear called “Dragon Gleam” (Code word “Timats eyes shine”) and mithral spear tip (50gp). The main hall (Queen of dragons hall) has a massive tapestry depicting Tiamat and a number of tapestries showing different coloured dragons buring and destroying famous land marks around Faerun. Going down the stairs the butler offers us something to eat. He also warns us that one room contains armor that attacks people. The meal consists of some sort of stake (medium rare venison), roast potatoes and other vegetables.


Halfway through the meal the stag party is disturbed by a commotion in the kitchen and Trolls and Ambush Drakes are seen outside the front window. Trepsin the Troll from the kitchen. Que battle music. Sir Axialrod barricades the to the hall. Azim has a look through the corridor to the kitchen. Azim can hear voices on the other side of the kitchen. Claws can be heard on wood of the door to the entry hall. Note the statues guarding the main door no longer work. Jareath prepares to shoot anything appearing down the hall to the kitchen. Ulfgrim helps form the barricade. More stomping can be heard. Jareath shoots at Trespin the Troll as he opens the kitchen door at the end of the corridor. Errich finishes his mouthful and hides under the table.


Azim uses his wand and shoots Trespin the Ambush Drakes rush past Trespin through the corridoor and miss Azim. Jareath casts Herosim on Azim and Sir Axialrod. Ulfgrim hits the the Ambush Drake with Sacred Flame and Spiritual Weapon. The Trolls pound away at the other door, the troll basically smashes through the door. The other door opens in the corridoor and more Ambush Drakes are let in. Janthyra casts Hex and Fire Bolt hitting a Troll. Sir Axialrod hits the Troll that broke through the wall twice. Azim kills the Ambush Drake. The ambush Drakes poor into the kitchen, attacking Azim. Jareath casts Viscous Mockery on the Troll. Ulfgrim moves his Spiritual Weapon on top of the Troll. One troll walks in the kitchen and smashes at the wall. The other Troll doesn’t do well breaking in the table blocking the doorway. Sir Axialrod hits the Troll at the table, knocking it out. Azim attacks the next Ambush Drake.


Jareath calls to Errich, “Have you still got the Kobold fire Bomb?” He then _casts Mage Hand summoning a mystical hand next to Errich. Ulfgrim drops the Spiritual Weapon anvil on the Ambush Drake killing it. The previously KOed Troll stands up and rips the table to bits, clearing the way. The other Troll is less than enthusiastic in attacking the wall. Janthyra casts Scorching Ray at the Troll at the table, burning it to death. Trespin arrives and rips shit out of the Ulfgrim’s shield as he defends Sir Axialrod. Errich leaps up and throws the dagger at Trespin hitting him with the Dagger of Venom but he resists the poison. Sir Axialrod hits him twice. Azim kills the Ambush Drake. He then steps back, mistakenly leaving a gap for the Ambush Drakes to run into the room. They all attack Azim, causing minor wounds. Jareath pulls out his sword hitting the Ambush Drake. Ulfgrim hits Trespin with Sacred Flame and Spiritual Weapon. The Troll rips the wall to bits, and attacks Sir Axialrod as well. Janthyra uses Hex on Trespin and casts Scorching Ray at him. Strangely she seems to rejuvenate a year. Trespin rips at Sir Axialrod.

Finally Wessic moves in and kills an Ambush Drake, the other two mercenaries also move in attacking the Guard Drakes from behind. Sir Axialrod then kills Trespin. Azim kills the last two Ambush Drakes. Jareath finally moves his Mage Hand to drop a Fire Bomb on the Trolls head. Ulfgrim misses the Troll with Sacred Flame but hits with Spiritual Weapon. The Trolls claws Sir Axialrod once. Janthyra casts Fire Bolt hitting the Troll. Errich rushes through and picks up his dagger and moves behind the Troll. Sir Axialrod kills the Troll. Huzzah.

Errich searches Trespin’s corpse. Then has a look in the kitchen where three humans cower in the corner.


Janthyra volunteers to climb to the roof to the look. On the roof she sees two Perytons in their big nest. Seeing her….. dinner served. Janthyra immediately sprints back to the safety. Jareath drives them off with two bow shots. Thinking they have fled Janthyra and Sir Axialrod climb on the roof to have a look at their nest. Opps they just flown home. Sir Axialrod shoots one. Janthyra casts Hex and Eldrich Blast. Jareath climbs up, shoots at a Peryton killing it. Errich sprints up the hole and across the roof to use a “shield” on Janthyra. She immediately attacks and cancels the Sanctuary effect. The Preyton, enraged at the death of it’s mate attacks janthyra, knocking her out. Sir Axialrod pours some tea (Potion of Healing) down Janthyra’s throat. Jareath shoots, killing the final Preyton.

Searching the nest, they find some a bag of tarnished kitchen ware (100gp) and a shield.

Seeing that most defenders are dead, the Stag party search the stables, Errich notes that there are Wyvern tracks, but no creatures are present. The kennels contains what remains of Ambush Drakes, three spears forming a tripod forming some type of demonic alter. Errich finds hanging in the kneels some nice pelts and a Winter Wolf cloak with mithral cloak (worth a total of about 1000gp). The Stag Party does feel tired after being up for about 16 hours. A long rest is required.

Items found:
Wand of Winter (Janthyra)
Shield of Missile Attraction (or is it…?) (Ulfgrim)
Spear (Daylight Spell x10 Charges)

Day ends.

