Tyranny of Dragons

Misty Forest Part 2

Trying to kill the Green Dragon

As we left last week a Green Dragon had burst from the lake.

The Green Dragon spews forth a breath of poison hitting Sir Axialrod, Ulfgrim, Seakul and Jareath. Almost the whole party saw it happening.

The Ettins rush around the corner to meet the party. Some more cultists (six) emerge from a doorway across the lake. Azim leaps off the balcony runs across the lake, attacking the Green Dragon, smashing it twice with his mace. The Green Dragons tale whips out hitting Azim. Just then vines burst from the ground, entangling Azim as the Green Dragons lair activates to defend its master. Ulfgrim moves his Spritual Weapon to an Ettin then casts Guiding Bolt at the Green Dragon. Errich uses a Dragon slaying arrow to hit the beast. Jareath uses his wand of winter to blast the cultists and the Green Dragon. Sir Axialrod and Seakul smash an Ettin . The Green Dragon flys behind Errich and breaths its poison everyone but Azim. Jareath collapses to the ground.

The Ettin attacks Sir Axialrod but misses. The Dragonwings and Dragonfangs move/fly to attack most of the party and Azim on the ground. Hitting Sir Axialrod. The Dragonfangs attack Azim hitting him three times, luckily Azim was immune to its poison. Azim breaks his bonds and steps out from between the Dragonfangs.

A wall of thorns appears on the monk, but he dodges to the side. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt hitting the Green Dragon walks to Jareath and using an Preserve Life as he surges forward. The Spiritual Weapon then smacks the Ettin. A Green Dragon tail whips out hitting Errich. Errich strikes the Green Dragon twice slips through the railing as he runs away. A wizard appears and casts Eldrich Arrow at Azim but he dodges away. Jareath then casts Swift Quiver then shoots at the Green Dragon but misses..

Sir Axialrod kills off the last Ettin, knocks over a Dragonwing then kills it, surges striking at another Dragonwing killing it also. Seakul kills the last two Dragonwings, then runs at the The Green Dragon flees toward the entrance.. The two Dragonfangs leap on Azim but he avoids the damage and attacks them back. Ulfgrim again uses Preserve Life on Seakul and Jareath. Errich hands arrows to Jareath and then shoots a Dragonfang. The mage release a poison cloud then runs away. Jareath gives the Green Dragon chase but fails to hit with both dragon slaying arrows. Sir Axialrod moves Seakul and Errich. Then kills a Dragonfang. Seakul uses Misty Step then run after the mage but fails to hit due to the gleaming teeth of the elf.

The he Dragonfang misses Azim as he dashes from combat to get to the mage. Hitting once with his mace. Ulfgrim blasts at the Dragonfang Errich sprints after the mage, gets to the corridor and throws a dagger hitting the mage. He then wants to talk terms, but as Seakul is there the chances are low. Jareath shoots the last Dragonfang twice. Sir Axialrod misses twice. Seakul goes a little nuts killing the Elven Mage. The Dragonfang flies from the island sticking Errich in the back. Azim moves behind the Dragonfang then kills him.

With all quiet Ulfgrim has a look down a darkened corridor, which goes 50’ and opens into a funky smelling room. Errich moves to recover his dagger and sees a common room, brightly lit with food on tables. Jareath spots a secret door at the entrance. Sir Axialrod climbs onto the balcony and finds a Elf curled up sobbing in the corner. The Elf will surrender to the Knight if the creature is gone. Gemmel is his name. He too was a prisoner of the dragon.

Searching the lair one of the Ettins had belt which was magical. The stag party then start to investigate the lair. Ulfgrim takes the time to Prayer of Healing. As they investigate they find a rune on the wall, which the bard recognizes as a Glyph of Warding. The room beyond is a plush living space. Sir Axialrod tries to edge past and it explodes in his face, acid sprays the corridor , hitting Jareath and Azim.

The Stag party finds a secret door behind a tapistry, it also contains a chest, as Errich investigates a dart shoots out hitting the the armor of Errich, some nice clothes are found. Investigating behind the secret door, a shrine in one corner, to Fenmarel Mestarine (an Elven God). A journal is also found, by Neronnvain, the Green Wym speaker…. also happens to be the Prince of the Elves of the Misty Forest….. bugger Another secret door is found.

Behind the second secret door is the dragon lair. A small pile of money is found, 10 gold trade bars (50gp), 10pp, 120gp, 2400sp. The last room is a store room has food and alcohol, including 8 bottles of Evermead. The party takes a short rest, heal and find out what the Belt is ….. Belt of Hill Giant Strength (STR 21).

Day ends.



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