Tyranny of Dragons

The Doom Vault Part 1

Find the way

Jareath casts Rary’s Telepathic Bond which allows the whole party to communicate telepathically,

In the Doom Vault looking for the entrance to the Phylactery Vault of Szass Tam. Jareath activates the Glyph to use the black gate to enter the area called the Predator Pools. A portal opens (Jareath holds it open). The portal leads to a 50′×50′ room with a huge pool in the middle, covered with slime and sludge. Bones surround the edge of the pool. Errich notices the bones are from all sorts of creature. Seakul throws a bone into the pool to see what happens, a head of a Scrag pops out of the pool.

Sir Axialrod tries to intimidate the Scrag, it’s head disappears. The party head toward entrance, the way is blocked by white mist, giving off a dim light. Jareath approaches the mist with his glyph key, it is a white gate needing a properly attuned glyph key to pass through. Jareath holds the gate open allowing the party to pass into the Pools of Devotion. Errich spots pit traps, which the party avoid. In the next room (100’ long by 60’) two pools lie to the east of the room, some glyphs glow on the floor, the party hear screams and crunching. A Naga is eating a human teenager, more people are lounging in the pools. Strange. Between the party and the Naga is a glowing Glyph (Jareath says warding curse). Sir Axialrod leaps over the Glyph to attack the Naga. He runs at the Naga. Que fight music.

Ulfgrim follows suit, leaping over the Glyph as well. He casts Fire Bolt striking the Naga. Errich moves over the Glyphs and shoots the Naga with an arrow. Jareath shoots Naga twice with mighty shots. Seakul moves up. Azim walks up, becomes defensive as the peasants get out of the pools, surrounding Azim and Sir Axialrod. Bashing at the heroes. Naga casts Lightning Bolt hitting Ulfgrim and Jareath. Sir Axialrod rushes off toward the Naga, then strikes it twice killing it. Ulfgrim runs up as Errich investigates the pools. Jareath shoots two commoners dead. Seakul looks at one of the doors, opening the door, he sees a huge pool with massive chains attached, and two globes of liquid floating in the air. Azim knocks the peasants out. Sir Axialrod checks the dead Naga finding a Glyph key attuned to all the pool areas, but no other areas, so cannot activate the black gates. Earings, and a circlet (1500gp) are also found on the Naga. Errich investigates the bottom of the pool looking for a magic item that Sir Axialrod detected. In the tunnel, some 200pp, 5×100gp, some elfsized platemail and scroll case (two detect magic, two identify, two lessor restoration and a remove curse). Errich makes his armour to look like platemail. Jareath uses his armour to see if there is a White Dragon within 30 miles, no.

Deciding not to investigate the two massive chained beasts the party heads the other way down some stairs. Another white gate at an end of a corridor. 70’ diameter room. A large 50’ diameter pool dominates the room. A black gate is situated in the room. The pool is slightly cloudy. Jareath’s bow keeps giving warning, some tentacles burst from the water. Que combat with a Kraken. Errich waits to see if there is something worth shooting at before acting. As head pops up he watches his arrow bounce off its hide. The tentacles attack Azim, Ulfgrim and Sir Axialrod. Sir Axialrod is grappled and restrained. Ulfgrim is also grabbed. Sir Axialrod tries to escape, breaking out of the grip. Then action surges and leaps onto the top of the Kraken, driving his blade into and out of the soft maw. Then Azim is grabbed. Jareath casts Magic Weapon on Errichs bow, shoots at the Kraken but misses. Azim tries to escape the grasping tentacle but fails. Seakul investigates the exit to the corridor, but is grabbed by the Kraken. Ulfgrim casts Spiritual Weapon and casts Sacred Flame hitting. Three bolts of lightning shoot out from the Kraken, one hits Jareath. Errich shoots again, but this time his bow is magical so works. The Kraken then swallows Seakul. Sir Axialrod starts hacking away, he also commands Seakul who strikes from within the guts. A tentacle lashes out at Sir Axialrod who uses his reaction to strike it once. Jareath uses his mighty shot to hit the Kraken once then inspires Errich. Azim breaks out of his tentacle, he then goes defensive. He is immediately grabbed by the Kraken. Seakul misses twice. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt and hits with his Spiritual Weapon to bash it. The Kraken then misses sir Axialrod. Errich shoots it once. the Kraken then starts digest Seakul, then misses Sir Axialrod three times, who then uses Reposte to hit it. Then strikes it three times. Action surges again smashing it once more. A tentacle then hits Jareath. Jareath inspires Azim, and mighty shots the Kraken twice. The Kraken then fills the air with lightening, which strikes Ulfgrim and Jareath. Azim punches the Kraken twice (misses twice). Seakul (in the stomach) hits once. Ulfgrims Spiritual Weapon hits once killing the beast.

Seakul pulls himself from the corpse of the Kraken, covered in goo and bile. Ulfgrim casts Heal on Seakul and Mass Heal. Opening the next room white gate, the party immediately hear the sounds of fighting. Into the fiendish arena.

Entering into a large room, 100’x 100’ square, it used to be a temple but in the middle is a large pit. In the pit is a beast, a winged figure with talons fighting 9 humans and a half elf (the one from the fight against the Red Wizards). Also watching the fight, a pale human in lavish clothes. The pale man says “some guests, enjoy the show”. Errich asks the odds, he replies 100% on the Vrock. Seakul says its not a fair fight “i’ll show you a fair fight” and prepares leaps down.

Sir Axialrod then shoots the Vampire once. Azim leaps into the pit and attacks the Vrock three times (mouthing off too). Jareath casts Magic weapon on Errichs bow and then shoots the Vrock. Seakul finally leaps down to the bottom of the pit, landing on his ass. He then Misty Steps to the Vrock hitting twice. The Vrock skreechs stunning peasants within 20’ of the Vrock. The Vampire, says “You’re not from here. what do you want?.” Errich shoots and kills the Vrock. The Vampire wants a little blood for a copy of the glyph keys….. Seakul agrees, and the vampire bites the paladin. As a gesture of goodwill he passes on some more information.

In the far realm cyst the creatures of chaos keep intruders away form a powerful shrine
The Sea Hag in the predator pools seeks allies against the Naga.

He also attunes our glyph key allowing movement to the Fiendish Arena (with abyssal prisons).

The elf gives the party more information, in the Ooze Grotto’s the power of the White Pillar can heal or harm. She also tells us she was Dominated by the Pit Fiend. She also tells her back story, she made a deal with the Red Wizards to capture her estate (and it went badly), some adventurers rescued her and she has vowed to get rid of the Red Wizards. She will also help get these peasants home.

Day ends.



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