Castle Naerytar the Search Part 2
Locating the Escape Rout

The day begins with the heroes fighting off a number of swarms while trying to locate the escape rout for the Cult of the Dragon. With Azim looking up to the right.

The Stag Party continue to explore the cavern beneath the castle. The next cavern is empty and the heroes head down some more steps. The sounds of water dripping can be heard from the path ahead. The heroes move into a large cavern, 30’ tall where an underground lake resides, the waters of the lake look cold and dark. Croaking can be heard from the far side. Janthyra, with her newly acquired devil sight, sees a Giant Frog sitting in the middle. Everyone seems to look at Errich as if too say “oh well you did well while you were here”. Seeing nothing of interest, but the possibility of Errich being swallowed, the heroes head along the wall to the right where a roiling mist emanates from a corridor.

The heroes stand on the bottom of a cliff with mist rolling off the top. Errich notices tracks on the ground, a lot of foot traffic in the area. The heroes enter some type of shine, to a frog deity, Ulfgrim recognizes it a shrine to the God of Slimes, Shar the god of shadows and Ramenos from the old days. Ulfgrim look of disgust tells the other party members its crude and not done well. Passing the misty cliff (and the possibility of a ride in a lift device) the party find a mud covered living quarters, containing a chair, table, bed and chest. Being very tall Sir Axialrod notices thin cord attaching the chest to clay pots in the ceiling. Errich fumbles around disarming the traps. Jareath finds two books in the chest. Janthyra uses Prestidigitation to clean the books, only to realise they are spell books.

Leaving the living room, back back through the misty room, the heroes find the cavern with a magic circle and a curtain. Using mage hand to pull back the curtain to reveal a whole in the wall. Janthyra spots a sarcophagus. Creeping through the hole the heroes find themselves in a tomb. With pictures around the wall of a man wearing some dragon mask creating some type of undead. The body in the tomb has decayed but the head is less decayed. This might a clue to why the the cultists picked this castle.


Using the word “Drazir” the Stag Party activate that teleportation circle. In a flash of light they find themselves in cold mountainous terrain and large manor within bow shot up the road. The portal is surrounded by pillars with an infernal script, but no one could read it. Errich melts into the forest, using his newly acquired ranger skills, to scout the manor. The Stag Party moves slightly into forest to await Errich.


Out of the forest emerge two Trolls and three Ambush Drakes. Que battle music. Sir Axialrod pulls out his bow and shoots one. Ulfgrim casts Spirit Guardians. The party is once again surrounded by swirling naked dwarf cherubs. Jareath shoots a Ambush Drake twice, killing one. He also inspires Janthrya who hits a Troll with Fire Bolt. The Ambush Drakes are impeded by the naked bearded cherubs. The Trolls are also slowed by Spirit Guardians. Sir Axialrod knocks one over a Guard Drake and then kills it with his magical flail, killing the last Ambush Drake with his back-swing. Surging forward he also hits a Troll twice. Ulfgrim steps beside Sir Axialrod and uses Sacred Flame. Jareath misses with his bow, mostly due to his friends being in the way, as does Janthyra. The dwarven cherubs kill a Troll. The remain Troll attacks Sir Axialrod (luckily Ulfgrims shield deflects the Troll’s bit and other claw). In return Sir Axialrod hits it once. In the combined effort that follows the Troll is finally cut down. Mostly due to the large amounts of fire damage from Janthyra.

After about an hour Errich returns with a detailed map of the compound, the front door is partially open. Errich finds the party lounging around (short rest). Despite his best efforts the party want to enter the front door. Truding up the path, without even knocking the party enter the Hunting Lodge. The first room is a cloak room, to the right is a door which Sir Axialrod opens. This large room has stairs up much like a grand old house, two suits of armour flank the entrance way and two demonic statues flank the stairs. Sir Axialrod stops moving as a Glyph of Warding freezes in place. Errich notices arcane runes on the statues. Janthyra and Jareath cast Mage Hands push the statues over. This allows Sir Axialrod to free himself. He then pushes both suits of armour out of the way.

Sir Axialrod moves forward obviously angry moves forward to attack a statue, but as he approaches both Garagoyles come to life. Que battle music. Errich moves forward and is frozen to the spot, so uses a magic arrow to shoot a Garagoyle as Sir Axialrod bashes it too death. Then moves next too the other Gargoyle. Ulfgrim moves through the entrance room, ignoring the cold blast and hits a Garagoyle. Just then another human male enters the room from the other side, dressed in robes.

“Argh, can I help you?”

Janthyra convinces him that the gargoyle started the fight. He deactivates the trap and Garagoyle. Sir Axialrod then pulls off the con of the year and convinces him that the Stag Party are members of Cult of the Dragon. He takes us to introduce us to meet someone called “Talis”, into a sitting room full of trophies. Errich digs into the free food, smoked sausages. After 20 minutes, Gastyn the chief butler arrives back. Jareath and Janthyra notice that he is not enjoying his job, he rolled his eyes when we mentioned that we were members of the Cult of the Dragon. The heroes follow Gastyn to meet Talis, on the second floor.


A woman answers the door. Three men the room have scale mail and woman were robes over white scale male. She also carries a white, frost covered, wand.

“Welcome perhaps we can do business.”

