Tyranny of Dragons

Escaping the Tower of Ustran Part 1.

Searching for a way out.

The Snake woman gives us warning. Jareath enters into conversation with the Snake Monstrosity, a Guardian Naga. Trying to find out about Ustran. Who she had not seen in a hundred years. She had been summoned to guard the Astral Shard. Sir Axialrod asks if she would like to be freed by Seakul. Errich asked if she knew where we are, she didn’t. Without much luck the party decide to leave the tower.

Much speculation about the need to use the Astral Shard to escape.

Back down the stairs, past the entrance. The next room contains two long tables covered in a variety of items, four windows, and two lithe female woman, one with a two handed sword and other with a tentacle helmet. Jareath steps forward issuing a plethora of grace and introduces us to the two women, who were also trapped when they used Teleportation and Dimension Door. They note that they have been trapped with other bad people, including a crazy human, and are looking for a way out. The woman with a cursed helmet had put on the helmet on, so not wearing a items lying around would be a good idea. Ulfgrim casts Remove Curse on the woman with the Illithid helm. She is finally free of the helmet, she looks kind of like a very hot elf, Errich openly comments on her hotness, she even talks to Bast.

Heading down the stairs. Another round room, but with no windows this time. A rearing white stallion with a horn, and two gaunt humanoids frozen solid. A large blue sphere in the idle. A Trap. A Unicorn. Sir Axialrod steps onto the floor and the Blue Sphere swoops at him. A combat. Sir Axialrod attacks it, hitting it three times. Jareath casts Elemental Weapon then moves down the stairs, attacking once. Errich casts Greenflame Blade hitting the ball causing it to explode. The party explore the room, with Jareath trying to melt the frozen Unicorn. Basically ending up bashing at the ice. Eventually the unicorn is freed from the Ice and it collapses to the ground. Ulfgrim rushes to the aid of the Unicorn.

It comes around eventually and talks to the head of Jareath, trying to get more information. For rescuing her she offers to help the party escape the tower. Heading down some more stairs. Another circular room with eight doorways with grey curtains across them. Tapestry on the walls and carpet on the floor, a large sitting room with six chairs sitting around a table, a couple of comfortable chairs. The design around the room is very abstract. Errich investigates the room, Sir Axialrod looks behind a curtain, a small round room with a bed and closet. Out of another curtain comes man pointing a finger, saying Gond sestroy the interlopers.

Errich, standing next to the doorway, strikes quickly then slips away. The mad cleric moves toward Jareath casting Harm, causing jareath skin to crack an wither. Bast leaps at him but the Mad Priest resists being knocked over. Jareath casts Heat Metal. Moves out of the way for Seakul to get into range, and kill the Mad Priest. Ulfgrim looks at the corpse for the holy sysbol, of Gond. Recognizing that he was not evil casts Revivify. He wakes up, bygones be bygones all good. And introduces himself as Gulin Murth, a cleric of Gond. Asking have we met the demons above…… we were played like a played thing. Jareath is healed of all the diseases by Seakul’s Laying on Hands. Then healed by Ulfgrim. Gulin says there is only a Hydra below and a locked chest that he cannot open. Errich opens a chest, finding a Wand, a Necklace (with seven beads) and Pair of Spectacles.

One of the rooms has stairs going down. There is an abstract bronze sculpture in the middle. Suddenly eight things, Etheral Marauders, appear out of thin air, strange blue tri-mouthed dog like creatures. Strangely no warning from the bow, but Sir Axialrod is not surprised. Sir Axialrod, surrounded, takes a defensive stance, able to avoid all but two bites. Errich hears the screams slips down the stairs and stabs one twice. Jareath moves into position behind and casts Thunder Wave killing one and blasting every creature 10’ back. Ulfgrim casts Greenflame Blade moves in and hits killing one. Sir Axialrod kills one more and is hit twice as he re-positions. Seakul kills one. The last four creatures swarm into advantageous positions to hit Sir Axialrod once. Due to his Displacement cloak they miss Seakul then vanish.

Errich looks around the statue in the middle, collects a golden pearl. Jareath investigates the statue as well, also finding a golden pearl, the rest of the party also investigates the pillar. Seakul prepares. The creatures re-appear next to Ulfgrim and attack, hitting three times. Errich runs to the Ulfgrims aid and kills the creature. Jareath takes two mighty shots hitting twice. Ulfgrim casts Greenflame Blade hitting killing one with secondary burn. Sir Axialrod runs in as well, killing one wounding another with a knife through. Seakul attacks and kills the last one. Seven golden pearls (250gp) are found.

Heading down the stairs. Another big room, filled with long curved marble top tables and lots of junk, a desecrated corpse of a Griffin hangs from the roof. Investigating the room further. Jareath composing a ode to us and see nothing. Errich finds a Potion (looks like nothing but contains something) and a Glass Globe.

Heading down the stairs. Another room, a horrific reptilian beast with multiple heads lumbers toward us. Day ends.



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