Tyranny of Dragons

The Doom Vault Part 2

Looking for the entry to the Phylactery Vault of Szass Tam

After blood being sucked the Vampire has turned to be helpful (well as helpful as an evil creature deserving death).

Heading though the white gate to the temple of Chaos, 60′ × 160′ with three mystic circles in the middle of the room. There is a recess in the roof with an steel orb in it. Jareath looks at the runes around the circles, protection runes, inside these runes are the real runes which discharge lightening. The circle nearest the party starts to glow. The party steps back. From the steel orb lightening envelops the room. Jareath then checks how long the recharging takes. Errich moves across the room and unlocks the door then opens the double door on the far side. Some stairs lead down, the air smells of incense. The room is 30′×70′, the walls are covered with silk tapestries and the floor is covered with cushions. As he party search the room two secret doors are found. One at the end of the room, on between two curtains.

The first corridor, is 5’ wide, a blank wall at the other end, Errich opens this secret door, the room is 100′ × 100′ with a jagged rift in the middle of floor, energy leaps from the floor hitting a similar rift in the roof. Pillars cover the floor, with chaotic energy striking the pillars. Errich closes the doors. Back to the harem room through the other secret door. A 5’ wide corridor leads to a 30′ × 30′ room, heat can be felt coming from the room. A howling creature of flame can be seen in the middle of the room, Jareath again uses arcana skill to recognize bonding runes holding the fire elemental. Azim uses his innate ability to communicate with the chained Fire Elemental. It wants freedom. Jareath also realizes he can suppress the bonds, while holding the wall, he then tries this (for three consecutive rounds). Jareath gets a little burnt but succeeds.

He takes off toward the rift. Errich leads the party through the double door on the other side of the burnt room. A 10’ wide corridor, with a pit trap to the side. The corridor leads to a another white gate (which the party cannot open). The party then retreats back the way we came. Through another white gate to the halls of conditioning. This chamber, 80′ × 30′ is corrupted and decayed. Halfway through the room a ghostly figure materializes. Screaming you must die, you and your red wizard allies. Azim and Sir Axialrod says we are not allied with the Red Wizards and takes a defensive stance. Finally Jareath gives the correct speal. Sorlan it’s good to meet fellow enemies of the Red Wizards (he was an adventure, captured tortured and killed). He gives out some lore, the masters domain, the temples of dispear are used to torture and kill the enemies of the Red Wizards. He also says the temple of extraction are not temples but areas where the Red Wizards perform profane magical researches. He says do not go near where he was captured and killed, it is some type of teleport trap.

Errich locates and avoids a trap on a door. As he steps into the room he falls to the ceiling then a minute later falls to the floor. After falling back Errich make a dash to the far door (avoiding the floor) fails and tries to avoid the transmutation magical trap, falling to the ceiling again. Eventually he climbs across the ceiling, climbs to the floor, falls to the ceiling again, then the floor then, opens the far door then slips around the doorway. The corridor on the other side curves away and a the sounds of fighting and laughing can be herd. Ulfgrim cast Dispel Magic and the party make it across the trap. The room around the corner is a 50′ × 50′ room, cages fill the room, with demons railing against the cages, double doors stand on the far side. A three Red Wizards, one banging his dagger on the bars, one Hezrou , two Vrock and 8 Quazits_. Two skeletons with purple lightening (_Death Lock Wight) stand guard. The demons are all quiet.

Que fight music, the Death Lock Wight, magical purple energy flies out hit Sir Axialrod but miss Errich. Sir Axialrod maneuvers past the Death Lock Wight to attack the Red Wizard behind him. Errich shoots and kills the Red Wizard. The other Red Wizards then blast Sir Axialrod with Magic Missiles. Ulfgrim then moves in and casts Fire Bolt at a Red Wizard. Jareath moves in and casts Destructive Wave, killing two Red Wizards, one Death Lock Wight and eight Quazits. Azim attacks last Death Lock Wight killing it. Searching the bodies has a ring of keys and a Glyph key, attuned to the zone of conditioning. The corridor leads to another white gate.

After the white gate is another set of double doors. Screaming (an inhuman beast) can be herd from the other side of the door. This zone is called the Abyssal Gate. Inside is a L-shaped room, chains and spears hang from the ceiling. In the corner is a black gate. A Wight and seven Skeletons are torturing a Glabrezu hanging from the ceiling (with pikes). Errich uses his advantage to an trie to push a Skeleton into the demon, fails and runs off. Sir Axialrod attacks the Wight., finally pushing it next to the Glabrezu. Ulfgrim casts Green Flame Blade but misses. The Skeletons attack Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim with their Magical Pikes. Jareath shoots a Skeleton killing it, missing once. Azim kills another one. The Glabrezu pinches and punches the wight to death. He says free him and he will do the same to the wizards. Errich moves next to a Skeleton, uses Green Flame Blade utterly destroying it(and its friend. Sir Axialrod and Ulfgrim dispatch the others. The chains hold the demon to the ground. Errich thinks this is a good idea, frees it then it attacks.

The Glabrezu casts Confusion which the party, Errich takes a couple of cheap shots hurting it. Sir Axialrod then attacks three times. Ulfgrim also attacks, hitting with Green Flame Blade turning it into a pile of sulfur. The party decide not to use the black gate and listen at the door. The double door leads to a four way corridor and pit trap down one side. The double doors to north and west look normal, the one to the east have angelic motif to them. Looking to the west set of double doors, Errich opens the door quitely, leads to a 40′ × 40′ room. This well appointed room has screens dividing the room up, voices can be herd discussing something from behind the screen. Four undead warriors stand guard (Dread Warriors of Sass Tam).

Que more battle music, Sir Axialrod attack maneuvers around the Dread Warriors of Sass Tam to smash through the screen to reveal a Lich (who held the gate open earlier and a plate armored warrior. He then attacks the Lich. Azim rushes around the side to attack Lich too. Ulfgrim calls his divine powers to Turn Undead. Errich runs past the Dread Warriors of Sass Tam to use Green Flame Blade on the Lich and stabs with the off hand. Three Dread Warriors of Sass Tam run away. The Lich casts Misty Step then attempts Fire Bolt Ulfgrim, The Death Knight casts Destructive Wave. The Lich casts Fire Bolt on Ulfgrim (26HP). Jareath casts Healing Word then takes a mighty shot on the Lich.

Day ends.



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