The room is well appointed, and obviously the place to do business. With a very unconvincing lie by Jareath, Talis does not believe that the heroes had nothing to do with it. Before anyone can say monolog or dialog Sir Axialrod starts a fight. Que yet more battle music. Sir Axialrod hits her twice while action surging. Jareath casts Hold Person but both Talis and fighter resist. The Dragonwing ignores Errich, flys over his head, landing on the table and attacks Sir Axialrod.. With Sir Axialrod distracted both Scimitars bite into his back/side. Ulfgrim does double hammering, hitting the Dragonwing. and casting Spiritual Weapon on Talis. Janthyra cast Hex on Talis and then kills her with Eldrich Blast. With a combined effort the Dragonwing is killed, and the two guards surrender. The guards know nothing of her plans, but do know where her room is. The guards also inform us that we are in the Grey Peak Mountains, between the High Forest and the Anauroch desert.

The only guard remaining is Wesec and a four armed Troll (the stable master). Sir Axialrod convinces both mercenaries that a change in boss is advisable. Sorvic and Maelgot. As the approach the search the heroes question the two mercenaries, about the Cult. In Talis’s room is a locked chest, containing glowing Chain Mail, Scroll and lots of money (4000gp). No clues are found in the house. The heroes head down the stairs where apparently Talis had been talking to “prisoners”.

In the basement are three prisioners, a dwarf, two humans (a man and women). The human warns us that dwarf is a Cult member. Jareath heals the women with a word. The dwarf refuses to answer the questions….. spitting at Jareath. The heroes get the humans to talk. Her name is Miresella a caravan guard from Baldurs Gate, his name Brother Caemon, from Hillsfar a priest of Amenantor.

Day ends.

Castle Naerytar the search
Looking for the treasure rout.

As the noise dies in the main hall the Stag Party standing around in a blood bath (some of it the cults).

With Sir Axialrod looming over the Dwarven chef he reveals Borngray lived in the keep. It was decided to head to the library. As this goes on Errich completed his treasure angles collecting gems and pretty colored coins. (Also stole Borngray’s eye patch).

Leaving the Hall (Azim hears the drums have stopped. We are greeted by two Lizardmen riding Giant Lizards. Jareath holds forth Pharblex Splattergoo’s head and Sir Axialrod tells them we have killed their enemy and to tell Snapjaw. They trot off. The Stag Party head into the Chapel, searching they find the find a nasty looking (magic) dagger in the head of the black dragon (part of the Tiamat statue). Errich is presented this in honor of his many party achievements. As the heroes head up they hear noises of Bullywugs having a very bad time and through the arrow slits they see lots of fires being set. Heading up further (floor three) the heroes arrive at some type of office. The entrance is flanked by two 3’ onyx dragon statues. The office is very opulent with treasure gathered from throughout the world.

The heroes investigate and find instructions how to operate a magic portal (written in Draconic). Command word Darezir which would transport to an unknown destination. But no clues as to where. The next room contains a bedroom with an armour stand. The Scale armour is sized for someone 7’ foot tall (possibly a half Dragon). The closet has a picture depicts Tiamat, Azim spots a trap and Errich disarms it with Ulfgrim’s help. Janthyra uses Mage Hand to open the closet. Inside are some nice robes built for a a Half Dragon. On a table is a beautiful statue of a black dragon (5000gp). The party debates whether to have a short rest.

The Stag Party looks around and seeing the bruised and battered take a short rest. At which time Errich discovers that the magic dagger is a Dagger of Venom , Errich vows to use the Dagger against its former owners and perhaps right the wrongs it has done in a past life.


Heading to the other tower. The party heads down into the large chamber (stretching in the distance beyond the light) beneath the Castle. The chamber contains a pool of water. Dripping noises come from the right and left.. Moving from the right is a group of Bullywugs. Que battle music. Azim moves first into the front rank followed by Jareath. Sir Axialrod arrives and kills a Bullwug. Errich shoots one killing it. Janthyra casts Eldrich Blast but misses. The Bullywugs jump into position and surround Azim and Sir Axialrod. Frog legs attack doing little to Sir Axialrod or Azim. Janthyra notice the group of individuals approaching from the other side of the underground lake. Ulfgrim cast Spiritual Guardians surrounding himself in spirits. Azim lets his feet do the killing (two Bullywugs). Jareath sees the Guard Drakes and shoots one. Sir Axialrod kills two more. Errich shoots a Guard Drake. Janthyra casts Hex followed by Eldrich Blast on a Guard Drake. Ulfgrim spirits kill two (with little naked dwarfs with spirit wings) Bullywugs, Sir Axialrod kills the last as it tries to run away. The Guard Drakes are affected by the “naked dwarven cherubs” as well. Ulfgrim hits one with Sacred Flame. Azim moves behind one and strikes it three times, killing it. Jareath moves behind the last and stabs it twice. Sir Axialrod moves from the dead Bullywugs and hits the last Guard Drake. Errich seizes his opportunity and kills the last Guard Drake with his new Dagger. Janthyra moves her Hex then hits a Dragonwing Cultist with Eldrich Blast twice. Ulfgrim moves forward and casts Sacred Flame but misses.


