Tyranny of Dragons

Council of Waterdeep Part 6

Stopping the White Dragon

The Party left the dead Ice Trolls and continued around the corridor.

The next chamber contains a number of Ice Toads scribes writing their heretical literature into scrolls and walls. The back of the cave is covered by compartments for their writings. Sir Axialrod engages them in conversation, in Draconic, but it ends quickly as he fluffs his conversation skills. Que fight music, as Sir Axialrod asks what does an Ice Toad say when it dies….. croak.

Two Ice Toads attack Jareath, missing. The next four Ice Toads attack Sir Axialrod, but miss. Azim slips forward and attacks, hitting twice. Ulfgrim, gets a little frost burn, but kills the Ice Toad Azim hit.. Sir Axialrod gets frost burned as well, but hits twice. Errich slips through Jareaths leg and hits an Ice Toad , Jareath follows up killing it. Janthyra kills the Ice Toad in front of Sir Axialrod with a Eldrich Blast.

One Ice Toad tries to leap over the party but is killed by the reactions of the Party. But the others follow up, leaping over the party. One misses Janthyra but hits Jareath. and Sir Axialrod. Both are grabbed by the Ice Toads. As the battle continues. Azim hits one, Ulfgrim finishes it off. Sir Axialrod, smashes again. Errich kills the one attacking Janthyra,. Janthyra Eldrich Blasts kill one Ice Toad and injures another. An Ice Toad grabs Sir Axialrod in its mouth and drags him off. Azim attacks the Ice Toad with Jareath in its mouth killing it, then injures another. Ulfgrim axes another Ice Toad as Sir Axialrod gets vengeance from being dragged off, smashing the Ice Toad holding him killing it. Jareath does limited damage and Janthyra kills the final Ice Toad. All that is left is the croaking of toads.

Exploring the cave, the writings are all written in a language that no-one can understand. The treasure at the end is mostly strange ice stuff and not much use unless you are a walrus.

Continuing the adventure, the next chamber is covered in heavy fog. The party hear the sound of something working. Ulfrgim and Sir Axialrod stay by the door as the other party members sneak, a large shape emerges….. a Giant. At 30’ feet in the Giant is frozen, blue, with chunks taken out of its armour. More investigation sees more frozen statues….. the noise comes from 8 Kobolds who are cleaning the statues. The sneaking party members attempt to eliminate them. In short order, all the Kobolds lie dead. The chamber has statues contain One Cloud Giant, one Fire Giant and 8 Frost Giants. Nothing else.

Going back, the empty chamber contains another chamber attached, inside is a shelter made in the likeness of tents from Calimshite. Just as the Party think….. finally Mccath the Crimson hideout. Two Ice Trolls guarding the entrance leap out to attack. Sir Axialrod moves forward knocks one over and bashes him twice. Jareath misses twice, something must have got is eye. The Ice Trolls attack. Hitting Sir Axialrod twice. Errich moves behind hitting twice. Azim moves forward hitting three times. Janthyra casts Fire Bolt hit Sir Axialrods Ice Troll.

Sir Axialrod hits and so does Jareath. The Ice Troll fighting Jareath turns and bites and claws Errich. Errich drives his cult dagger into its heart killing it. Azim attacks the other Ice Troll, and Janthyra blasts it to bits.

The tent 30’ by 20’ by 8’ tall. There is no obvious entrance. Janthyra uses her Awakened Mind ability to look for thoughts in a 30’ radius. It reveals three creatures in the tent, she can determine and read the surface thoughts of the creatures. One creature is very bored, one is hungry and final is that of a thinking
creature, working, deciphering something.

The party enter the tent. The tent remarkably warm due to the whale oil burning. Seated at a table is a Tiefling. Two Kobolds servants look nervous.

She looks up and asks “Are you hear to kill me or rescue me.” Jareath starts the family dialog. She wants to be rescued but needs all the information stolen from the Arcane Brotherhood.

She also spills the goods on the Dragon Lair and the Drakhorn. It is a device created by Tiamat, and awaken and warn all Dragons Throughout the realms. Escaping will be Dragon will be difficult if the Dragon can follow (Dragon vs Ship, Dragon Wins). She also offers a Ring of Cold Resistance and a Dragon Slaying Arrow.

Off to thee Scriptorium (looks for the Arcane Broothhood stolen property). Many magical books and Scrolls. Mccath the Crimson warns us about not reading the books for our own safety. Other magic scrolls are detected (Including Disintegrate and Hold Monster). Near the end of Scriptorium is a shoot to the Dragon Lair.

Errich asks Mccath what she was doing here, initially she wanted information on the Drakhorn. The Dragon captured her. She has been helping her decipher stolen Arcane Brotherhood texts. Originally she was only doing it to escape but the information was very challenging and she did want to leave it behind. No-one bothers her in her chamber. Since we needed to attune the ring, a short rest is required.

Day ends.



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