Tyranny of Dragons

The Doom Vault Part 4

Continuing the search

The pig pen has been neutralised. The blood pens. The black gate is investigated by Jareath.

The Temple of Anguish is investigated and a clue to the temple is discovered. The first room (140′×40′) has a Yuan-ti trapped in a magical circle. Two Red Wizards with Animated Armour stand guard and are not cooperative. They are put down. The magic cirle is disrupted by Jareath and Seakul. The Yuan-ti is freed and Glyph keys are found. In each of the temples the a magic circle is being used to siphon power elsewhere, using the ability of the black gates. Jareath determines that if this energy is used to overload the Black Gates it will disrupted the black gates could be used to change the destination of the gates could be used to transport the party to where the energy is being sent.

The second temple with Wights and more Red Wizards , 140′×40′ room with a magical circle and a human trapped. One Red Wizard the party recognizes Mennek Ariz, but the party recognize that he is controlled. So after killing all the undead they are able to knock Mennek out (not killing him). Jareath and Seakul break the magic circle freeing a priest of Illmater, Kerin. Seakul is also able to break any magical possession on Mennek. As thanks he gives two pieces of information.

Sass Tams latest plan is to become a god . Feeding the souls of the chosen into his phylactery. He also hands over the keys to the zone. Errich asks about the temple zone and determines that the party could look like Red Wizards with guards and not be attacked in the area. Errich is able to uses Disguise Self and his armour to look like a Red Wizard, the other party members take used robes to hide ourselves. Disguised as red Wizards the party plan to navigate through the temples of turmoil looking to disrupt the magical circles and get access of the phylactery.

The next 50′×100′ room has a Red Wizard and a Flesh Golem. A halfling floats in the magical circle. Gray mist floats in the air. Jareath makes his way to the front the talk. He succeeds, demanding a report. Errich maneuvers behind as Seakul and Sir Axialrod position themselves near the Flesh Golem. Errich and Jareath kill off the Red Wizard. Sir Axialrod chops the head Flesh Golem. Seak systematically removes the pillars (being thrown out a few times). Curren the chosen of Tymora. Ulfgrim casts Mass Cure Wounds healing the party, as does Jareath.

The red room, 50′×100′ room the chamber of red marble, has screaming voices, the creature in the magic circle is a Skeleton, two Red Wizards and two Dread Warriors of Sass Tam. The Red Wizards are not fooled by the disguises, more fighting. Sir Axialrod goes first, attacking a Red Wizard four times and cutting his head off. Azim rushes up and attacks. Jareath moves up and uses Shocking Grasp to kill the wizard, and then nick a Dread Warrior of Sass Tam, Errich shoots again, hitting the other Dread Warrior of Sass Tam. Seakul moves up waiting for a Dread Warrior of Sass Tam who misses him. The magic in the room causes the bad things to happen in combat, causing the party to attack each other if the get the oportunity.

Seakul continues to push into the magic circle and break the pillars. Success. The figure is a choosen of Bhaal. Sir Axialrod hears hi cry out to Bhaal and chops him down.

Day ends.



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