The Dragonwing Cultist fly at Ulfgrim and using their flight advantage striking him three times. Because of their fanatical advantage they wound Ulfgrim deeply. Azim rushes forward to help his brother, stunning the Dragonwing Cultist, then kicks him to death. Jareath pulls out his bow shooting him as Sir Axialrod the tank arrives. Errich moves forward and kills the last Dragonwing Cultist. Janthra uses Prestidigitation to light Sir Axialrods torch. The group consensus was to follow the tunnel where the Bullywugs came from.

The short corridor ends in a room of mud. Azim steps into the shadow appearing at the other side. Sir Axialrod steps into the mud and slips on the stairs on the other side. As Sir Axialrod slides into the next room he is attacked by a Swarm of Centipedes , Azim arrives in time to help. Both are swarmed and bitten. Jareath arrives to help. Errich activates his ring and jumps across the mud, landing on his feet. Janthyra walks across the roof to the entrance as well. Ulfgrim just trudges through the mud. Then the swarms bite away. Sir Axialrod and Azim crush the two swarms on them. Jareath at the entrance to the room casts Thunderwave, hitting Azim and Sir Axialrod as well. Errich threw a fire bomb singeing a few swarms. Ulfgrim kills a swarm with Scared Flame, Janthyra kills another two swarms with Eldrich Blasts. Azim can’t quite kill the swarm on him. The swarms then bite and nibble at the party. At the end of the round only three damaged swarms are left. In a few seconds all the swarms are defeated.

The day ends in the cavern beneath castle of Naerytar.

Castle Naerytar
Clearing the Cult

The day begins with the heroes heading into the castle true, avoiding the main hall, heading up the central tower.

Entering the main tower Errich makes a comment about not having swum in the treasure pile in the main hall. Jareath replies not yet…. you have to love a positive bard. The first level of the tower has a main hall, but unlike the other has no treasure. The party moves on into a bed room / sitting room, a search contains a closet with red robes. Errich also finds a chest, containing a chest with something missing. Errich deduces that it used to contain a book. Since it looks cool (and expensive) Errich adds it to the party treasure.

Heading up the stairs. Jareath quips about a red wizard being on the premise, for two reasons; First, a container for spell book was found, second, they told us. Heading up. Much like below has nothing special except in it except a raven in a cage. Out the window we see a large group of individuals have captured a bunch of Lizardman and Borngray (the leader elf guy) yelling at them. Janthyra pauses looks annoyed as her attempt to sow chaos in the enemies rank was failed by the distance. Climbing the stairs again. In the top is a telescope type thing, the Farseer of Illusk Jareath looks through.


As the party hang around the top of the observatory Gargoyles attack. Jareath acts with the help of the his magical bow, hitting a Gargoyle with a bow shot. Janthyra moves down the stairs and climbs upside down on the roof. Errich moves beside Sir Axialrod who is then attacked by a Gargoyle. Ulfgrim moves beside Azim and battle continues. After a brief but furious fight the Gargoyles are turned to rubble.

The courtyard below is mostly emptied, except for some guards guarding some Lizardmen. Errich takes a part of the device since the party couldn’t take it with us. (Could be used as a monical later). The party shoot from the battlements killing all three Cultist Guards, the Lizardmen look around in surprise then pick the guards scimitars and make off into the night. The heroes sneak back down the stairs. At the first level a group of Cultists can be heard searching for the heroes. The heroes hide inside the wizards bedroom to get the drop on the guards. As the Cultists enter they are surprised to find the Stag Party waiting. A few seconds later and the monk “romper stomping”, three guards are dead.

Bursting (in a quite fashion) down the stairs two more guards are surprised. Azim with his blood up moves first, tripping over his own feet. Well at least he got down to the bottom level. Very quickly they are overpowered. Searching them they had scimitars and a fanatical devotion to the cult. Leaving through a side door the Stag party find themselves in the Great-Hall.


Que battle music. Large battle including leaders of the castle cultists. Errich and Janthyra debate is that Borngray was arming the Lizardmen so might be “not bad”. Errich insisting that he is, but being 3’ tall is ignored as he can’t hold his hand high enough to vote. Jareath casts Thunder Wave killing two Bullywugs injuring others. Sir Axialrod engages Pharblex Splattergoo the leader Bullywug priest. The Dragonwing cultists surround Sir Axialrod and add a lot of dents to Sir Axialrod’s armour (and him in the process). Azim arrives just in time kills a Dragonwing and Pharblex. Ulfgrim heals Sir Axialrod with Cure Wounds. In return the other cult leader, Borngray, casts Thunder Wave at the heroes , thus showing his allegiance. Cultists act attacking Azim, Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim. Janthyra casts Witch Bolt using twin spell and tide of Chaos. Jareath casts Hold Person but Borngray resists. Sir Axialrod kills the last Dragonwing and attacks Borngray as well. Azim hits a Cultist killing him. Ulfgrim hits a Cultist with his hammer and casts Spiritual Weapon on Borngray, glancing off his helm. Borngray sees his options and surrenders. The Cultists infused with their dark devotion carry on trying to kill the heroes. Errich contemplates throwing a dagger at Borngray but just kills a cultist. Jathyra “fails” to stop Witch Bolt, killing Borngray….. she looked guilty for about 2s (at most). There goes any asking questions options. After some more mopping up all the Cultists.


The day ends with Errich doing treasure angles (Jareath was right) as the heroes search for booty and clues.

Caravan Continues castle Naerytar
Locating Castle Naerytar

The days starts in the Lizardman camp with Snapjaw, the Lizardman with issues. The next part of the trip through the swamp involved more water hence canoes. Errich has a look of excitement as he knows about water craft, though admittedly they are generally bigger.

