Tyranny of Dragons

Escaping the Tower of Urstan Part 3.


The day begins with the party searching the wreaked ships for clues, instead they discover two crab like creatures, Chuul’s.


The two Chuul’s creep up on Azim. One hitting twice, grappling him in it’s grasping claws and kissing him with slimy tentacles, but these have no effect due to the monks superior constitution. Azim breaks free of the grapple and disengages. Seakul runs around from the back of the keep. Jareath moves closer and takes a couple of shots, hitting twice. Sir Axialrod shoots one three times with mighty shots. Ulfgrim cast Fire Bolt, burning one. The Chuul’s lumber onto land and attack Sir Axialrod., trapping him.

Azim steps forward beside a Chuul strikes with his mace, kills it then moves next to the other and attacks again. Seakul does a beautiful dance then moves closer expecting something else to attack. Jareath takes two mighty shots, hitting once. Errich slips into and out of combat striking once. Sir Axialrod breaks out of the grasp of the Chuul then moves forward. Ulfgrim casts Fire Bolt burning the Chuul. As the Chuul attacks Sir Axialrod, it overbalances and is killed by Axialrod’s expert repost.

Azim takes time to slit a Chuul open, performing a vivisection. Nothing found. Again looking in the boats, nothing. Errich wants to investigate another doorway into the maze. Looking for clues, nothing. The party decide to have a short rest to work out what items do and heal some injuries.

Wand of Paralysis
Wand of Polymorph
Wand of Aid (total 9 charges)
Glasses with some type of magic attached.
Necklace of Fire Balls (7 beads).
Ring of Protection (Ulfgrim)
Dendritan (Helm of Illithids)
Mace +1
Potion of Healing
Potion of Cats Grace (Enhance Abilities)
Scroll of Dispel Magic, Non-Detection
Cloak of Protection (Azim)
Drift Globe
Necklace of Adaptation

As the party rests the Priest of Gond, tries to Charm Errich. Errich enraged then stabs “her” twice. Thinking about this the party investigate what happened to the real priest of Gond, just a desiccated corpse remains with some choice items. A magic suit of armour (Plate +1), potion of greater healing, a pearl (of Power).

Jareath wants to see what the happens when the glasses see the crystal shard, nothing.

Seakul warns the Naga that he will try and cast Dispel Magic to let her return to her home plane, pushing his powers to the limit (with the inspiration of Jareath) he breaks the powers forcing her to guard the Crystal Shard. Then steps forward to touch the shard, nothing happens. Seakul takes his sword an smashes the shard. On the level below the silver spidery energy has been dissipated. Now the debate happens about how to escape. Jareath, searching the tower, nothing. Errich is mocked by the others wanting to use his Navigation Tools, but can determine that they are still in the same hemisphere, a lot further east than Waterdeep, but not as far Thay.

Pirating it is. Even the Unicorn wants a lift. The Naga will use Word of Recall. Embarking on the shore the party board the “The Revenge”. Sailing East. Sailing for a few days, in the distance we see land, but also a storm. As we watch the piece of land seams to be moving, Errich steers toward the moving island. One one side is a mountain, the rest is flat. Making land…..

Day Ends.



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