Tyranny of Dragons

Xonthals Tower part 1

Looking for the Green Dragon Mask

The battle with the plants continue.. Errich waits to see if any other party member moves next to a plant. Jareath steps back, casting Vicious Mockery. Seakul steps back. Ulfgrim uses his abilities to cast Spirit Guardians and Searing Light. Azim does nothing. Eventually the Carnivorous Plants are humped to death by Ulfgrims dwarven cherubs, and divine powers combined with Jareaths. As the last flower dies they drop white pearls, 12 in total.

The next sundial, south west exit, open area has a high garden motif complete with a pergola, pond with accompanying music. A human dressed in yellow and gold robes. He wave an waits in the pergola. Seakul waits and other party members appraoch, he invites the party to sit and wait on silk, he makes a tea in gene shaped kettle. Errich slips out. Just then the pergola is surrounded by stone as the kettle start belching gas out, and the “human” sinks into the rock…. shock horror its a trap.

Seakul walks around the outside looking for a way in. Sir Axialrod, suffers damage as the gas enters his lung, reduced by his ring of poison resistance. He then smashes at the pot, noticing that the eyes of teapot has eyes moving, strikes it three times. Smashing it. A piece of jade drops into the embers. More substance is split onto the coals, releasing more poison.

Jearath is damaged a little by the poison, looking around for danger. Errich moves to the wall tries to yell support at the other party members, then takes his belaying pin to smash through the wall. Azim must have got the hint and swings at the wall also. Ulfgrim is affected slightly by the poison. Ulfgrim casts Stone Shape making a 5′×5′×5′ hole in the wall.


Suddenly the Stone Wall disappears, then a figure emerges from the rock and attacks SIr Axialrod. A Genie. Misses, Sir Axialrod uses his reaction to hit it back. Sir Axialrod tries to knock it over, then swings three more times. Jareath slashes him twice more. Errich slips back to get a shot off from the side. Azim hits only once. Ulfgrim uses Guiding Bolt. The Genie casts Phantasmal Killer on Sir Axialrod sees a Unicorn being ridden by someone else.. As he tries move away Sir Axialrod removes its head with a well timed back slash from Actum Dentum . Collecting the jade the party leave and arrive back at another Sundial.

Exiting the Sundial south suddenly the party appears in hedge maze cut out of the maze, to sound of hooves.

A large iron bull, with green smoke coming from its nose, a Gorgon. Sir Axialrod charges off but only hits its armor. Errich shoots once then runs under the Gorgon’s legs. Azim moves to a side passage. The Gorgon slips past Sir Axialrod, then breaths its gas on Sir Axialrod and Errich who are able to resist being turned to stone. Errich notices a diamond roll out of its mouth. Ulfgrm casts Green Flame Blade. Jareath shoots it once. Seakul hits once.

Sir Axialrod hits three times, finishing it off. Errich picks up the diamond. A passage in the hedge leads to the the west , following the passage leads back to the Sundial. The South East path lead back to six statues area. East lead back to the Pool room. North East leads back to the maze with the sound of Gorgon hooves.

Most party move off. The Gorgon appears next to Azim attempting to trample him. Missing. The party retreats back to the Sundial space. Debating how to get out of the maze, even digging under the Sundial. Eventually Sir Axialrod and hacking the hedge at a direction of North North West, the party disappears and appears at the courtyard of the tower. With a corpse lying on the cold cobble stones. Magical writing in a circle on the ground, there is no door on the tower.

Eventually Seakul steps into the magic circle, he disappears. The party then follows. The party materializes in a 60′×60′ round room with the evidence of a battle. Exotic images surround the walls with a dead female cult member lying in her own blood, Two balcony’s protrude either side of the magic circle. Ulfgrim uses his medicine works out she was stabbed with a dagger with acid burns.

The wall behind has some symbols, two chairs, upside down owl, rectangle, flame, star, square, hourglass and a triangle. Seakul guesses they are like a transporter. Seakul touches the left chair transporting the party to the balcony on the left. The button at the top (a chair) takes the party back to the floor of the main chamber.

The upside down owl takes party to a 10′×10′ round room with one door, the room is made of steel. The door leads to a corridor with several doors, Seakul seems to lead the search for cultists, the first room has six pellets. Errich searches. Sir Axialrod hears some people are searching a room like us.

Errich, Azim and Jareath stealth into the room, surprising some cultist, six with assorted armour. Attacking the surprised cultists. In six seconds they all die. Searching the level the party find basically the whole level are barracks.

The next symbol, rectangle leads to an alter room, with Draco Lich ideology. Six cultists look surprised as the party appears. Jareath casts Hold Person on three cultists. Errich slips forward killing the cultist in front of him. The cultists then engage Errich, casting Inflict Wounds withering the halfling. The other casts a spell at Seakul. SIr Axialrod hits the cultist on Errich three times. Azim moves around and kicks a cultist in the nuts. A Fire Ball goes off hitting everyone except Jareath. But also killing all the cultists but one. Seakul finishes off the last cultist with a thrown axe. Searching the room there is not much evidence left. Just notes about Draco Lichs.

The next symbol, the fire, a room 60′×60′ with a fire pit in the middle of the room, around the fire are the remains of a dragon. As the party scan the room six Dragon Priest attack. Errich kills the first cultist then retreats a little. Jareath again uses Hold Person freezing two cultists. Sir Axialrod attacks one as does Seakul. One summons a Spiritual Weapon to strike at Seakul from the back. Another Dragon Priest tries to use Cause Wounds but misses. Seakul almost kills a Dragon Priest as does Azim. Ulfgrim misses with Green Flame Blade. Errich kills both, much to the distress of Seakul. Sir Axialrod kills one Dragon Priestthen beheads another. Seakul kill the final Dragon Priest.

Days ends.



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