Three canoes are laden for the trip:
- Azim and Errich
- Sir Axialrod and Jareath
- Ulfgrim, Janthyra and Snapjaw.

Two hours of rowing, Jareaths bow calls out a warning. To the port of the third canoe. Azim grasps his wand and scans the waters. Errich sees the water moving near Snapjaw. Jareath prepares himself. The water errupts and a rotting heap of weeds and trees bursts from the swamp, a weed that walks, a Shambling Mound. Snapjaw screams. Jareaths hits it with an arrow.. Snapjaw goes silent as his head is shoved into the mass of swamp thing. Snapjaw bursts out of the creature and swims away.


Janthyra hits with a Firebolt, lots of steam escape as the bolt hits the steaming mass. Sir Axialrod hits with four bow shots. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt. Azim uses his wand. Errich hits with a magic arrow. Jareath casts Vicious Mockery at the swamp creature. This saves Janthyra. Janthyra casts Eldrich Blast at the swamp hitting the water with precision but not the creature. Sir Axialrod hits with two more arrows. Ulfgrim casts Sacred Flame. Azim uses his wand blasting the creature to bits. The stag party set off in pursuit of Snapjaw, an hour later they track the injured Lizardman. Ulfgrim heals the poor creature and coaxs him into the canoe.

Nearing (about half a mile) the castle Snapjaw says there will be Lizardman guards and he will talk to them. Nearing nightfall Snapjaw rows his canoe up to a couple of guards. He convinces the Lizardman that we are the heroes they need. We are given permission to pass and half a mile later The Stag Party arrives at Castle Naerytar. Surrounding the Castle is a moat allegedly filled with crocodiles. To the left is a lot of Bullywug houses, in front are some Lizardmen houses, to their right is some pens with large lizards in them. Snapjaw says he will talk to his friends and we should talk our way in. Sounds like a plan.


The Stag Party approaches the front entrance with Janthyra and Jareath taking the lead. Passing the front entrance. Into a room covered in slop, some planks over the muck to form a path. Everything is covered in muck and mud, even the lamps give off a greasy dim light. Ten Bullywugs and three Giant Frogs are here and confront the Stag party. Jareath demands that they show us to our rooms. They sneer and say to see Borngray, letting the heroes pass. In the courtyard we see five Bullywugs bullying some poor Lizardmen. The Bullywugs see the heroes and challenge them. Janthyra says direct us to Borngray. They tell us to go main hall and talk to soft skins.

The main hall is 20’ by 80’. The great hall has lots of tables, the eastern end is where they eat, the west is a large pile of treasure, the south is where is makeshift carpentry. The room is occupied by about 15 cultists, under the tables are a number of Guard Drakes. Jareath convince them that we are cultists, even Sir Axialrod believes that the heroes have now changed sides. He directs us to rooms for the night, after the description and blank looks offers to lead the heroes to them.

The cultist leads us to a room, has a snigger and wishes us good luck. As Jareath lays out his bed roll he disturbs 10 Giant Centipedes. Azim goes feet of fury killing two. …. in twelve seconds all ten die. Errich searches and finds nothing as the rest of the party makes camp. The cultists say that don’t go out at night as the Guard Drakes won’t recognize us with out the arm bands, so the party rests. In the morning the party is greeted with a continental breakfast. The party is told that they may want to take off the armour as it get quite hot working in the swamp. They then direct the Stag party to Borngray in the library, just off the chapel. It has a statue of Tiamat but corrupted in looking like a lizard head not dragons. The chapel contains nothing, the back room has four cultists. Jareath asks for directions to Borngray and the heroes are let up the stairs to the next level. The next level contains the library proper, it is very impressive and has five cultists in here. Jareath again gets directions.

The next room is a 20′×20′ reading room, at one of the chairs is elf reading a book. Intro for the party, Jareath lies like a professional. Borngray says to go down get arm bands and help collect the loot. Errich missed the subtle hint and doesn’t stab him. Back out in the courtyard Snapjaw tries to attract our attention. He tells them they will have a meeting and to meet us above the forge at night. The party acquires arm bands so the Guard Drakes won’t eat us. Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim moves off the smithy to help the Lizardmen make weapons. The party spend the day getting information and behaving like good little cultists. This Castle is a staging area then the loot is shipped off through the “gate”, under the Castle. At the end of the day group of travelers arrive, we recognize them as members from the caravan.

The party lay low until they can meet in the smithy. Above the forge is a cashes of hidden weapons, Azim and Errich also notice that the doors of the tower have been oiled and allows sneaky characters to move around unnoticed. Later at night Snapjaw says there have been soft skins looking for us. In fact Borngray is looking for us. The omens are right for the Lizardmen to move. Incidentally the trap doors are nailed shut to keep out the Giant Spiders. A plan is hatched to kill the Bullywugs and heroes will attack the leaders.

As the party leaves the forge. The Bullywug guard is killed (croaks) as Errich slips a knife into its neck, killing it softly. Leaving it propped up against the wall. The Lizardmen move into the Bullywug housing and proceed to let the hatred flow. The heroes continue to the main tower, where they come across a bunch of Cultists to investigate the noise coming from the Bullywug stables. Que very quiet battle music.


