Tyranny of Dragons

The Island Part 2

Back on the island again.

With the battle with the dinosaur dragon hybrids over the party has a short rest. Allowing some of the party to heal damage suffered during their brief but damaging battle. Azim takes the time to return the holy symbol, saying a prayer to Istishia. Sir Axialrod was able to determine that it was indeed magical and necromantic magic present. Seakul remembers remembers a little more about the priest, who saved a ship, he was be-smote by a terrible curse. The priest tried to leave civilization behind, Istishia ripped the land where the priest was situated and floated on the seas.

During the remaining time in the day the party search, led by Errich, the Eastern side of the map, finding nothing of interest. Sir Axialrod sets up his castle for the night. The next day the party travels to the western side of the island. Half way through the day the party find a large lake surrounded by herbivores, Ankylosauraus. Azim sees large animals swimming in the large lake. Much debate is had about how you can swim in a lake with Plate armor on. Errich comes to the conclusion that the party has inadvertently destroyed the ecology of the island. Sigh.

Both Errich and Jareath want to investigate the large lake. Errich needs to attune the necklace of adaption. Azim also joins the swimming party. In the meantime Sir Axialrod, Seakul and Ulfgrim take up residence in the portable castle. Jareath casts Polymorth turning into a Plesiosaurus. Swimming under the lake the party search the bottom of the lake the party find nothing, admitting defeat the swimming party return to the surface.

Resting again, both Errich and Jareath are exhausted. Not sleeping well. Finding nothing else, Errich unfolds his boat and jumps on board. Sailing East. Another day sailing. Errich sits in the middle of the deck and starts counting coins. Seakul tries to remove a curse on Errich. A flash of light and nothing happens. Meanwhile jareath says we must return the island, casts Poymmorth Plesiosaurus then leaps into the water. Seakul rouses Errich who turns the boat around. Due to the fact the Plesiosaurus is exhausted as well the ship catches him up. Arriving back on the island, near night. Jareath moves toward the middle of the lake and shrine. Staggering in the dark back to the shrine, jareath grabs the amulet.

Most of the party is very confused about the actions of the two individuals. Ulfgrim checks the state of Errich and Jareath, Seakul then uses his Lay on Hands on Jareath. Nothing happens. Ulfgrim then tries Remove Curse with a similar negative result. Ulfgrim casts Commune, “Is there a cure on the island” YES. “Is the cure in the water?” NO “Does the cure involve the priest of Istishia?” NO. With night nearing the party head to the mountain, resting Jareath looks much better but Errich wasn’t, Seakul uses Lay on Hands to remove disease. Leaving the island again.

Finally sailing east, Errich recovers a sleep. We note that the air becomes stormy, and four very large sharks (20’) swimming around the boat. Then one of the sharks slams into the bottom of the boat flying in the air. Knocking the boat over. Errich, Jareath, Bast and the Unicorn are knocked further from the water. The Boat is upside down. Also in the water is a dragon turtle. Errich swims away from the Dragon Turtle near Bast. Sir Axialrod climbs on the boat and hacks at the Dragon Turtle. three times, action surges and attacks again. Azim leaps into the water, gets in front of the Unicorn . Jareath, grabs some arrows, uses his cloak to Dimension Door onto the boat. Then casts Swift Quiver. Ulfgrim climbs onto the boat, casting Spiritual Weapon and attacks the Dragon Turtle. The Unicorn Teleports onto the boat. Seakul swims to the side of the boat, uses Misty Step to appear on the head of the Dragon Turtle then drives its blade into its head twice. Bast climbs onto the boat.

The Dragon Turtle breaths steam on the boat, hitting everyone, even a Shark except Seakul on its head. Errich climbs back on the boat. Sir Axialrod commands Seakul to hit but misses. He then smashes it twice. Azim, left alone in the water, swimms slightly further away. Jareath shoots twice, hitting once, casts Swift Quiver again. Ulfgrim casts Greenflame Blade hitting the Dragon Turtle, also hitting with his Spiritual Weapon. Seakul casts Staggering Smite misses twice. All the sharks sense blood in the water head toward Azim. Azim smashes it once, smashes it twice. The Dragon Turtle attacks the taunting Sir Axialrod, misses.

Errich leaps at the back of a Shark attacking Azim killing it. Sir Axialrod hits the Dragon Turtle twice. Azim strikes a Shark twice. Jareath shoots the injured Shark, then shoots the last Shark death. Suddenly a huge Megladon swims up from below, Trying to eat Errich. , nipping him rather well. Ulfgrim uses Guiding Bolt on the Dragon Turtle then hits it with the Spiritual Weapon. Seakul finally hits with his great sword, but only once. The Dragon Turtle dives, taking Seakul with him, then bites him, and claws him.

Errich moves to the flank of the Megladon strikes with his off hand, but waiting for Azim to arrive before sneak attacking. Sir Axialrod dives into the water swinging at the Dragon Turtle to hit three times. Azim fails to move, so uses his Wand of Magic missiles. Jareath shoots the Megladon three times with mighty shots. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt again hitting the Dragon Turtle again, and then with the his Spiritual Weapon . Seakul misses twice due to the water. The Dragon Turtle bites Seakul and tail-whips Sir Axialrod blasting him out of the water into the air.

Errich waits for his friend again, hits with his off hand again. Sir Axialrod swims back to the Dragon Turtle kills it. Then climbs up. Azim then arrives at the side of the Megladon, letting Errich sneak attack it. Azim then proceed to beat the Megladon to death. Errich then swims back to the boat, shrinks it into a small box, then using the command word to fold the boat back out but the right way up.

Day ends moist, but back on the boat.



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