Tyranny of Dragons

Tiamats Return Part 2

Its us or her!

With the hideous ritual underway, the heroes engaged in a practice called kill the mages or Tiamat will appear. Seakul had just done his best impersonation of “Super Man” flying at Severin Silrajin. Sir Axialrod also taking to the air.

Severin gestures at Seakul, casting Hellish Chains , wrapping him in chains of fire, holding him fast. Errich fires a mighty shot at Severin after hiding in the buzzing insects. Azim flies toward him as well. Doors at far end boom open. A man appears calling that there are dragons attacking the cults dragons. Seakul recognizes him as the man who killed his wife and family. Sir Axialrod flies toward Severin, firing his shots wildly, hitting once. Then looks at his calendar and goes to town.

Ulfgrim uses Guiding Bolt also hitting Severin. Jareath shoots hitting once. Severin tries to touch Seakul, but due to Seakul’s Haste spell, the firey grasp misses. The chains then burn Seakul, setting him on fire. Seakul seeing the person who killed his family flies off after the murderer, getting burnt in the process.

Errich shoots a different mage, the red wizard in the Red chapel. Azim flies into combat with Severin, hits him with a mace trying to stun him, but somehow the Cult leader shruggs off the mighty blow. Azim then kicks him with a flying kick. The enemy fighter moves forward. Sir Axialrod gets into combat, charges, action surges hitting Severin three times. Ulfgrim moves toward Errich, Guiding Bolts Severin. Jareath hits with his stag bow causing Severin to go limp. Seakul seeing his hated enemy Misty Steps closer, then hits him three times.

Errich uses hunters mark on the red wizard again, shoots and kills him. Azim gets badly burnt, then grabs the mask but it is stuck in place. Azim then uses all his strength to burst out of the Hellish Chains. The evil fighter, Iscah, pulls forth a Longsword, swinging three times but missed the blindingly fast Seakul. Sir Axialrod flies toward the wizards in the Green Chapel, shooting one flying in the air twice. Ulfgrim moves forward. Jareath shoots the other wizard in the Green Chapel once. Seakul utters his Vow of Enmity striking the evil Iscah twice more killing him in a surge of vengance. Seakul then flies back toward the party. Suddenly a large white head starts emerging out of the swirling colours.

Errich runs toward the red mage, moving his Hunters Mark. Azim flies at Errich, wanting his Bag of Holding. Sir Axialrod charges the flying green mage killing him. Ulfgrim tries to summon his Goddess, but she seems to be occupied elseware (_perhaps where the Queen of Evil Dragons is not trying to appear…), then summons his Spirtual Weapon. Jareath moves and shoots the green mage on the ground. Seakul gets back to Ulfgrim and puts the flames out.

Errich gives his bag of holding to Azim, runs to the red mage on the ground. Stabbing him twice. Azim flies back to the body of Severin and tries to shove him into a bag of holding. Suddenly all the light stops. Shocking everyone. Sir Axialrod kills the Green mage on the ground. Rath Modar appears, near Errich, casting Magic Missile, with five bolts. Ulfgrim casts Healing Word. Jareath moves to be near Seakul and Sir Axialrod and casts Mass Cure Wounds then inspires Seakul. Then another Rath Modar appears in the air near Azim, casting Confusion at Azim who fights off its affects. Seakul flies at the new Rath Modar hitting twice, then inquires if he would like to surrender (that would be a no…). Suddenly the swirling malestrom closes, the white Tiamat head disappears into mist.

Errich finishes off the red mage on the ground. Azim attacks the the flying Rath Modar killing him as the corpse crashes to the ground. Sir Axialrod flies toward the white mage shoots three warning shots. The first Rath Modar casts a spell then escapes, Errich fails to hurt him as he runs off as his dagger passes through him. Ulfgrim then runs toward Errich casting Guiding Bolt at the first Rath Modar, but this passes through him as well. Seakul floats down to the ground calling Ulfgrim back to Revivify the splattered Rath Modar corpse. The white wizards cast Fire Balls at Jareath and Sir Axialrod who dives behind his shield. The two blue wizards run 30’ forward, also casting Fire Balls, one at Azim (who dodges aside) and one at Ulfgrim.

Errich having been Misled, notices someone in front of him, but flails ineffectively at the invisible Rath Modar. Azim heeds Errichs call and hits Rath Modar, breaking his spell, then kicks him again. Rath Modar casts Mirror Image. Ulfgrim casts Fire Bolt towards the blue wizards but misses. Jareath casts Confusion at the last White mage, then shoots him for good measure. Seakul and Sir Axialrod get shot by multiple Magic Missile spells.

Errich casts Green Flame Blade turning the first Rath Modar into a puddle of Ice, apparently a Simulacrum. Sir Axialrod shoots the white mage in the air three times. Ulfgrim hits the Blue mage in the air with a Guiding Bolt. Jareath shoots the last White mage, killing him. Seakul gets into combat with the Blue Mage on the ground, ending his life. Suddenly a large Sky Castle crashes through the temple ceiling almost squashing Jareth and Errich but covering the corpse of Rath Modar. A large Giant Voice calls down: “Did we win?”.



A good story. But what it lacks were the evil monologues. ..

“Last time we met I slaughtered you family you witless fool, time for you to join them.”


“I’m going to kill you and brain fuck your soul straight to hell!”


“I am most displeased”

Tiamats Return Part 2

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