Rebellious Lizardman


Unhappy with the situation in the swamp, Snapjaw wishes to ally with the heroes to rid the mere of the Cult and Bullywugs


Snapjaw’s Story

I belong to the Scaly Death tribe of Lizardfolk who have lived in the Mere of Dead Men for generations. Our Shaman, Suncaller, was killed by the Bullywug chieftain Pharblex Spattergoo. So leaderless and lost, when the Half-Dragon Rezmir promised that Voaraghamanthar (a Black Dragon that the Scaly Death tribe reveres) would reward our tribe for their labours for the Cult (dragon kneelers), we listened. Unfortunately things have not worked out to our liking. Fearfull of Pharblex’s magic and his tribe’s numbers, we are constantly bullied by the Bullywugs. We carry the loot from the work camp to the castle, we tend the giant lizards, we do most of the hunting and fishing to feed the castle and we act as scouts for the castle because we are much more cunning than the lazy Bullywugs. But still we are bullied. We must have done something to upset the Great Black One, so we have been putting up with the situation. But things are slowly getting worse. It seems that we will have to take things into our own hands as Voaraghamanthar has forsaken us… One of the pointy-eared soft-skins, Borngray, rewards us with metal weapons which I and a few trusted tribesfolk have been stockpiling for a time when the omens are right. I am hoping that time is now…


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