Five cultists. Jareath replies to their polite inquires with a Hold Person spell. Azim moves with blistering speed killing one. The rest of the party let loose killing the cultists. Behind them are three Guard Drakes who attack Azim, Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim. At the end, in 24s, all Guard Drakes lie dead.

Day ends with heroes heading to the tower.

Caravan Continues into the Swamp
On the trail of the Dragon Horde

The Stag Party infiltrated the warehouse and discovered a locked storeroom. Opening the lock, they found the crates from the Cult’s caravan. They had been marked with chalk. The heroes changed the marking on the crates, but while doing that, were interrupted by some Lizardfolk emerging from a secret trap-door in the floor. The Lizards were dispatched and the Party followed the tunnel. It emerged into a swamp ( The Mere of Dead Men) at a small campsite, where the loot was being snuck out of the work camp…

Errich came to too find that the Stag Party had tracked the treasure only to be ambushed by Lizardmen. They had captured a Lizardman named Snap-Jaw. He in fact would like the the Stag Party to remove the Bullywugs his mortal enemy. An enemy of my enemy is my friend sort of thing. Clasic showdown.


Half the party wanted to follow the Snap-Jaw in the middle of the night to the Castle two days into the swamp. Snap-Jaw convinced them to wait to morning. As morning broke the party headed into the swamp following the directions (or the marker stones) along the path. The path is a vaguely “dry” path where it only sometimes comes up to the thighs of hero’s (and neck of the 3’ tall Errich). 8 hours into the swamp the party notice “log” moving though the water at them. Crocodiles. Que swamp sound effects.

Both heavily armoured party members move in front of Janthyra. She must of used her eye fluttering on them. Ulfgrim hits one and casts Spiritual Weapon. Sir Axialrod kills one. As that the smelly swamp water is waist deep on Errich he activates his magic ring and jumps into the branches of a nearby tree. This left a gap in the rear battle line and Jareath and Azim are bitten and grabbed the Crocodile, they then prepared to drag their prey into the depths of the swamp. Azim escapes one mouth. Janthyra casts Sleep, putting two too sleep.

Jareath casts Thunderwave hurling the Crocodile attached to his leg away. Ulfgrim kills another, Sir Axialrod gets greedy and kills another two. Errich shoots from his tree annoying a Crocodile The Crocodile blasted away return to nibble on the soft back rank. Their combined jaws take large chunks out of Azim and Jareath. Azim kills the Crocodile chewing on his leg. Janthyra casts Eldritch Blast killing the Crocodile on Jareath, Jareath then kills another. Ulfgrim and Errich kill the remaining Crocodiles. (We don’t count the killing of the sleeping pets.)

Ulfgrim summons the abilities of his Silver Goddess, Berronar Truesilver, to heal the very injured party members. The party continues. Snap-Jaw, who somehow managed not to be eaten by Crocodiles, warns the party that he has a friendly camp site , and doesn’t wan’t them all killed. Azim makes some quip about Leamunds Tiny Hut, which Jareath doesn’t take kindly too…… some one going joke thingy. As dusk starts to settle the members of Lock-Jaw, sorry Snap-Jaw’s tribe arrive. He tries to convince them that the Stag Party are here to help with their Bullywug problem. Out of nine tribe members 4 disagree. Que a very confusing fight where we don’t know who is on our side.

Club fight! Azim rushes to defend Snap-Jaw. Errich sees them move to attack Azim an shoots one in his shield. The “bad” Lizardmen don’t achieve much success. Janthyra casts Crown of Madness on two of the bad Lizardmen. As the power takes effect chaos effects her power, summoning a Flumph behind the battle line. After a series of club hits a bad Lizardman dies. The Flumph sprays goop out of its fish like mouth. Hitting the Lizardman on the ground, causing him to absolutely stink, poisoning everyone within 5’ of him. Azim misses the the Lizardman on the ground. Errich hits. The controlled Lizardman kills his friend. Janthyra Witch Bolts and kills a bad Lizardman. Jareath uses Vicious Mockery on the last Lizardman who is finally killed by Ulfgrim. Ulgrim continues and kills the Flumph, and as Jareath says you killed one of gods Lawful Good creatures.


Days ends in the company of our allies.

Daggerford Investigations Part 6
Freeing the Duke (and a Party)

The evening starts in Duke Maldwyn Daggerfords office. The fight hasn’t already started but it seems imminent.

Errich acts first by hiding in the corridor. Piff. A robed figure appears floating by the corner of the roof. The Stag Party feels something assault our minds, Mind Blast, half the party fall prey to it, clutching their heads. (Azim, Jareath and Sir Axialrod). Janthyra casts Tarshers Hideous Laughter at the Duke causing him to fall over laughing. Jareath cries “My Brain Hurts” and continues to splutter. Likewise Sir Axialrod and Azim.


Ulfgrim, shrugs off the pain and casts Guiding Bolt hitting the Robed Figure causing it to glow. Errich seizes the opportunity and shoots the floating figure breaking its concentration causing it to fall to the ground. As it falls its hood slips back revealing he is in fact purple and a Mind Flayer. He pick himself up lurches forward and uses its Mind Blasts again. The Physic Cone hits Janthyra, Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim. The Duke stops laughing as Janthyra’s concentration is momentarily disturbed. Ulfgrim ignores the Duke and moves to the Mind Flayer (as he is the greatest threat). Ulfgrim hits the Mind Flayer with his hammer. The Mind Flayer swivels and does a Zoidburg getting its tentacles wrapped around the dwarfs brain.

