Tyranny of Dragons

The Island Part 1

Beginning the search

The stag party make landfall on the floating island which is about 2 miles by 3 miles. On the far edge is a mountain, it’s peak shrouded in clouds. An unnatural fog hangs over the scrub covering the island. Sheer cliffs surround the island, except for a beach a few thousand feet across, giving the impression that the island has been ripped from the earth.

Landing on the beach, Errich folds the boat and then stores it away in the bag of holding. The Stag party head toward the mountain as that seems to be the only landmark. Errich starts guiding the party. About 1000’ feet from the landing, through foggy grass lands, suddenly the grass starts moving….

The heroes prepare for battle. Bast hushes down. Seakul moves next to the great cat and waits, Greatsword ready to strike. Jareath steps back and readies his bow. The Unicorn moves beside Errich to protect him from the incoming danger. Sir Axialrod also prepares to act. Rushing from the fog are six Allosaurus, like a scene from Jurassic Park. Seakul strikes twice before the Allosaurus’ claws scrape harmlessly off his armour. Jareath shoots twice, both hitting, and the Allosaurus misses. Sir Axialrod hits three times before the Allosaurus misses. The Unicorn, however, is knocked over by the inrushing beast who then takes a large chunk of Unicorn flesh with its dagger filled jaws. Errich attacks the beast eating the Unicorn. Azim punches another Allosaurus three times. Ulfgrim summons his Spirit Guardians.

Bast rips out the throat of the Allosaurus eating the Unicorn. Seakul kills off two more Allosaurus. Jareath skillfully fires his bow and kills two more Allosaurus. Sir Axialrod moves and attacks the last Allosaurus, the dwarven cherubs poke it a few times. It then fails to hurt Ulfgrim. Ulfgrim finishes it off with Greenflame Blade.

Strange beasts on a strange island that time has forgotten…?

Travelling further, about half way to the mountain, the party finds a clearing, with a 100’ lake in the middle. The fog seems to be emanating from lake. The tracks around the lake show lots of Allosaurus tacks, and some even bigger tracks, indicating a bigger beast somewhere. Investigating further, the party find a small stone shrine dedicated to Istishia. Seakul and Azim recognize him as a neutral God of Water. Seakul remembers part of a story of a cleric of Istishia who was cursed by Umberlee, but couldn’t remember the details… Continuing on, the party arrives at the base of the mountain. Nearing dusk the party look for somewhere to sleep. Climbing up, above the fog, the party find a large cave. Errich sees no tracks.

Errich, Jareath and Azim investigate further, the cave is in fact a large tunnel heading into the mountain. It looks like it has been dug out by a large clawed beast. 100’ feet back the tunnel opens out into a huge cavern. In the middle is a skeleton of a dragon sleeping on a pile of treasure. Sir Axialrod uses his wand and detects some magic items. Errich determines that it looks like the remains of a very large black dragon. Platinum, Gold, art works, a magical amulet (of health), staff (of swarming insects) and a broach (of shielding). The Stag Party decide to rest for the night. Sir Axialrod summons his folding fortress. During the night the party hear growls and loud roaring coming from the island.

In the morning the party continue to climbing further up the mountain. Strangely the clouds at the top of the mountain seem stuck in place. Something very magical is going on. Finding nothing of interest the party head down the mountain to the lake. Azim submerges himself in the lake (activating his underwater breathing helm) looking for any other clues. While under water, Azim is ambushed by a Plessiosaurus and the heroes on the ground hear a roar behind them. An unusual 20’ Dragon Dinosaur Hybrid and four Allosaurus with strange dragon like adaptations are looking to eat the party…

Sir Axialrod goes nuts shooting a total of six times, hitting five times. Jareath casts Fly rises into the air, then shoots hitting once on the big creature. Ulfgrim waits for the big creature. Errich uses his wand of Winter to cast ice Storm, killing one Allosaurus, then uses hunters mark on another. The Allosaurus breath acid on Errich and Bast almost melting them. The Unicorn tries to Entangle the mutant dinosaurs, but they prove too strong for the grasping vines. The large Hybrid breaths acid on the other party members (and Unicorn). Seakul uses Misty Step to get behind it, then drives his sword into its rear. Sir Axialrod charges hitting once. Jareath casts Wall of Fire with his harp. Burning all four corrupted Dinosaurs. Then he cries out as he falls to the earth as his Fly spell ends.

Meanwhile in the water, Azim punches the Plessiosuarus in the nose, stunning it. Then punches it another three times. Ulfgrim casts Greenflame Blade on the Hybrid, hitting. Then casts Spritual Weapon which it also bashes it . Errich moves beside Bast hitting only with his off hand. The Alosaurous breaths on Bast and Errich. The other Alosaurous bites at Sir Axialrod but misses. Seakul is also bitten. One is then burnt by the Wall of Fire. Back in the water the Plessiosaurus just floats aimlessly.

The Hybid steps out of the fire and is hit by Seakul. Then bites Sir Axialrod and tail lashes jareath. Seakul hits the Alosaurous at the back twice, killing it, moves to toward the Alosaurous fighting Errich. Sir Axialrod, cowering in fear, knocks over one Alosaurous then bashes it three times. Jareath stands up moves between the creatures, watches the Wall of Fire die, then casts Destructive Wave killing all Alosaurous. In the water Azim beats the living shit out of the Plessioaurus . Ulfgrim casts Greenflame Blade killing the large Hybrid. As the mists clear all creatures are dead.

Azim continues his search (but invisible) he finds a corpse with an amulet. Back on the surface, the amulet turns out to be a holy symbol of Istishia.

Day ends.



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