Tyranny of Dragons

The Doom Vault Part 6

The final confrontation?

Battle vs the oozes and Red Wizards.

Errich shoots the wizard dead. Sir Axialrod shoots a jelly. Jareath shoots the same one. Killing Orce Jelly. The Deathlock Wight casts a Fear which most of the party fight off except. Errich slips into the room (avoiding the jelly on the wall) maneuvers behind the the Deathlock Wight as Azim arrives killing the Deathlock Wight. Azim has to attack an Ooze, also killing it. Seakul is burnt by the wall jelly as he enters the room he then kills the other ooze. Errich moves behind the Jelly then move away. Sir Axialrod shots it dead.

There is a sickly dark elf in the shrine. Seakul does his usual to break in and smash the pillars. Seakul recognises the elf as a chosen Ghaunadaur (another evil ditey) so is put down. Another Glyph key to Temples of Oppression. Jareath tries to disrupt the black gates. Jareath is hit a few blasts of energy in the process of disrupting the black gates.

Two paths appear to in the mist, allowing an escape for the three good chosen (Elf, Halfling and Human). Jareath holds the gate open then changes its course into the Phylactery.

The party appear in a strange place, a vast four sided pyramid, with the party standing on one side, the party feel a great amount of life sucking evil (necrotic damage). A set of double doors stand on each triangle sepulcher in each corner. Jareath looks at a dark pool in the centre of the strange room, it looks alive (the solid form of evil). Jareath believes the pedestals contain radiant energy. Seakul attacks a pedestal twice, cracking it half. Stopping the radiant energy. These could be used to hold the evil in place. Holding this plan the party look at a sepulcher, Errich expertly picks the lock. Sir Axialrod attempts to open the door, which turns into a four armed Gargoyle.

Sir Axialrod knocks one too the ground, then hits it four times. Errich attacks twice then runs away. The Gargoyle stand up and miss Sir Axialrod. Errich kills one Gargoyle then misses the other and runs away. Jareath shoots the last twice killing it. The Sepulcher contains the phylacteries of Sass Tam Lich servants. Jareath believes that disrupting the eldritch energy to a sepulcher would kill them off. Ulfgrim attempts the disruption. First Success. Jareath does number two. Ulfgrim does number three….. the Sepulcher energy is disrupted. Fountains of energy escapes as does a Demi Lich.

Que final battle music. Jareath casts Elemental Weapon on Errich’w small bow. Then shoots at the Demi Lich but misses. Errich shoots it once. The Demi Lich uses its legendary action to permanently affect Jareath, as his energy is drained. Azim goes Invisible . Ulfgrim casts a powered up Guiding Bolt striking it in its third eye. With that it blasted to bits. The skull turns black ash and its teeth fall into the black darkness beneath it.

The final two sepulcher are opened, the doors turn into two Gargoyles appear and are destroyed. Jareath and Ulfgrim team up to disrupt the energy destroying the Phylactery vaults. Something is still holding the energy together. Something to do with the teeth of the Demi Lich.

Jareath cast Light on a coin and throw into a pool. Nothing happens. Sir Axialrod then tries an experiment and finds it is only about foot deep. Bless from the Jareath does nothing. Another experiment is tried to dredge the bottom of pool. Success, eight gems are returned. Jareath tells the party to hit the gems with hammers to crush the gems to dust. The white pillars crumble and the black liquid turns to ash. The black portal starts to vibrate. Jareath holds the gate open allowing the portal key to escape to the gate house.

The phylactery vault is destroyed.



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