Janthyra misses with two Eldritch Blasts. The Duke moves forward and hits Janthyra with his Flame Blade, causing her to collapse unconscious. Errich again hits the Mind Flayer from the side with a sneaky bow shot. Seeing the tide turn against it, the Mind Flayer pulls out a silver rod and disappears. As he disappears the Duke stops stalking forward. Sir Axialrod then disarms the rather confused looking Duke.

Errich offers Janthyra some “tea” which she accepts as she was unconscious. The Healing Potion must have shocked her badly as she sits up and reaches for her dagger (to stab the Duke). A look of confusion passes over her face as she finally realizes that she doesn’t have a dagger so cannot stab the Duke. Errich coughs and apologises. With no weapon she just huffs and turns her back on Errich. The Stag Party then tell the Duke what has transpired in the last few months.

With the freeing of the Duke, Daggerford erupts in celebration…. with Jareath telling great heroic tales and the Halfling entertaining the crowd at a glorious banquet.

The next day the caravan prepares to finally depart Daggerford. A man joins the Dragon cult (they have been turning away all others), a man with tattoos on his head (Errich and Azim noticed). Sir Axialrod relalises that the Dragon Cultists have taken note of the The Stag Party and can be seen pointing and talking about us under their breaths. As the caravan leaves for Waterdeep the heros notice someone else watching us, a female Gnome (dressed like a Russian leprechaun) , she also appears interested in The Stag Party. The party note that she is aware of our curiosity and knows that we know. Errich introduces himself, her name is Jamna Gleamsilver. She doesn’t reveal anything even with Errich pleading. A couple more days pass uneventfully, then out of the blue Sir Axialrods wagon breaks. Janthyra casts Mending and fixes the wagon. Errich notices a Dragon Cultist taking particular pride. Errich and Sir Axlialrod hatch a plan.

The next day during breakfast the Gnome approaches and stops Sir Axialrod from eating it. She pulls out a bead. One that would kill the PC’s….. Sir Axialrod accuses the Dragon Cultist of stealing his favorite dagger. The Cultist protests. Sir Axialrod insists. Jareath backs up Sir Axialrod, and convinces the caravan to turn on the Dragon Cultist. Guilty. The Cultist is tied up and to be given over to the authorities in Waterdeep. As the wagons depart one of the Dragon Cultists wagons breaks down. How unlucky is that. As night falls Jamna approaches the Party and says she is on the same side. She would like us to investigate and find the hidden items. SIr Axialrod uses the opportunity to intimidate the man tied up, he resists but reveals that he is indeed the Cult of the Dragon.

All this activity just escalates the situation…. they now hate Sir Axialrod. A couple of days near Waterdeep, Sir Axialrod is accused of murder of one of their Guards. After much discussion the Cultist back down. They don’t even hide their hatred of Sir Axialrod now. Errich investigates and sees that it was a sword wound that killed the guard, a small sword. Remarkably similar to the one carried by Jamna. A few more days later the Caravan arrives in Waterdeep, the city of Splendors. The Stag Party is paid for their services…. some more than others.

The Harper, Carlon Amoffel, suggests that we sleep at the Yawing Portal, and he will meet the party there. No-one is particularly interest in climbing down a big dark hole in the ground to the Under Dark. Later in the evening as The Stag Party relaxes (drinking and eating) Carlon reports that this is not the final destination of the Cult of Dragon. They are heading north and have attached themselves to a construction caravan….. and we should do the same. The caravan is being run by the High Road Charter Company who membership includes the current Lord of Neverwinter. At this point Jamna the Gnome turns up saying that she wants to come. Errich protests due to a lack of trust (and an earlier dead guard). But Janthyra hires her on, tricking her that she needed that a reference from her last employer …. the Zhentarim. Who apparently are not all about the Black Lord (Bane) now …. not many of the party like this but….

The next day Jareath finally helps Ulfgrim dress properly by buying some Dwarven Plate. He now looks like a mobile ironmongery .


The party then head to the High road Charter Company and attempt to be hired on as Guards. Again competing in the I get paid more than you game.

Errich – Middle Tier (8gp)
Jareath – Middle Tier (8gp)
Sir Axialrod – Top Tier (10gp)
Janthyra – Top Tier (10gp)
Ulfgrim – Top Tier (10gp)
Azim – Bottom Tier (0gp)

After a little haggling The Stag Party is accepted on as caravan guards much to the look of horror on the faces of the Dragon Cult (and hatred of Sir Axialrod).

Seven nights out of Waterdeep we camp upon the top hill and a swam lies to the West, but nothing happens. Three days later the caravan arrives at the Carnath Road House (the destination). The tavern is run by Bog Luck the half orc and has a scabbard decorated with a dragon motif (suspected Dragon Cultist). Azim notices that all the Cultist Crates are being locked up in the more secure warehouse storage area. Unluckily for Errich the cook’s name is Gristle Pete and he is a grumpy human, and his cooking matches his nature/name. During the disappointing evening meal, a Cultist approaches the table and insults Sir Axialrod. He duly takes offense and accepts the challenge. A ring forms. Que fight music. Azim and Jareath move off to the Stag Party room (in case the fight is a distraction). Errich dives under the table.

