Tyranny of Dragons

New Lands Part 3

The realm of chaos,

Floating through the chaos of Limbo. Walking through a green covered bridge-way. Ulfgrim is feeling particularly tired forcing Errich to take over control over Limbo. From the dwarven pathways into some thing of the halflings imaginings, sitting on a deck of a boat on a clear calm sea, with bright sunshine. After resting the party continue onward with Errich taking the responsibility for controlling the plane.

As the party walks the infinite deck Jareath’s bows hums in warning, two Chaos Beasts emerge from the water, tentacles and large maw. Jareath casts Vicious Mockery , the magic of the plane of Limbo doesn’t seem to affect his spell, then shoots the beast with a mighty shot. Errich creates a create around himself (too busy holding on his concentration to do anything else). Azim hits the same creature three times. Seakul moves behind then hits the Chaos Beast twice. Sir Axialrod tries to push over the other Chaos Beast, fails because it is in its own plane, then bashes it three times. Three tentacles lash out from the first Chaos Beast but the bard’s spell spoils its fun. The other Chaos Beast misses Sir Axialrod. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt hitting it square in the chest.


The Chaos Beast gets a burst of speed causing Jareath to miss it once with his bow. Azim smashes it three times with advantage as Seakul flanks the Chaos Beast. The Chaos Beasts surge again as its tentacle latches onto Azim, then has to resists the effect of the creature’s magic pulling him apart. The other Chaos Beast misses Sir Axialrod. Seakul drives his sword into the beast spraying goo all over the place. Sir Axialrod hits the second Chaos Beast three more times. Standing too close Ulfgrim’s Fire Bolt misses.

The Chaos Beast slows down, Jareath shoots twice more, hitting but once. Azim rushes over hitting it three more times. Seakul also moves to aid, driving his blade into its side killing it. As the goo is wiped off Seakuls blade the party continue . Sir Axialrod starts to feel pain in his chest. Ulfgrim examines the fighter, and believes that he is infected with some type of parasite. Ulfgrim casts Lesser Restoration killing the Slaad Tadpole.

In the distance the party see a big mass of clouds….. very strange that there clouds in this chaos soup. As the party nears it appears as the big bank of fog. As the boat hits the edge of the cloud the boat disappears. The party find themselves surrounded by water. The only feature in the water bubble is a light in the distance. Movement is only possible by swimming in this warm safe feeling water. Errich, Jareath and Sir Axialrod seem to like the feeling so much they just float with eyes glazed. The other party have to swim back, ignoring the feeling and grab a foot each and start to tow them toward the light. After a couple of rounds the party start to feeling it is difficult to breath. Holding their breath they continue to plod on.. Finally the paladin stops swimming. Ulfgrim and Azim have to tow more of the party. Closer and closer to the light. The lack of air is starts having a greater effect on the party, closer and closer to the light. 13 rounds later Azim and Ulfgrim arrive at the light with the party in tow.

The party tumble into a huge 100′ × 100′ room surrounded by stone walls, the ceiling is made of stone 35’ up. Strewn around the room are huge toys, a jigsaw puzzle, jack in the box, a chest of draws and 16 wooden blocks (covered in runic language). The furniture is covered in carvings of woodlands, inside is chainmail and a helmet designed to fit someone 10’ foot tall. The other drawer has robes and gloves to fit a 10’ creature. Seakul goes to the jack in the box and turns the handle. Music is heard, then a Purple Worm emerges out of the box attacking Seakul.


Errich shoots it once then hides behind the blocks. Jareath shoots twice hitting once. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt strikings the Purple Worm between the eyes. Sir Axialrod shoots it from across the room, four times. The Purple Worm tail whips out striking Seakul, causing him to be poisoned. It then reaches down and swallows Seakul whole. The Purple Worm then moves toward the Errich and Jareath. Azim pulls forth his Wand of Magic Missiles and blasts it.

Errich jumps out from behind his box stabs at the Purple Worm once, misses, then runs away. Seakul, from inside the Purple Worm, starts hacking away. Jareath, seeing the danger hits with two bow shots then back away. Ulfgrim charges at it, casting Spiritual Weapon, hitting with his electrical flail. Sir Axialrod taunts the Purple Worm, then shoots it twice more. The Purple Worm starts digesting Seakul, then bites at Ulfgrim but is put off by Sir Axilalrods taunt. Azim smashes it four times killing the worm. Seakul’s great sword emerges from the inside….. exclaiming “It worked.”

The party investigates the jigsaw, Jareath and Errich start working on it. In a couple of minutes the puzzle is completed. As the final piece is placed the image of a portal with glowing clouds or mist behind seems to swirl and change. Seakul shouts something and places the puzzle against the wall, its edges shimmer and becomes a real portal. Jareath and Errich start investigating the blocks for more clues, minutes pass as they are able to spell out “Freedom is Not Free”. A small piece of metal appears in the air and floats to Jareath. Grabbing the metal item, Jareath realizing the metal is a wrapping, unwrapping reveals a brown block, smelling sweet. Being hungry Errich and Seakul tries it out, chocolate. Sir Axialrod tries the wand of magic detection.

Jack in Box is magical, summons a purple worm.
Chain Mail
Robes x2
The archway is magical.

With a short rest they have don’t really have any discernible magical properties. Stepping through the portal into a room of nothingness a voice is heard. “What is the meaning of that experience?”….. Freedom is not free. “What would you prefer to play with?” Blocks, we get chocolate. “Should you ever stop playing with toys?” No we learn by playing. “I’m wondering if you would do me a favor?” Who are you…. “You can call me Machine.” “You need to go to the plane of invention and talk to Leonis.” (Wants to know how his magic works, some inventions and sketchbooks). “Also wants to get to know about a being called Vita, who has developed free will and life by accident.” (Would like to have Vita).

A box appears with a lever to take us too and fro from the demi-plane of invention. When Seakul asks about a reward Machine replies, “look where you are, and what choice do you have. And you might learn something.” With no comeback Seakul pulls lever.

The party vanishes and both the Ulgrim and Seakul feel some of the their power return. Appearing in a plane dominated by mounds of junk, sometimes with pools of putrid water between them, effectively this plane is a junk yard. Mechanical contraptions walk across the junk piles or in the toxic sludge. The plane is lit by a dull gray haze. Hanging in the sky is a tower about three miles away. Heading in this direction the party march off. Azim tries to talk to a machine, but gets no response. Walking on suddenly a hole opens up in mid air and a pile of rubbish pours out hitting the party, bits of scrap metal and junk. A mile or so later the party see what look like a camp site. Errich tries to sneak up to investigate as the remaining party trudges on, Gnomes, five in total. Errich watches the rest of the party stomp in. The Gnomes start speaking very quickly, a Gnomeish dialect that even Jareath can’t follow. Azim can understand them and speaks for the party. The Gnomes invite the party to have a drink of milk. Azim asks about Leonis. “Leonis, we are in Leonis. Are you talking about the Father of Steam? He lives up there” Pointing to the floating tower. Basically if the party wants more detail we have to go to Tinkerhome, a mile to the west. The Gnomes offer to take us to Tinkerhome while talking about what they do.

The day ends with the party on the way to Tinkerhome.



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