Tyranny of Dragons

Escaping the Tower of Ustran Part 2.

Hail Hydra and the devils.

In the lower dungeon tower the stag party is greeted by the sight of the dreaded multi-headed Hydra.
Azim finds himself in a round room surrounded by arcane glowing symbols. Listening for any noises, hears the sound of a horse fighting. Heading down some stairs. Descending down the stairs in the middle. Arriving at the at the sight of a dead Unicorn. Realizing that it is not quite dead he rushes to its aid, stabilizing the creature.
Meanwhile back with the rest of the party. Que fight music. Errich and Bast wait. Seakul runs in to attack the Hydra, then doing the vow of Enmity, striking twice, looping one of the heads off. Jareath shoots it twice, another dead head. Sir Axialrod arrives are starts chopping away, dead head. Ulfgrim stands next to Seakul, casting Greenflame Blade, killing another head. The Hydra breaths out a cone of cold. Errich arrives down the stairs killing the last head killing the beast (while doing a spectacular flip in the air. Seakul pokes it with his boot to see if it is dead. Sir Axialrod poses astride the dead hydra.

At that moment the two female devils arrive to wreck havoc. Thank us for removing this guardian. Sir Axialrod monologues “I’m going to take your head off and skull fuck you”. The demon woman retaliates attempting to charm Sir Axialrod. The Ilithid helmed woman lets loose a sonic boom, stunning Sir Axialrod and hurting Ulfgrim and Seakul as well. Seakul call “hey she-bitches lets go”, casting Hunters Mark, then bashes the helmet devil twice. Jareath shoots twice killing the helmed devil. Sir Axialod shakes off his stun. Ulfgrim casts Guiding Bolt, striking the two handed sword wielding devil. She vanishes, Errich can’t see her, but enjoys the sight of Seakul killing air. Jareath vanishes in a puff of brimstone (Dimension Door). Just then Azim arrives.

Errich looks at the corpse of dead, realizing that she is a Nymph, and removes the mask from the corpse. Seakul concentrates on finding any foul creature with 60’. Finding nothing.

Jareath finds the Unicorn and casts Healing Word then convinces it that it should accompany him down stairs. Walking backwards. Eventually arriving back with the party. Heading down the stairs. The party find a two foot corridor, Errich takes the lead searching as he goes. Following some rather thin corridors the path finds themselves in 10’ room. Errich checks out a side corridor and then as Azim enters a room then there is a whomph as a small Fire Ball goes off. Disappearing. Errich follows suit. Sir Axialrod follows. All appear in the teleportation room. Errich runs down stairs to get Bast as Azim waits.

Jareath opens a hole in the wall with Stone Shape Revealing a wraith behind. Ulfgrim casts Sacred Flame. Jareath drives his weapon into the ground casting Destructive Wave. The Wraith grasps Jareath heart causing its necrotic damage. The Wraith then flees. Leaving a grumpy looking Jareath. Jareath follows the new path, finding an exit to the outside. As most of the party arrive in the corridors 4 Wraiths attack. Draining Jareath and Seakul. Ulfgrim casts Spiritual Weapon then hits it. Jareath casts Elemental Weapon. Seakul uses his divine powers to smash the one on him too bits. Sir Axialrod runs into help. Errich stabs it twice. The Wraiths then attack., hitting Jareath, Ulfgrim and Errich. Ulfgrim hits it as the Wraith flies off.

Errich dodges the Wraith attack stabs it a little. Azim arrives in combat (backing up Errich) hitting with his Mace, Light Bringer. Errich uses a defensive stance, stabs once . Azim is attacked through the wall, then moves forward and sees the Wriath that attacked through the wall. Jareath looks in the ruined boats outside. Seakul investigates some rooms. Bast moves to attack the Wriath attacks and misses, but leaves an opening for Errich who kills the last Wraith. Investigating the rest of room reveals nothing, Jareath continues the search of the boats, finding a coffer (248gp, 312sp).

Heading back up to the room which had the Devil women then investigating. The party find a magical mace, two potions, two scrolls, a cloak and an amulet. No clues about how to escape. Heading the the Cleric of Gond nothing new. The Devils in the Ice remain frozen. Searching the boats for the next half an hour. Sir Axialrod finds 100’ of rope, Errich finds a barrel of fresh water, Jareath and Azim a semi usable boat. Searching more something emerges from the boats. Attacking Azim, two crab like monstrosities.

Day ends.



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