Tyranny of Dragons

New Lands Part 8

Battle of the temple

After following the clues, the PCs find themselves in a battle against the Lich.

Jareath starts the battle off casting Destructive Wave on the flying Darken Beasts, knocking two prone and out of the air. Then strides forward firing at the Lich, hitting him. The Lich then uses his legendary action to cast Fire Bolt back at Jareath, striking him. Sir Axialrod sees that the Lich can be hurt shoots the Lich three times. Then actions surges then shoots again, misses once but does knock him out of the Blood Gate. His final shot he shoots a Red Wizard on the other side of the room. Errich hides along a wall then leaps out and kills a Red Wizard in the next alcove. The Lich runs back into the gate, then casts a Finger of Death at Sir Axialrod, causing him to wither due to the necrotic damage. Azim rushes more Red Wizards on the other side of the room, killing a wizard, moving next to the other wizard. The Dread Warror attacks Seakul but misses due to his Cloak of Displacement. The other Dread Warriors and wights surround Seakul and attack the other party. One Wight touches Seakul cause his cloak to fail and another two Wights to hit him. The Lich Fire Bolts Ulfgrim but misses. Some of the Red Wizards sacrifice some people. Other Red Wizards start casting spells. Magic Missiles hits Ulfgrim. Seakul uses Misty Step then attacks the gate with his divine energy, after bashing it twice. The Darkon Beasts fly to attack Jareath, clawing and biting him a lot. Ulfgrim casts Conjure Celestial summoning a Couatl toward the Red Wizards across the room. Another Fire Bolt shoots from the Lich at Ulfgrim.

Jareath casts Shocking Grasp at a Darkon Beast killing it, then takes another shot at the Lich but misses. He then inspires Sir Axialrod who shoots the Lich out of the gate again, then shoots the at a Darkon Beast killing it, then at a Red Wizard across the way. The Celestial Couatl then flies at the Red Wizard biting him. The Lich casts Fire Bolt at the Celestial Couatl. Errich attacks the wizard (weakly). Azim attacks the Red Wizard who used Misty Step away, nearly killing him. The Dread Warrior chases after Seakul and one after Ulfgrim, the other Wigths head toward, jareath, Ulfgrim and Sir Axialrod. More Dread Warriors and Wights arrive. The Red Wizards attack, Magic Missile on the Celestial Couatl., Fire Ball on the Jareath, Ulfgrim and Sir Axialrod. Other Red Wizards casts Magic Missile on Errich and Azim. Azim uses his reaction to kill the Red Wizard who shot him. Another Red Wizard casts Ice Storm at Azim Sir Axialrod damages the gate again. Memic starts running toward the gate, yelling “Baazka, the way is open, now help me escape”, the blood gate changes colour to hellish flames, a greater demon appears in the gate. A broken blade of a sword is in its chest. Memic makes it into the gate. Another female elf and elf both yells to Baazka…. as they run toward the gate. They disappear as the gates fire hits them. Baazka says"Pulls the blade from my chest and I shall shatter the blood gate". Ulfgrim uses his divine powers (channel divinity) to turn undead, destroying all the undead near him, killing eight Wights, actions surges an casts Heal on Jareath. Another Fire Bolt from the Lich misses.

Jareath pulls forth his Lyre and casts Wall of Fire across the gate entrance, burning Dread Warriors and Wights at the entrance. He then inspires Sir Axialrod, who shoots his last three arrows at more Red Wizards across the far side. Killing one wizard wounding the other. Arrows are spent. Celestial Couatl bites the Red Wizard, knocking him out. It then flies to another Red Wizard, the Lich then Fire Bolts the Couatl. Errich activates his dagger of poison, then stabs the Red Wizard poisoning him. Azim leaps out of the Ice Storm dashes across the room and bashes the Red Wizard on the far side of the room. The Dread Warrior next to Ulfgrim dashes away (turned). The Wights at the gate dash toward Ulfgrim. A Dread Warrior misses Seakul. THe Wall of Fire Burns more undead as they poor through the blood gate. The Red Wizards in the open casts Magic Missile at Sir Axialrod. The Red Wizard on Errich casts Sugesstion on Errich. Forcing him to sit in the corner as a ball. He then runs off. One Misty Steps away from the Coutl and attemps to Fire Bolt but
misses. More Magic Missiles hit Azim. More Misty Steps away from Azim and misses with another Fire Bolt. Magic Missiles bounce of Seakul Broach of Shielding. Seakul runs around the gate. Misty Steps around to the gate, then pulls the blade out of Baazka…. keeping the sword. Baazka howls in triumph ….. the wound in his chest, he solidifies, then makes a pact. He will kill the Thayians first and us last. He then throws the Lich out of the gate. The blood gate shudders and starts to crack. Baazka flies to the Lich. Ulfgrim hits one with his flail, killing a Wight and casts Spiritual Weapon hitting the Dread Warrior.

Before Jareath can act, a pulse of Eldritch power emanates from the gate. Knocking everyone down. With this screaching sound the next pulse will be worse. More Unearthly sounds from the blood gate. A woman’s voice can be heard from the circlet, “The nexus is collapsing but we can control it.” then everything goes black. The party awake in a glowing hall as the Teleport Circle runes dim. The party has escaped the blood gate. An image of a female Thay Wizard called Syranna appears saying “I have saved you when your allies are were to slow”….. “I am not your enemy”. She saved our lives and wants us to help her, we are below the Thay Mount, she wants us to go below the Doom Vaults to destroy the phylacteries of Sass Tam elite Lichs and stop Sass tam from attaining god hood. After a short rest.

More information, the purpose of the doom vault is to kill adventures, but he failed and became a Demi Lich but Sass Tam, found it and re-purpose it for his ends. There are Glyph keys to enter and leave zones, through white gates, and teleport gates (black gates). Syranna gives a Glyph key to Jareath (attuned to the predator pools). Three goals destroy the red Wizards experiments (save the world), get entry to Phylacteries vault, destroy the Phylacteries. The Demi Lich, Tarul Var may still be there. We need to get access to the hidden Phylactery vault inside the Doom Vault, Syranna will stop any communication to the outside so that we get time to get access. All Teleport access is blocked. She also gives us a map to the Doom Vault.

Day ends.



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