Tyranny of Dragons

Tiamats Aftermath

Time for a little soul searching for the Stag Party

The Stag Party leave the ruins of the Temple through the main doors, the other tunnel exits having been destroyed due to a castle landing in the middle of Tiamats temple. The floor of the volcano is littered with dragon bones, the remains of the great beasts who have come here to die over many centuries. Fresh bodies of dragons, mostly Chromatic but also some Metallic join the collection. There are also dead residents of Faerun, but some surviving ones.

Sir Axialrod tries to calm the peasants, who had been captured by the Cult for sacrifice to power the Ritual. They were glancing nervously at the Metallic Dragons sitting around the rim of volcano. Looking for signs of treasure (a just reward for services rendered….), the Stag Party explore the deserted tunnels within the Well of Dragons. The first treasure chamber is full of gold, the paths through the hoard have collapsed due to Sky Reach Castle so the heroes have to wade and swim through the gold and jewels. The sound of the Draakhorn is still ever-present. The party head in the direction of the sound. Heading deeper the sound of the Draakhorn is much louder. Deafening. Inside a chamber the Draahorn hangs suspended by bronze chains, demonic writing snaking around the horns’ exterior, glowing with purple eldritch energy. Strangely the room is quiet, mostly due to the fact that Stag Party is deafened by the mighty horn. There seems to be some kind of Air Elemental sounding it. The are also two large stone statues guarding it. Que battle music.

Errich slips through the legs of the party striking at the first Stone Golem, Jareath tries to taunt a statue with Vicious Mockery, but the Golem is unimpressed and Jareths arrow bounces off the stone hard construct. The first Stone Golem casts Slow which is resisted by all. The second Stone Golem slams Seakul twice causing much hurt. Ulfgrim cannot cast spells due to the dreadful sound of the Draakhorn, so swings his Storm Flail, but it too bounces off the stone exterior. Sir Axialrod strikes it three times. Seakul also hits twice. Errich slips forward hitting twice. Jareath shoot it once. The Stone Golems all miss. Ulfgrim hits once. Sir Axialrod hits three times, killing the Stone Golem in front of him. Seakul hits twice more.. Errich slips in and hits twice more. Jareath shoots the Air Elemental blowing the horn twice with mighty shots. In their deafened state that stag party can’t hear the sound stop….. the maddend Air Elemental flies to attack. The Air Elemental appears over Ulfgrim and Sir Axialrod trying to engulf them in a whirlwind, but they prove strong enough to stay grounded. The last Stone Golem smashes Seakul. Ulfgrim standing inside the whirlwind, hits the Air Elemental once. Sir Axialrod also hits it three times. Errich slips behind the last Stone Golem killing it, much to Seakuls’ disgust. Jareath pokes the Air Elemental twice. The angry Air Elemental strikes jareath twice. Ulfgrim hits the Air Elemental dissipating it. Everything goes quiet(er). Jareath removes the mouth piece of the Draakhorn to stop it being used again.

After a couple of minutes everyones hearing comes back except Errichs’. Ulfgrim casts lesser Restoration on Errich trying to stop Errich yelling. Back at the treasure room the party spends their time searching for treasure.

The cult has been routed with its allies. The party help upload the mass of treasure to be returned to the people of the Sword Coast (flying castle, and wagons). The Heroes are welcomed back to Waterdeep as heroes. The Stag party are all offered land and titles. Seakul has to report back to Lord Volmer (the Devil) to whom he promised the soul of Rath Modar. The party decide to help find the soul of Rath Modar, the only clue was that he was a Red Wizard. It gives the party a place to start. The wizards in Waterdeep Teleport the Heroes to Sembia for their journey to the mysterious realm of Thay.

Instead of appearing in the Mages College of Selgaunt in Sembia, the party appears in a 35’ wide circular tower room with shuttered windows and a domed roof, a lattice of silvery threads made from energy filling the room. Looking out the window, the party see nothing but ocean. They seem to be in a tower on a small rocky island. Resisting some sort of suggestion the party head up towards the roof. On the tower’s sloped roof is a small pagoda type structure containing a large crystal shard 4’ in diameter. Coiled around crystal is a long serpentine creature with the head of a stern but striking human woman.

“Stand clear of the Astral Shard or by Ustran’s command sigh I will be forced to slay you” …… Day ends.



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