She pulls a sword and is duly smashed by Sir Axialrods rather evil looking flail, until she is crushed to pulp. The Half Orc laughs. Then everyone just goes back to eating and drinking. Errich crawls out from under the table, and Janthyra and Azim return from the Stag Party room.

Day ends.

Daggerford Investigations Part 5
Repel the Devil

This episode finds The Stag Party in the temple of Amaunator killing the evil priests of Bane in the hope of stopping the fires from Hell and releasing the Devils.

Azim and Ulfgrim look off to the right and up. Sir Axialrod leads Jareath, Janthyra and Errich up the stairs. Climbing the stairs the PC’s find themselves confronted by a floating sword and shield (with the symbol of Bane), behind this are seen shapes in the dark. (Tortured Souls). With battle immanent Azim and Ulfgrim join the others.

Sir Axialrod dodges past the sword and sees four Tortured Souls and attacks one. Janthyra moved forward and is hit by the magic floating sword, as the dark radiant power subsides she slips past casting Eldrich Blast hitting two Tortured Souls. The Tortured Soul in fighting Sir Axialrod explodes in a pile of goo. Ulfgrim is also hit by the blade then smashes the Tortured Soul. Jareath climbs up to avoid the blade but is hit anyway. The sword and blade then dissipates, he then hit a Tortured Soul. The Tortured Souls then groan forward, hitting Jareath but missing Ulfgrim. Errich moves up sees the sword missing (yet again avoiding danger) throws a dagger and watching the Tortured Soul explode its bits all over Jareath. Sir Axialrod strides forward killing one more and knocking the last Tortured Soul to the ground which is then finished off by Ulfgrim.

As Errich listens at the door, and hears it being opened. As it does evil floating spirits can be observed. A man dressed in Half Black Plate Armour with a white hand, with hooves and horns a Tiefling…. Daros Hellseeker. Sir Axialrod tries to shove him, misses but hits him with his sword, then is forced to retreat. Ulfgrim casts Spiritual Weapon and hits him a Sacred Flame. Janthyra casts Frost Bite hitting Daros.. Jareath casts Heat Metal. Errich slips past sticks his Rapier in one side of him as Azim smashes him to death from the other.

Daros has a Magic Flail and the Half Plate goat Armour. Errich checks that he is not feigning death by sticking his sword in his throat. Nothing of interest can be found in the bedroom. Securing the room Ulfgrim offers a prayer to his Silver Goddess and heals the party, Prayer of Healing.


The sound of roaring flame can be herd from the next room, a 15’ balcony overhangs the place from the which the fire comes from. In the middle of the flames a dancing shape can be seen, a Bone Devil. Errich reacts first then positions him self behind Sir Axialrod. Jareath moves into room and inspires Sir Axialrod. Azim uses his wand to hit the Devil causing damage to the Bone Devil as bolts of force hit home. Ulfgrim moves in and casts Guiding Bolt. This results in the Bone Devil being coated in light. Janthyra moves in and casts Witch Bolt but misses. Sir Axialrod moves forward. Errich prepares and shoots the Bone Devil with a magical arrow as he lands in front of Sir Axialrod and Azim.

He slashes at Azim with his claws, and nearly kills the Knight with his stinger but is saved by the Dwarfs shield. Jareath casts Heroism on the monk, Dwarf and Knight. Azim uses his wand again. Ulfgrim casts Spiritual Weapon and misses with a Sacred Flame. Janthyra calls forth a rallying cry and casts Witch Bolt but hits the door frame. Sir Axialrod uses the evil Flail to hit the Bone Devil twice. Errich misses. The Bone Devil hits the Azim twice but misses the Knight due to the the dwarfs shield again. Jareath misses with a bow shot and heals Azim. Azim uses his wand again. Ulfgrim gets confused and corresses the Knight, misses with the Sacred Flame and hits with the Spiritual Weapon. Janthyra finally hits with a powered Witch Bolt causing the the Bone Devil to explode. All hail Janthyra Devil Slayer.

All that remains is to turn off the flame! With divine inspiration…. Ulfgrim realizes that he needs to use his Channel Divinity ability. Calling on his Silver Goddess the Gate Closes. Across the pit is another balcony. Walking down stairs they party walk around the pit which now is only 20’ deep. The rest of the complex is empty. As the PC’s plan to leave….. the spirit of a large cat appears and out of the darkness emerge eight household cats.

Next of the list is Duke Maldwyn Daggerford. The Stag Party moves quietly from the the temple heading for the Dukes compound. As they move through the back-streets they are spotted by something. Jareath yells a warning as his magical bow hums a warning. Something invisible. Something deadly. Janthyra screams as a large beast attacks, raking two claws across her back. Ulfgrim swings randomly hitting something.. Something purring. Sir Axialrod also hits something. Errich surprisingly sticks his dagger into something before moving back. Jareath misses. Azim flying feet of doom misses twice pushing it pack then finishes it off with a uppercut to the invisible snout. Dead Hell Cat.

Janthyra is healed by Ulfgrim’s Silver Goddess.

A the Manor gate there are no Guards. With only one way in the front door it is. Inside the manor is unusually quite. The bottom level is almost empty. In an up stairs office we find a man resembling the Duke behind a desk. Sir Axialrod asks that Duke rescind his orders but he believes it safer as it is. Jareath calls a warning.

As he stands up he draws his sword, a flaming sword ……


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