Tyranny of Dragons

New Lands Part 6

The Githyanki War.

The lever is pulled, Ulfgrim and Sir Axialrod opt to stay in the gray mist rather than travel to the Astral Plane.

The Astral Plane has silver hue, hence the name silver void. An absence of everything…. oh dear our minds don’t like it. Its off to find the Githyanki, in the distance an island (triangle shaped), floating again so our movement is based on the parties intelligence. Hence the only option is ahead, to the triangle shaped rock with a castle on top of it and a tower on the bottom. The entire rock is covered in spikes.

With a plan to talk our way in, Jareath casts Glibness, fighting the effects of the Astral plane….. he experiences euphoria as the spell is super sized and something else happens, a pair of lips appears behind him then float off. Floating closer to citadel, the spikes are about ten foot long.

A 15’ foot wall surrounds the main citadel (a massive circular stone tower), with spikes everywhere. As the party get closer there are a group of Githyanki drilling in the courtyard. With no gate they fly over the wall. Jareath announces that we want to speak to Zethic (in common). They reply back in some strange language. Only Azim only replies back in a strange Gith language. They challenge the party, who are you and what do you want. Azim says he is Azim and we are expected, then we are pointed to the library. Jareath starts negotiations about how to attain the knowledge about a “Godess”, he wants something (artifact or arcane knowledge) to fight the Witch Queen of the Githyanki.

The party land on the far side of the keep. The building is large and has two doors, Errich thinks (Investigation) that it is the barracks. Those who thinks this place is a little empty. The next building has other plack which don’t look libraries. The next building has double doors. It is a huge library, bookshelves everywhere, on roof, walls and floor, the Githyanki here is dressed in robes, gems, has smooth skin and wrinkled hands. Jareath communicate with Zethic in common. Seakul offers to go get something if they point the party in the right way. Errich suggests he could come with us, Jareath convinces him that this is a good idea. He leaves and then returns with a pack,, moving very quickly. The party pull the lever.

The party appears on a podium, above a chess board. The party sits across the white pieces, a large man with archaic armour sits above the black pieces. He says your move. The party look around who has skill at chess, Sir Axialrod has the skill. According to Sir Axialrod has won, but the large man says its a draw…. then again. This time it looks like the Man is going to win… but the large man calls it a draw. Third time again, its a draw. Errich tries to convince Sir Axialrod to Sir Axialrod to remove his piece but its still a draw. “There must be a winner we have to play again”. Errich and Seakul have had enough.

Jareath casts Fly then fails to control the magic while and Limbo, turning himself into a potted plant. Azim leaps off the stand (20’ foot up) onto the chess board, with a super hero landing. Que fight music. Azim rushes to attack an apposing black piece, strangely take a defensive. Seakul looks around. Sir Axialrod plays the game. The Archaic Man / Golem jumps down and the black and white pieces attack each other. Two black pieces are killed off. Errich waits to do anything until approaches his friend.

Jareath turns back into a Half-Elf. Sir Axialrod jumps down (super hero landing as well) then moves to attack, charge attack. hitting once. Archaic Man then attacks punches at Sir Axialrod, who dodges then hits him once. Then the Archaic Man hits with his sword. Errich misses.

Jareath un-slings his bow hitting twice. Azim moves and attacks from the flank, hitting twice as well. Sir Axialrod hits three times, then action surges.hitting another three times. The Archaic Man misses Sir Axialrod. Errichs shot hits but watches as his arrow bounces off.

Jareath hits with a mighty shot on a Black Piece. Azim hits only twice. Sir Axialrod hits three more times. The Archaic Man then misses twice. Both Azim and Sir Axialrod use reactions to hit Archaic Man. Jareath shoots the Black Piece again. Azim hits three times, destroying the Archaic Man and all of the chess pieces crumble. The creature uses its last breath to say “The battle is over at last, you are the victor baron” then falls to the ground turning to dust. Some stairs shimmer into existence on the side of the board. the stairs lead a gray room. An we here a voice say “What is the meaning of this?” Violence is the answer. “Was there any way to win without a fight?” No. “How much is a final answer worth?” Its worth Seakuls soul… apparently.

The grey coellests into an island of earth floating in the chaos of Limbbo. In the middle is a crystal box, In the middle of the isle is a enormous horse shoe shaped machine made out of black metal. Surrounded by levers and gears, In the middle of this crystal cube big enough to hold four creatures is a decrepit old man. Voice says “Come and claim your reward” As Seakul and Jareath approach the man says stay back its a trap, his name is baron Lum. Quite mad. He gets quite angry that they are not standing back and starts pressing buttons.

Jareath gets closer as a beam of light comes out of the machine striking Jareath, starting to turn Jareath to stone. Lum yells stay back. Sir Axialrod moves around behind the turning to stone bard and sees a panel labelled 57, he then immediately presses the code and gets a Geas to look for some silly dives (The Mighty servant of Luke-o). Errich moves around the other side sees lots of leavers and dials so just hides. Jareath solidifies more. Azim just runs forward smashing at the glass at the front, does nothing. then continues further around. Seakul moves to beside Jareath uses his divine ability to remove the Petrification effect.. Lum rushes to push buttons but nothing happens. Sir Axilarod continues to push more buttons, nothing happens. Errich looks for a way in but finds nothing, as does Jareath and Azim from on top. Seakul tries to pry off a panel with his sword, which he does and starts cutting wires.

Lum starts pressing more buttons, then there is a large explosion. When the smoke clears the party finds themselves on a pathway leading to a manor with a lovely front door. Seakul removes the spell from Sir Axialrod. As the party approach the front door, it is opened by a smiling Rath Modar. Seakul pulls forth his soul container and says the command word. Nothing happens. Rath Modar says “Welcome, please come in…”

Day ends.



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