Tyranny of Dragons

The Doom Vault Part 5

Continuing the search

The day starts with the death of the chosen of Bhaal the Stag party continue their search. Passing through a white gate, 60′×120′ room, A glowing green mist surrounds a glowing shrine of binding. One Red Wizards and four Dread Warriors of Sass Tam and a Deathlock Wight. Azim runs into the room and hits the Red Wizard twice. Sir Axialrod charges the Red Wizard as well. As a reaction Azim kills the Red Wizard.

The Deathlock Wight casts something at Sir Axilarod. Seakul attacks a the Dread Warrior of Sass Tam beside the door. The Dread Warriors of Sass Tam attack hurting SIr Axialrod and Seakul. Errich snuck in and kills Dread Warrior of Sass Tam then hides. Ulfgrim casts Green Flame Blade on the Dread Warrior of Sass Tam fighting Seakul.

Azim starts attacking the Dread Warrior of Sass Tam with his mace of lathander. As the fight continues the party put to final rest the Dread Warriors of Sass Tam and the Deathlock Wight. The magic circle is then penetrated by Seakul, Guided by Ulfgrim. Then the pillars are smashed. Errich in the mean time looks through the pockets of the Red Wizard finding two scrolls (Remove Curse and Speak with Dead), and Braces of Defense. He also finds a Glyph key to the Temples of Nature. As seakul pushes over the last pillar, the Orc of Yurtrus falls to the ground as is shoot by Sir Axialrod.

Jareath spends some time and deactivates the black gate.

The next room, is massive, 300′×100′ with a bend shape, it is full of vines and creepers, an Elf is trapped in this shrine about 200’ feet away. A single Deathlock Wight stands guard. Errich moves into the room but gets trapped. Sir Axialrod kills the Deathlock Wight. Errich tries to break out. Azim tries to fly 60’ look for danger, get attacked by four Will-o-wisps. Errich tries to break out of the vines but can’t. Ulfgrim casts Fire Bolt hitting a Will-o-wisps. Sir Axialrod shoots at a Will-o-wisps, Azim as a reaction hits it with his mace killing one. Sir Axialrod then kills another one. Azim then attacks killing another Ulfgrim then Fire Bolts the last Will-o-wisps. Errich fails to break out. Sir Axialrod kills the last. The party eventually approach the shrine as Seakul attempts to free the elf. Seakul takes a beating destroying the pillars, the only thing that saves him is Broach of Shielding.

The Elfs name is Eira, she is the chosen of Rillifane Rallathil the elven good of the woodlands. The is no black gate in the room.

The next room is covered in ice as a blast of cold hits the party. Errich spots a shrine and two Braziers, two Red Wizards and hidden in the snow are some beasts, four huge Abominable Yeti, none natural beasts. There is a female being drained in the room. The mages are about 60’ into the room and one either side of the door , one behind the braziers. Azim attacks the first Abominable Yeti, Errich slips beside Azim stabs and runs away. The Abominable Yeti attacks by his chilling gaze then claws him once. Another Abominable Yeti claws Sir Axialrod twice. He then Sir Axialrod then hits him four times, Seakul hits t twice. Errich acts again shooting a mage. Ulfgrim then Fire Bolts the injured Red Wizard killing him. The last Red Wizard casts Cone of Cold hitting the whole party. Azim smashes the first Abominable Yeti four times. Errich stabs a Abominable Yeti once then slips back. The Abominable Yeti then breath frost breath frost on the party hurting everyone.. Sir Axialrod kills a Abominable Yeti then moves to shoot the Red Wizard three times killing him. Seakul moves into the breach attacking the Abominable Yeti at back, even calling his gods power. Ulfgrim calls forth pillar of flame from the sky, Flame Strike, hitting both Abominable Yeti. Azim continues his assault hitting the Abominable Yeti four times. Errich moves behind the Abominable Yeti killing the creature with a Green Flame Blade burning the last Abominable Yeti once. The last Abominable Yeti then breaths frost again, hitting Ulfgrim, Seakul and Sir Axialrod. Sir Axialrod then maneuvers behind it hitting four times, finally chopping its head off. Seakul starts knocking down pillars as Errich spots that the feamale human is of Auril (the CE frost god). A white Glyph key is found, and magical robes (Robes of Summer, claimed by Azim). No black gate is found.

The next room is pitch black. Magical Darkness. It is penetrated by Sir Axialrods glow globe. A square room 50′×50′ , there are shadowy figure float in the air, six Shadows. In the corner there is a dark elf trapped in the shrine. Seakul kills two. Azim kills one. Sir Axialrod then kills another. Ulfgrim cast Sacred Flame killing another. Errich kills the last. Seakul then starts the pillar bashing, the chosen of Ibredal. Seakul kills it.

Sneaking to have a look, a hexagonal room, the walls shudder occasionally. Another Drow in this shrine, the room shudder like that of a jelly. A Red Wizard, a Deathlock Wight and a couple of Grey oozes. and couple of Oca Oozes.

Day ends.



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